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  1. Travis

    Juice not nectar!

    It still tastes better than "nectar". Willie, I remember accidentally buying the Jumex or "Valle" brand nectar products when I meant to by the juices. Easy to do since the packages are almost identical. Then I started looking more carefully before throwing it into the basket. It seemed like there was almost a seasonal thing to it, where the store would have an abundance of nectars and no juices. Then it would cycle through and the juices came back. I hate the nectar, too.
  2. It's spelled Niisa's. (Nee-sahs). It looks funny on signage and menu - because the logo is in script. Looks like a "u" with an umlaut - see menus below. I had to ask the waiter how to pronounce it. It is EXCELLENT. Limited menu (yay!) high quality food and prep, reasonable prices. After two breakfasts and two dinners I keep going back even though I don't live near it. I keep passing lots of inferior restaurants just to go there. I THINK owners' name is Carlo. I THINK Closed on Mondays. I THINK Open for breakfast and lunch only on Sundays. Try it!!!
  3. With or without Aloe?
  4. Travis

    Spagos closed

    Dang. I was hoping they'd save money on the new sign and call it "pago's".
  5. Pretty much every business or service that appeals to the needs/wants of people from North of the Border already exists here and is being furnished by a smart, enterprising Mexican, as it should be. Now if you want to get down to personal tastes and shopping lists filled with brand specific items, live it up.
  6. Thanks, RickS. That's sort of what I figured. So the only guidance to offer is the proverbial question, "Do you feel lucky?" 😀
  7. In the meantime, I have a client who is buying a house and wants to bring her Lexus down here. Are there any Lexus owners around and are you able to easily get your car serviced at a Toyota dealer, or anywhere else? Are parts difficult to impossible to find? Thanks.
  8. Had to backtrack from the link, but found it. Thanks!
  9. "You can make an appointment to renew your Jalisco driver license. People with appointments go to a separate facility in Guad..." Great info. Where in Guadalajara was this "separate facility"? It wasn't indicated in your link. Thanks!
  10. Clients of mine crossed northbound at Laredo either yesterday or today, not sure, and said "90 minutes", about "normal" for them.
  11. I tend to translate "naco" to "white trash" so as not to be geographically specific. ("Patán" is a new and useful word for me, so thanks for that.) All of these phrases circle the same area. Apologies to everyone for the language detour.... ...back to lunch at La Vita Bella.
  12. Casón was the "fish of the day" at an Ajijic fonda on Friday. Not sure if the accent mark is needed but that's how waitress pronounced it. What is it casón? Thanks.
  13. I'd pay that price in a heartbeat if it came from a legitimate tree removal service and meant I never had to read any more comments in this thread.
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