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  1. Regardless of what's available at Superlake or Costco, the woman there - don't know her name - runs a great store across the street from Ajijic Clinic. I thought it was called "El Granero", but that's not important. She keeps it amazingly well-stocked.
  2. Bonafont water is 16 pesos per 20-liter bottle? Why are we paying 22 pesos (I think) for Santorini? Anyway, when we rented our house 3 1/2 years ago, we just flagged down the Santorini truck as it passed our house on its regular route. Ever since they come by every Thursday, ring the bell, and carry in whatever number of bottles we need. No need to call. Love the service and really love not having to schlep bottles back and forth to stores.
  3. Hi Gretchen, Hopefully the poster Intercasa will see this, as he's not only a bi-lingual lawyer, but also rides a motorcycle, I think. If not, I'm sure you can contact him at his office. Someone will have the info, phone number, etc. In the meantime, asking a motorcycle cop is a good idea. But I'm not sure what your question is. There is definitely a special class of license for motorcycles. A motorcycle license costs $239 MXP. If you feel like test-driving your Spanish, you can read about it on the Jalisco State Website: http://www.jalisco.g...pMS0RTRjM2ODI!/ Hmmm. For some reason, I can't link directly to the page on how to get a license to drive a motorcycle. If you go to the above link, in the "buscar" box, just put in a search for licencia de motociclista. Then it will list various options, one of which is for a new license. If a visiting foreigner already has a motorcycle class license from their home country, I would assume it would be honored here, just like a regular foreign driver's license. My guess is the "rules of the road" here are the same whether you're driving a car or motorcycle, but I don't know that for sure. Maybe there's an oft-ignored helmet law by now, among other special rules. That website link above also includes some available pdf files of all the driving laws of Jalisco, more than everything you would need to know, and a truly painful read.
  4. We couldn't afford that!

  5. Dra. Monica is such a cutey. She once removed a lump from my throat and I asked her to put it back. At any rate, there is a woman in Ajijic currently whose lips enter the room half an hour before the rest of her. I recommend you find out who worked on ScaryLipLady and make sure you don't go there.
  6. Had read all the raves about this place and finally had a chance to try it after dropping someone off at the airport today. The Chile Verde was excellent. The Chile Colorado was just.....eh. Good Guac, but that's not difficult to find. Or make. Nice place.
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