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  1. I already found it. Yes it is a restaurante and the name is "Rincón Español"... facebook; https://www.facebook.com/rinconespanol.mx/ JFYI. I am not getting paid for the announcement! jajajajaja
  2. I saw a new restaurante in the Carretera Jocotepec Chapala, before we get Piedra Barrenada, the name was like "Correo Español" o something "Español".. is it a restaurante or what? TIA.
  3. exactly, follow the link that ComputerGuy offers. If you register, You will be able to see the amount you have to pay. It works for me, it will work for you.
  4. doberwoman


    Where to get cannoli here? I do not want to go to Guadalajara! TIA.
  5. Cómo arrancar los huizapoles pegados en la ropa? Gracias!
  6. Where to get the gardening tools sharpened? TIA. 😀
  7. Dónde afilar tijeras y demás herramienta de jardinero en Chapala o San Juan Cosalá o Joco ó Ajijic? Gracias! :)
  8. Thanks! that will explain that I was calling him. jajajajajaj Pls. could you confirm his PHone no?
  9. and what is the noise I hear in the blue parrot... fiesta in San Antonio? I thought theIR fiesta was in June...! TIA.
  10. IMO and based on 50 yrs living here in Mx. The increase in the cost of the ride happens, of course, because of the shortage in GAS! Is a usual thing in Mx if the shortage lasts more time, this will increase the price on EVERYTHING!...
  11. Hi. Can I use CYNOFF to do fumigation in the garden where my dogs play? or, is there a thing to fumigate with no risk for my dogs? The garden is full of fleas... My dogs use frontline, but it is ineffective because of the flea infestation in the garden... TIA.
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