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  1. Yes I've read that, and heard a bit more. Besides choking the distribution snake at the neck, I'm also told they're going after the money side to attack that end -- the BIG profit. (Criminals plus Banks plus PEMEX Officials plus Gob Officials? Yikes.) Going after the distribution of both the asset and the profits is an agressive strategy. And scary, if true. Interesting times. So from what I hear, there is a lot more to this plan than "no gas for you!". We'll see.
  2. Travis


    Y R U txtng?? R U 20K frm GDL airport?>F U over.
  3. Travis


    Not saying there isn't a problem, but yesterday after finding the first gas station in town empty, I went to the second and filled up (verde only though). Where do you live jonnyintrouble?
  4. Travis

    The social status of a policeman

    Where do you live jonnyintrouble?
  5. Travis

    Traffic Circles

    Glorietas work great when drivers know how to use them. Of course they would never work here with fresh-off-the-boat, clueless drivers and the freakishly confident pedestrians from NOB.
  6. Travis

    Zero Telcel right now

    There are a TON of people here during the holidays. I had to meet people this afternoon in Ajijic centro and the streets were literally flooded with Guadalajara families and visitors from elsewhere, etc. Could be just the system capacity is overburdened. Plus Telcel sucks in general.
  7. Travis

    Zip ties

    Yes. All hardware stores carry cinchos in a variety of lengths/strengths.
  8. Travis

    Ajijic property tax

    I doubt this topic will cause much discussion.............🏂🏂🏂
  9. Travis

    Oaxacan handmade bed spreads?

    Definitely what bmh said. The store by the "Peacock Garden Restaurant" has bedspreads of different sizes in stock in the back (last time I was there). They are the ones with generally simpler designs/patterns. The ones that the boys with handtrucks have been carting around Ajijic daily for the last several weeks, are different. I think of them as throw blankets, but maybe they're bedspreads. I've never looked at them closely as the patterns don't appeal to me. If you like them, they're still around. (I work on Colon and see those guys daily.)
  10. Travis

    Forewarning for Tomorrow Morning

    And with all due respect to More Liana, there is also a location in Upper Ajijic where they definitely sell cohetes if not roll them, and they also fabricate the castillos. You see them right in the street getting built, section by section. I know because I live a couple of blocks away. KA-BOOM! 😃 I slept through the whole thing today. Proximity has its virtues.
  11. Travis

    Golf Cart Rental

    Thanks! I'll be fine. It's just a very slow slog!
  12. Tomorrow, Saturday, December 8, at 4pm, Ajijic Plaza. (In the Cultural Center last I heard.)
  13. Travis

    Golf Cart Rental

    He is (I am), but unfortunately I'm unable to rent them right now. I'm in the process of a very long recovery from surgery. I'll be reopening in the future, but until I'm fully capable, I'm not sure when that will be. LakeChapalaGolfCarts
  14. Travis

    Los Pinos - A First Look

    That was interesting and fun. Here's a short newscast version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HrTU8-yMNnQ
  15. Travis

    Picnic ham

    Thanks ComputerGuy. I love that ham.