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  1. The majority of people in Chapala wear masks. I steer a wide berth away from those not wearing masks, mainly to send a message, hey, why not wear a mask. Farmacia Similares sells a packet of 5 masks on Monday for 20% discount, very very cheap, a few centavos . They can be washed and used again. Farmacia Similares also sells the Chinese version KN95 mask (no respirator) about 70 pesos if I recall, but it is NOT comfortable to wear for any length of time, but in a tight crowded spot, good to have in possession. To those who say masks don't work, I say what if they do. Take every reasonable precaution. Save the next person if you care little about yourself. Even the famous Sidney Powell posts that a scientist showed the virus is smaller than the air traps of the masks. However, what the scientist did not mention is the virus is in a droplet of aerosolized air, and that droplet is larger than the air traps of a mask, and therefore is stopped by the mask. Even the smartest of the scientists sometimes get blinded by not considering all the factors of transmission.
  2. To finish my portion, I asked my "maid" yesterday what is the title of your job, the work you do to clean my house, to fix little things out of place, to make it more a home.. Empleada Domestica. Domestic Employee. Now, somebody else's house cleaner may prefer to go by a different designation. My maid is not particular what I call her occupation because I call her by her first name, but Empleada Domestica is what she thinks is her official capacity.
  3. "We all could hasten this process by continue to practice good hygiene. Dra. Laurie Ann Ximénez-Fyvie, Jefe delLaboratorio de Genética Molecular at UNAM has stated that contagion could be reduced by (up to) 60% if 9 out of 10 people wear masks (whre appropriate)" I prefer consensus expert opinions to opinions derived from stubborn political viewpoints.
  4. Not all maids are equal. If you don't like the service or it is inconsistent, find another. When you find a good one, be good to her.
  5. I don't know why this 3 year old thread is still going. I pay my "trabajadora," which is a term that is well liked by Mexicans. It means a person who rolls up sleeves and does a good job and is proud of it. Listen for it. I use it in the marketplace for cooks, for juice makers. Que trabajadora! What a worker. They always smile. It is a compliment. Anther term: domestica, meaning one who works around the house. This other stuff about criada is for the birds. Just stick to what they would like to be called, their name a good choice, but in third party reference, ask the maid what word does she uses for her work title. She will tell you. Keep this stuff simple. I pay my maid 80 pesos an hour. She is worth every centavo. Sometimes on a hard day I will tip her 50 pesos, sometimes a hundred pesos if she did something extraordinary I could not do, or I know her husband got laid off. She is less expensive than calling male trabajadores to come make a service call, and she knows stuff. We treat each other fairly, I hope. I am on the side that overpaying maids is almost impossible. I am on the opposite side with male workers. The male workers will be quick to take advantage 7 out of 10 times. Thus, I cull the male workers until I find one who is fair.
  6. What I would like to see is constructive conversation, no matter which sides people take. I can single out several excellent posters who understand that the human race is not living up to its mental ability to adapt to the crisis, and what is worse, does not seem to "get it" or care. A local Mexican lady works near Andares Mall, Hierro de Palacio (high end shopping mall). She told me on Sunday that the restaurants are wall to wall people, nobody wearing masks, zero social distancing. These are the wealthy of Guadalajara behaving this way. I repeat, the privileged class, that one might assume has a higher intelligence, simply is ignoring the health threat. Where posters put their priorities and attitudes is secondary to what is a real threat. That is why conversations must be constructive. It is real as real can be. I have two nieces in medicine working the hospital frontlines in New Jersey outside Manhattan. One, mother of four, psychiatric nurse pressed into Covid duty 12 hours a day, caught the virus. She survived. The other, a highly skilled new surgeon who assists with organ transplant surgeries and is in the last year of residency at NYU, so far has not caught the virus. She has just spent the last eight to ten years of her young life becoming one of the most promising surgeons. She could catch the virus and be dead in two weeks, her whole life wiped out, and all the promise she offers. Then we have expats who won't wear a mask, who won't social distance, imposing handshakes and hugs on others, leading their lives as though they are not required to respect others' health because "I feel fine," or respect the community's health at large. One can see how anger might build, but I respect people's rights and differences of opinion. I just wish they'd understand what they are doing to other people's efforts to survive this, and burned out medical workers putting themselves on the line to save lives. In my best guess, 2/3 of Chapala Mexican people on the streets are wearing masks, and less than 1/3 of expats are wearing masks. Disrespect cannot be more clearly on display. It is some kind of ignorance or stubbornness that is falsely cloaked in rights of personal freedom. We have another 6 to 9 months before a vaccine. What horrible calamity has to hit Lakeside before people will wear a mask and keep social distance. Stay constructive.
