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  1. Travis


    Come on, Tom. At least mention what you ate. I haven't eaten there since a month after they opened. That's a long time ago. If I'm missing out on something, what is it?
  2. Thanks from me also. I like being able to hear it in the car.
  3. Travis

    NEW Mexican Citizenship Exam 2018

    CONGRATULATIONS Henry! And thank you for your very precise and descriptive post. I'm much less intimidated now.
  4. Travis

    Halibut at La Pacena

    I can't stop eating the "Palamitas" and "Japanese Taco" at La Paceña. (Not sure about those names.... on the Spanish menu I think the first item is called "Curracanes". They are like candy, so delicious. Both of those dishes involve raw tuna so if that's a non-starter, skip the the reco.) The "Gringa" thing on their menu is tasty too. And yes, the seared Tuna also. They know what they're doing with flavorful fish.
  5. Travis

    Bad Experience in Mexico City (MUST READ)

    Hotel looks entirely generic but fine based on website. Something's not right about this thread........where's redsfv89?
  6. Travis

    Halibut at La Pacena

    La Paceña wins "Best New Restaurant of 2018" as far as I'm concerned. I don't care about their fried fish, batter or chips though. I like the other things on their menu.
  7. Travis

    Ricki's Japanese and Thai

    They have corrected the problem at Masayume. I experienced the same undercooked, gooey vegetable tempura several weeks ago, and prior to that, I had enjoyed it several times when it was cooked perfectly. I went there tonight, sat outside, and saw the owner/chef so I asked, "Are you cooking tonight?" I mentioned the vegetable tempura problem the last time and he immediately stopped me and said, "I know. Undercooked. New chef then. It's fixed." Etc. And it was. He came outside where I was seated to make sure and I gave him the thumbs up.
  8. I LOVE this bit. (Yes I need to renew, yes it's already expired, yes I'm paying attention.) It makes complete sense since your name only appears on page one. They must need to know your calling history to see if you can drive. (Sarcasm alert! ) Whatever....bring the beast what it wants. Thanks, Ferret.
  9. Travis

    Patients of Dr. Lilli at Hotel Perico

    Perfect timing! I have been wanting to make an appointment with her for a while. I've heard such good things, but have never had a session, and have been too busy to research contact info. What phone # do I call to schedule the session?? The hotel....or...? Thank you!
  10. Travis

    New 500 pesos bank note

    Can't wait to touch one. Benny deserved a promotion in my view.
  11. Travis

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    To gwynne: I do not know you, but I love you.
  12. Travis

    Physio Therapy Services

    Like Dave0415 said above, I did the math. In my case the physical therapy is on the back end of the private medical insurance claim. I had two expensive surgeries in a Guadalajara hospital. Plus consults beforehand, during, and after with surgeon, plus post-surgical medicine......and then the physical therapy began, which I've now been doing for a year. After trying lots of out-of-pocket alternatives before turning to surgery, I knew the route I was taking and knew I'd clear the deductible easily. I began collecting FACTURAS for every single thing once I resigned myself to surgery.
  13. Travis

    Ajijic photo makes the LA Times

    Fun foto. A beautiful moment full of life. Thanks for posting.