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  1. The link posted above is, of course, in Spanish. But it has a pretty straightforward interface for how to set up an appointment. Someone I work with went today to renew and was in and out in 20 minutes. He set up the appointment on Sunday for this morning.


    Not sure if there is a phone #, and even if there is, I've never had much luck getting a phone call answered at a government office.

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  2. 5 hours ago, Natasha said:

    There is a list of protocols that (small) and other businesses in Guad have to meet during this Phase Zero in order to meet requirements for a sticker that shows they are allowed to operate once we get to Phase One (which is hoped to begin June 1).  I suspect these requirements fall under that same set or rules, and if so Chapala gov't has nothing at all to do with it.... it's a STATE thing and is being required of all.

    Yes. Exactly. The office I work in was certified yesterday to re-open (with strict protocols and limitations) to protect everyone's health: employees, clients, vendors etc., anyone who might enter the office. As I understand it, these requirements were dictated by the state, and are being implemented/certified/enforced by local Chapala government authorities. I didn't realize until today--because I wasn't involved--that it was a lot more work than I'd imagined to "qualify" the office to re-open legally. 

    Jalisco requirements....administered locally, with latitude granted to allow for different types of businesses. (i.e. a medical facility is different than a real estate office is different than a BerryMex farm is different than an Hewlett-Packard Plant.........and bla bla bla.)

    In other words, an ENORMOUS undertaking. Subject to modifications, of course.

    I give Jalisco State credit for taking on a huge task. Imagine! Of course there will be burps and hiccups and discoveries of unintended consequences.

    Pandemics are rarely convenient. They suck.

  3. 1 hour ago, heidinrick said:

    Hi Travis! Have you had the filet? The sauce would make a flip-flop taste great!

    Yes. First thing I ever ordered. Lots of good stuff there. The grilled vegetables, the Quinoa salad, the "Mykonos" Shrimp (though I don't know what it has to do with Mykonos, seemed more achiote-like but..... tasty!). The BBQ ribs, when freshly prepared, are a winner too. He had a mac and cheese special one night that was wonderful. A blessedly limited menu, all well executed.

  4. On 5/15/2020 at 9:20 AM, desafinada said:

    To answer the where question, there is one in Ajijic near Plaza Montana on the mountain side of the carreterra.  There is also one in Chapala.

    I'm not sure if the one in Ajijic by Plaza Montana is there any more? Maybe one of their regular clients will know if it is, or if they moved, or vanished from Ajijic?


  5. On 5/12/2020 at 1:49 PM, cedros said:

    I could not find Las Telarus today. I remember seeing the place where all the weaving and knitting was going on. With so many places closed now it is difficult to find many of then old locations.   

    Los Telares is on16th of Septiembre, across from Cocinarte, last time I looked. (You can't turn left from Colon.) Don't know if they're open but if not, I bet you could purchase one if you can make contact with them. Bang on the door. See if there's a cell phone #. I bet someone lives there....


  6. My good friend Carlos Hermosillo started this business, the "K-9 Boutique Hotel" a while back. Carlos was a protegé of Art Hess, and has been a dog walker/trainer and pet/house sitter for years. He speaks excellent English and is a great person. Very responsible and wonderful with dogs.

    Now along with doing dog-walking/sitting, he also has a boarding facility. It's practically luxurious! And there's plenty of room for dogs to play and get exercise. Very convenient also if you're going to/from Guadalajara, the airport, or beyond. Here's a link to the Facebook page, plus a copy of his business card.

    K-9 Boutique Hotel


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  7. 2 hours ago, happyjillin said:

     Your observation  is clearly not as accurate as a  foreigner who  observes first hand more than someone who only " drives by" constantly,whatever that means.

    pedro kertesz

    I don't live directly on the carretera in Chapala like you do. I live one block above the carretera in central Ajijic , and I work in real estate so am crossing and entering/exiting the road daily, frequently.

    My observation is perfectly accurate for where I live because I don't live near you. 😀

    Sorry for your inconvenience.

  8. I live in the center of Ajijic, and I work. So I am contstantly driving and seeing the carretera, at all times of day. The bike path is used by TONS of people, most of whom are workers going to and from jobs. It was used before the improvements, and now it will be even more.

    IMO all of the foreigners on this forum who have condemned the project and called it a "bikepath for nobody" are flat clueless, driving occassionally in their cars, and for whatever reason unable to see all the traffic in the bikepath. Go take a look at it during "rush hour".

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  9. 4 hours ago, johanson said:

    The above is based upon my memory of what I learned as a loyal customer. And I might of made an error, but I think I got it right.  

    EDIT: I just read the other post just before mine. It is my understanding that the HQ did move to Issaquah.

    I'm sure you probably have it right, or close enough! I left Seattle 12 years ago and my memory fades. But I do remember meeting either Jim Sinegal or maybe Jeff Brotman when the headquarters were in Kirklnad. The office was as unimpressive as a High School Vice Principal's. Ha!

    Was Costco #1 at 4th Ave. South in Seattle, down toard the airport? Or 2nd Ave. South? That's the only Costco I ever shopped at til here.

  10. Kirkland is a city in Washington State, on the east side of Lake Washington. Seattle is on the west side of Lake Washington. Kirkland is where Costco headquarters are located.  (And you'd be very impressed with how unimpressive their HQ is. 😀) This is why their "store brand" is called Kirkland. Likely none of the "Kirland products" really come from there, but that's why they share the brand name.


    Now that was an impressive tangent!

  11. La Paceña is great. And yes, the sashimi appetizers are like candy. I find it impossible not to order them. Rafa is a very good waiter, as are others there. They are firing on all cylinders. 

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