  7. Thanks sincerely to the three posters who offered specific helpful answers to my inquiry. I have copied that information and will report back as I move towards the time to arrange my travel destination.
  8. Some countries are requiring proof of a Covid-19 test within 48 hours of entering. Does anyone know how to get a Covid-19 test in Lakeside, or Guadalajara? Thank you.
  9. Thanks Floradude. I recall being told NEVER keep a certain doc in the car because it makes stealing and reselling easier, and that must be the doc with the sticker that should not be left in the car.
  10. Just went through paying annual registration for my Mexican plated vehicles. QUESTION: Which original documents, besides the hologram stuck to the windshield, are to be kept inside the vehicle. I have been warned against keeping all original documents from Registration in the vehicle to guard against theft. OTOH, I have been told to keep an original of something inside the vehicle, but I can't remember what? I prefer to keep xerox copies in my vehicle but have been told the Transito Vial wants to see at least one original. Which one is it? The half-sheet with all data? The whole multi-colored sheet that contains the driver regist. wallet card? Thanks. (BTW, I checked for other threads b4 posting and found no answers.)
  11. If anyone has kept up with construction costs, please advise. price per meter for moderate or mid-range quality finished construction costs. (Think 120 m2.) ____________________. price per sq meter for higher end finish? ______________ Land costs? Not Central Ajijic, not west of Ajijic, but other areas more central, please. Chapala Riberas Libramiento I know prices can vary widely, so I am just looking for a number of inputs, and I will try to calculate my own median price expectation. AGAIN: Construction costs per meter squared. Land costs per meter squared. Thank you. Any inputs welcome.
  12. I came back to the thread today Nov 29, 2019 and see some updates. Sincere THANKS for all the information. I am still in the hunt for a higher end USED German vehicle, although I have a nice VW Golf Sportwagen (40-45 mpg), but it is has a different, more practical purpose (long distances, and going shopping. It has more cubic feet than a Ford Escape, believe it or not. The Golf is in the Classifieds.
  13. Board nazis asnide (sic), I have a question about driver license renewal, the window of time. My license expires August 19, about 6 weeks from now. 1. How many days before expiration date will the Guad office let me renew? I ask because I will be out of the country late July to late August and would like to get my license renewed now asap. 2. Any truth to driver license renewals coming to Chapala soon? Thank you.
  14. Along with the muriatic acid treatment, my workman then painted clear sellador onto the boveda bricks. While it may seem counter-intuitive to seal the brick from the opposite side from which the moisture is coming from, the "hongos" or the white fungus that appears on the bricks seems to have nowhere to grow, or continue to grow, or air to grow. So far anyway. Obviously, if you have a known leak from above, that needs to be fixed for more reasons than salitre. Water streaming down inside lower interior or exterior walls creates a saturation that makes paint not stick, and may lead to other issues with concrete or cal deterioration (huecos or holes in the interior of the wall). After a 4-year restoration of the walls inside and outside of my hundred year old home, I have come across a multiplicity of factors in moisture, and depending on the workman, a multiplicity of solutions. Some work, some don't. Keeping my fingers crossed on the clear sellador, that it keeps the boveda bricks from showing any white fungus. The sellador also holds the bricks' good fresh look right after the muriatic acid cleaned them. IDEA: Try a small patch with the acid and sellador. In a year if that patch looks great, no sign of return of the white fuzzies, continue the application.
