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    Where to get cannoli here? I do not want to go to Guadalajara! TIA.
  2. Where to get the gardening tools sharpened? TIA. 😀
  3. Thanks! that will explain that I was calling him. jajajajajaj Pls. could you confirm his PHone no?
  4. and what is the noise I hear in the blue parrot... fiesta in San Antonio? I thought theIR fiesta was in June...! TIA.
  5. IMO and based on 50 yrs living here in Mx. The increase in the cost of the ride happens, of course, because of the shortage in GAS! Is a usual thing in Mx if the shortage lasts more time, this will increase the price on EVERYTHING!...
  6. Hi. Can I use CYNOFF to do fumigation in the garden where my dogs play? or, is there a thing to fumigate with no risk for my dogs? The garden is full of fleas... My dogs use frontline, but it is ineffective because of the flea infestation in the garden... TIA.
  7. Where to get pet gate or barrier or little wall for dogs inside home? TIA.🙂
  8. Fito´s pizza RIP, but the same light pizza is still open now under the name PIPO´S PIZZA, same address... https://www.facebook.com/Pizzas-a-la-Leña-Pipos-1630912243826005/ and the phone no. changed to 01 33 1680 6384. I am not sure if they do delivery... 😛😛
  9. By now I only have a mexican number cell.... THanks.
  10. How to get here in Mexico a cell phone with a number from USA. I need to receive here, messages from USA institutions or stores. Usually they can not send messages to a mexican number and some of them do not want to send info to an email or other... TIA. Merry Xmas..
  11. yesterday we had no tel services, but it came back at midnight, today everything is ok apparently...strange thing, we had internet in a normal way...well this is Mexico.
  12. Hi! There is a correction. The email to report abused dogs is: ecologia-municipal1215@hotmail.com TIA.
  13. Chapala Tree Service can do that? I mean, the complete gardening?
  14. at the moment, there is green gas only, in Libramiento!
  15. who cares about the environment 50 years later? today if gas goes up, all the items will go up too! the poor people can not have a decent meal with the prices we have...if prices increase, the poor people will eat every other day....but who cares about poor people!
  16. If there is a group of UFO watchers, please let me know. I have been here several years and I have not been able to see even any starshower or meteor shower. A group of sky watchers around the lake could be a great idea! Besides that, I have been not been able to find a nice dark sky location near here to make a watch. The group could meet in a house located in the top of some mountain or in a home out of a town.....TIA
  17. aparently they are garden people...!
  18. Yes, there is an option to do prepay on line in the CFE site! click in the case "pago en linea" then click on Abonar a cuenta then: Monto a pagar then: Aceptar ...and so on....
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