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  1. The same Jaime who's been a (great) waiter there for years?
  2. Well, there's something I didn't expect to read today. Congratulations. But, so long as we're voting for one thing or another.....I vote for a solution to traffic and parking problems in Chapala and elsewhere, improved infrastructure everywhere - including but not limited to sewage treatment, street repair, trash, security, better health care and social services for locals - and, while I'm at it.......ILOX, World Peace, and a local vendor who can make a decent pie crust.
  3. I've been there several times. It's a very nice space, pleasant service, clean etc. There's a salsa/condiment bar for you to choose from. And nice breezes up there. They do a good job on what they do. The "Doradito" is a fried taco with shrimp and cheese for anyone who misses a fried corn tortilla. They do a decent business so people must like it. I just haven't found much on their menu that I really want.
  4. Thanks, Tiny. I didn't know I could recycle those. Not sure though if there's a recyling center in all of Jalisco big enough to accommodate our demographic. 😀
  5. And.....the ONLY sale price that matters in Mexico for tax purposes is the sale price in PESOS, as mentioned in your deed. Buying a house for xxx number of US dollars in 2010 equals a very different amount of pesos than the same xxx number of US dollars now. So is the peso amount in your deed "wrong" or is it due to the change in the exchange rate between purchasing in 2010 versus now? Good luck.
  6. We drove back from Barra yesterday and noticed the same. It was pleasant.
  7. Travis

    Spago’s open

    Not sure, but shouldn't the second cup costs twice as much as the first?
  8. That one is beyond the beyond. I don't believe that story.
  9. The woman referred to in the post that started this topic is Canadian.
  10. Travis

    Product Of The Week

    Thanks. La Costeña is good stuff and easy to find here but I've never tried that one. Probably because this Herdez "Salsa Casera" looks similarly thick and has always been my favorite jarred salsa. I love this stuff. I wonder how they compare.
  11. DeborahM, use the word petate and ignore the rest of the thread.
  12. Travis


    Potatoes are the new butter.
  13. Sounds like heavy equipment/construction to me. ("Down by the lake....middle of the night"....and then during the day.....hmmm....😎)
  14. "Al Chile". And yes. The best newish restaurant in Ajijic is a truck. He's been there about 8 months or so. I have selfishly chosen not to mention "Al Chile" because I didn't want him to be out of my favorite(s) next time I'm there. He's making some great food in that tiny kitchen. I don't know about Gosha's, but he definitely used to cook at Gossips.
  15. Ja! I took that foto - and I mean that exact foto - today at 2:15 and sent it to a friend by WhatsApp. The internet is amazing for sharing/spreading info.
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