  15. Good idea, Geeser, and very on point. Thanks. I wonder if any posters can update me: Costs of construction per square meter (or square foot) for 2019, and whether construction costs have accelerated upward the last two years or are steady. Eg. I imagine cement has risen 10%.. Medium grade construction costs = ? ______ pesos per sq meter. Medium grade construction/higher grade amenities = ? ______________ pesos per sq meter. Top grade ( excellent contractor who knows all the places in Guadalajara to select materials) = ? _____________ pesos per sq meter. Thank you.
  16. The thick tall retaining walls of Chula Vista and Chula Vista Norte: Does anyone know the cost per 20 lineal meters and 2 meters high. They appear to be built of rock and cement, perhaps 75 cm thick. Cost per cubic meter? Fill dirt per cubic meter: Does anyone know the approximate cost of fill dirt by the dumptruck load, perhaps 10 cubic meters? I will need five truckloads. Top soil truckloads? Cost per cubic meter? Anyone have a source for meeting these pre-construction needs? Many thanks.
  17. Beg to differ on STI. Once STI installs, then any adaptations are up to the customer. I know. I have had to install all kinds of bleed offs, covers of collectors, replacement auxiliary small tanks, float valves (up to four now). STI installs. STI does zero adaptations -- all up to the customer to do that, and the material and labor expense. So what good is a five year warranty on the STI eqpt when all the add-ons have no warranty, and all add-ons are the customer's to absorb the cost of? Not to mention continual problems about every other month, more service calls, more adaptations. Do research on what you're getting into, and do not listen to the "no downsides" sales pitch. The solar collector setup has a warranty but it causes all these other hangups and headaches ongoing now for over two years. STI does not act to replace the solar collector setup to ameliorate these auxiliary expenses.
  18. Looking into buying a used German car, perhaps BMW or Mercedes, even Audi. It will be an older vehicle, possibly a model prior to 2010. Besides agencies in Guadalajara, does anyone know a private operator mechanic shop that works on German cars? (I'm trying to lower the labor side of repair costs, and also get to know a mechanic personally to learn how to take care of a German car. I'd like to visit the shop prior to making the purchase so I know what owning the car might be like.) Thank you. (I already know the decision to buy German comes with higher maintenance and repair costs.)
  19. Yes, I saw some possibles going through my cards. Then, after an hour, I found the old aljibe records and talked to the fellow and he remembers me. All is good. Thank you.
  20. Lost contact information for my aljibe cleaner. He's from Ajijic or possibly Riberas I believe. Name starts with A perhaps. Husky young man with his thin helper. Ring a bell with anyone? Phone number? Others to recommend? Thank you.
  21. Yes, it's north and east of Soriana. Up on Pescadores about a block from Alacranes. http://chapala.linkbyme.com.mx/j-jesus-cabrera-jimenez-if5671292/
  22. Despite having a main street 12 inch round pleated filter, the dirty water in the aljibe is overwhelming my blue canister filtration system. Am interested in any "water filtration system" comments from those who live near pozos that go dirty from time to time. I'm thinking an add-on sand filter at the street perhaps, leading to the aljibe, and another filter on the other side of the aljibe before water enters the blue canisters. Any recommended sand filter sources, installers? Thank you. (My search on this subject did not return a thread.)
  23. Do you mean across the highway from Soriana, or do you mean back east and north of Soriana on the same side of Soriana? Thank you. Have a project upcoming.
  24. Any recommendations for basic tune-up locally, carburetor adjustment, that kind of stuff? Where in Riberas? Where in La Floresta? Where in Chapala? I've heard somebody works on motorcycles in each of these areas. Small motorcycle under 400 cc. Thanks.
  25. Spencer, Would you mind giving the names of the cross streets of the shop in Providencia? Or any other information. Thank you.
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