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  1. All of which begs a question only the moderators can answer: If a forum member reveals himself to be a scumbag by what he posts, is it OK to call him a scumbag in a follow-up? Or is that a violation of board rules? Herman, I replied to your pm, scumbag.
  2. I knew what it was and I'm 58. (And I have absolutely no interest in UFC.) Quit while you're behind Cedros. 😎 Sorn: Unless there is some other huge event at the same time, I bet they'd turn it on for you at El Bar Co. in Ajijic (by the Pemex station). Lots of good TV screens, sports programming, etc.
  3. Sounds like you want to treat employees like shit and shouldn't have moved here in the first place. Just saying...
  4. Where were you two weeks ago when I needed that number bmh? Jaja. I was never at home when he passed by so finally had to put a note on the garage door asking that he call me. He did, yes that's the #, and he took away my dead 20 year old dryer the following day. (That, by the way, is a truck that patrols Ajijic. Not sure if there are different trucks in different towns.)
  5. It's a beautiful spot and I remember the road around the lake being just as you describe. We stayed a couple of nights at Koala Bungalows. Now there's a place that could use a bit of spit and polish....but just a little. (Well, that was five years ago, don't know about now. A co-worker recently went and found nice accomodations via AirBnB.) The lake is a nice place to go visit/see for a couple of days and must be stunning now that everything is turning green.
  6. Since you're familiar with the fish market in Zapopan, you'll find Pacifico (same company as in Zapopan) has a good shop on the west side of Ajijic, on the carretera lakeside, La Huerta Plaza. La Paceña is a fish restaurant I like in San Antonio, across from Superlake.
  7. Wow. The next time I'm enjoying a deviled egg, I guess I need to really thank the person who brought them.
  8. Eat at what was formerly "Los Burritos de Moyahua", now called "Milagros de Dalila". It has always been a thousand times better than Cinco Portrillos.
  9. Dogs in restaurants, DOGS IN RESTAURANTS!!!
  10. I'm not sure about Walmart's China bra policy either, but those guys over there sure like to spit on the sidewalk and drive a hard bargain.
  11. I have a friend in his 30's who uses a smart phone app called Tinder. I think it's very popular.
  12. Versatile thread. What started out as a "Perfectly good reason to bash Walmart, they suck" thread began morphing into a "Wow, there are quite a few foreigners living here who are ignorant about Mexicans, possibly predjudiced, and even rascist". Then it starts drifting back to "Why Walmart is uniquely terrible". All in under 10 posts! Impressive! 😄
  13. I received an email from them a couple of days ago. Maybe a mispelling issue.
  14. Same in central Ajijic!
  15. Let's just say the "Downwardlies beat the Easterlies" this year. 😀 It came from the sky. It was wet. It was rain. Yay!
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