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  1. Facebook shows that they will be open at Friday. I hop so! I GUESS the manager got sick and they are looking for another good manager..
  2. Me interesan los que no tienen ramas, pero hasta arriba nomás la copa frondosa y es todo!
  3. Cuál es el nombre o qué tipo de árboles son los que la municipalidad puso en la carretera Chapala/Jocotepec? Gracias! Casi no tienen ramas, sólo follaje hasta arriba y es todo!
  4. Por qué está cerrado Super Lake? vende cosas que no tiene Walmart! 😡😡
  5. and El Menudo! All of you, Thanks for sharing your suggestions! I am not a drama queen. But JUST IN THIS MOMENT, I got the deposit I guess it was only banking traffic and lack of enough people in the bank. THANKS LORD! All of you be happy and take care "Su Sana Distancia" See ya! 😴
  6. I didn´t get yesterday, even, my monthly deposit! and of course, I do not have social security.... I would be happy to have at least the regular deposit....
  7. Could gov. stop the monthly payments for the retirees living here? Already they stopped mine! Now I do not know what to do! 😱🤫
  8. I already found it. Yes it is a restaurante and the name is "Rincón Español"... facebook; https://www.facebook.com/rinconespanol.mx/ JFYI. I am not getting paid for the announcement! jajajajaja
  9. I saw a new restaurante in the Carretera Jocotepec Chapala, before we get Piedra Barrenada, the name was like "Correo Español" o something "Español".. is it a restaurante or what? TIA.
  10. exactly, follow the link that ComputerGuy offers. If you register, You will be able to see the amount you have to pay. It works for me, it will work for you.
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