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  1. sometimes, for me, this kind of situations are.... totally funny! 🤣😂 Has anyone seen the "national mechanical" movie? "Mecánica Nacional"... if you have the chance, do not miss it! Mexicans are, just, this way! so funny ! 🤣😂
  2. I need to know if the FEGLI form OMB No. 3206-0136 and CSRS form OMB No. 3206-0142 works to designate the recipient of the Metlife Insurance LUMP SUM when the insured person is deceased. Thanks a lot for your help! 🙁 Or, who should I ask in Chapala/Ajijic?
  3. That is why we got an ONLY ADULTS all inclusive membership in the ONLY ADULTS hotel. Also, we go there, "out of hard season". I mean, when the Mexicans are working, we never travel during Mexican hollidays, it is the hell! 😆
  4. yes! that is part of the Mexican warmth and friendship! Just cultural issue! :)🤣
  5. yes! that is part of the Mexican warmth and friendship! Just cultural issue! :)🤣
  6. I am afraid.. it is a bird... Years before, I did not hear that... anyway. Thanks for all your answers
  7. Hi! have some of you heard a siren that goes off aaaaaaaaalllll night, every night? The wind brings to me that sound, and sometimes I can not sleep at all! The sound apparently comes from a siren that must be in some place by the lake, maybe Riberas or some other place towards SAT. I would like to know where it is located to ask the owner of that alarm to stop it! TIA 😒
  8. Thanks SOS Chapala Rescue, Thanks Ana Luisa Maldonado, Dolar is back home. Thanks all of you!
  9. His name is DOLLAR! Thanks in advance! Lost by Fracc. Mirasol! particular sign: has a LIPOMA by the stomach between the 2 front paws. He is under medication!
  10. Me interesan los que no tienen ramas, pero hasta arriba nomás la copa frondosa y es todo!
  11. Cuál es el nombre o qué tipo de árboles son los que la municipalidad puso en la carretera Chapala/Jocotepec? Gracias! Casi no tienen ramas, sólo follaje hasta arriba y es todo!
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