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  1. Updated Sun, January 31, 2021, 7:50 PM (Reuters) - China's CanSino Biologics Inc said on Monday an independent committee found the drugmaker's COVID-19 vaccine met its pre-specified primary safety and efficacy targets under an interim analysis of Phase 3 trial data. No adverse events related to the vaccine had occurred and the findings of the Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) meant the company could go ahead with advancing its Phase 3 clinical trial for the candidate, known as Ad5-nCoV or Convidecia, CanSinoBio said. "The company remains blinded to whether the participants involved in the trial received vaccine or placebo," it said. CanSinoBio began the late-stage trial for its one-dose vaccine in Russia in September in partnership with NPO Petrovax Pharm LLC and already has a supply deal with Mexico. (Reporting by Anushka Trivedi in Bengaluru; editing by Richard Pullin)
  2. They could have made it a state website registration. Each state having a website probably would not have resulted in this predictable crash. Everyone saw that AMLO expects to have 15 million elderly vaccinated by end of March. Since he wasn't able to complete the healthcare workers' second dose of Pfizer in the needed timeline, why does AMLO even make projections. He boasted of a new JNJ agreement for 22 million but everyone knows JNJ is out of production until some time in April and who knows who gets the first 100 million off the line. Probably not Mexico who just placed their order for JNJ. Everything I have read points to the following: <1 million Sputnik-5 >10 million CanSino (24 milion on order). <4 million other incl 1.5m Pfizer, Astra Zeneca (if India is willing to offload some of their production to Mexico). The questions we have might turn to: What is the efficacy and safety of CanSino since 80 to 90% of us are going to get CanSino.
  3. I got a little farther just now but am stuck with three dials that say "Consultando a Renapo." I put in the Curp. It put me to another page where I re-entered the Curp and pressed the CONFIRMAR button. It gave me a Captcha which came up twice. That was accepted but now I wait watching these three spinning wheels that say Consultando a Renapo. Looks as though I only got so far, or the system is overloaded, and I will probably be timed out before I get through.
  4. Unfortunately, the three areas of general information on the face page only repeat once my curp number was entered. The three caregories are across the top: Guia para registrarse en mi vacuna. No conoces tu Curp? Consultala aqui. Aviso de Privacidad The guia para registrarse has some decent information in it to copy onto a Word document for later expectations. However, the system is stopped cold, does not advance a person registering after putting in the CURP. It takes the CURP, but it just brings another page up with those three areas of information listed above. I guess we wait.
  5. I am trying to remain positive that something good will come out of Mexico's efforts. However, for months now, even Pfizer employees have discussed the optimal setting for their virus is a high density population area. 34 million doses requiring 2 doses won't even cover Mexico City. Moving right along, I am hoping somehow Moderna enters the picture because of its less stringent, and longer shelf life than Pfizer. I also hope Astro Zeneca improves its footprint in all considerations and gives Mexico a chance. "Despite a somewhat later arrival, with less than the effectiveness claimed by its competitors, AstraZeneca’s vaccine might be favored because it can be stored, transported and handled at standard refrigerated conditions of between 36 and 46 degrees Fahrenheit for at least six months. The competing mRNA vaccines by Moderna and Pfizer/BioNTech require ultracold temperatures for stability. So the AstraZeneca vaccine will be easier to use in normal clinics, especially in rural America and the developing world." I read this morning that JNJ is proving out at 56% efficacy in Latin American country trials, although JNJ claims ~ 60% in its U.S. trial. Moral of the story: As anxious as people are, the vaccine story has many months if not years to get to where it needs to be; but, incremental improvements will help, because boosters will be needed, and those boosters should be better. Fingers crossed.
  6. I have had good luck with Simapa giving me a one page analysis of all the "pozos" (wells) that serve Lakeside. You just gotta ask which pozo # serves your street. On the analysis are 15 or so elements the laboratory in El Salto checks for. I believe even turbidity which to me just means cloudy water from runoff is rated. Anyway, a trip to Simapa after the Jan through Feb rush to pay annual bills may be a pleasant way to discuss the needs of your particular water supply. After being here a good number of years, I think the well can make a big difference. The happiest people I know are the ones who pay some extra money for the large sand filters that feed a several part reverse osmosis system combined with UV light. A great system does cost some fairly serious money, but in the end is probably well worth it. A low maintenance system has benefits (not having to change out filters, just do backwashing). The basic system of two canister filters (carbon and propylene) and a UV light I personally have never trusted. After two months, my well is so dirty that the filters are clogged, so how can I think water going through those dirty filters is good for me, even though that is the basic system many people use. I put in a street filter 4 ft high cylinder with zeolite. It takes out at least half my dirty turbidity water and I only change filters a couple times a year now. I don't drink water from my system but I feel a lot better bathing in filtered water. I had a friend who put three of four drops into his garrafon of the bacteria cleaning solution used for cleaning veggies and fruits. It seemed not to affect the taste and can probably save a bacterial issue if you don't trust the garrafon supplier. I also recycle my own 4 garrafones because I watch them clean my garrafones. If they don't rinse them well, the soap residue will lead to algae buildup and that is not good. Just some tips having lived her awhile.
  7. I don't know at all if this will help you. Besides the 1-800 number to call Social Security in the U.S. which is difficult to do unless you have a U.S. Skype account, or go to one of the calling booths in the villages that charge for calls, you might try to find a local SS office in the state where you used to live. Sometimes local offices can do stuff more surely, especially if you are from a smaller city or town. I went into mysocialsecurity.gov and found no way to contact them regarding year ending financial documents. I have found that SS relies on faxing internationally, but they do not rely on scanning documents. In the end, if they are willing to re-generate the year ending statement, you can have them Fed X collect it to you here perhaps. If you know your amount received for 2020 from SS, you can still do a tax return without having the document from SS. The IRS will have received the same statement you would have gotten from SS. Just because you don't have the document, if you know or can find out how much SS sent you in 2020, you CAN STILL DO YOUR RETURN without the SS benefits paid document. If you have just one monthly statement, you will be able to take that times 12 for all categories of income and deductions they took for Medicare Part B, etc. Otherwise, just try to contact SS and see if they have a way to get you a copy of the statement by courier. They don't seem to do email with scans. The consulate was helping people on a limited emergency basis three or four months ago, but I have heard they are even more limited than before and sent their personnel home to the U.S. You could try the embassy in Mexico City and see how they might help you. Sorry, not much help this post.
  8. Many posters read a lot, and if they are like me, they take half of the information and bank it, and the other half they leave in a "wait and see" file. Reducing PCR cycle counts may just be a downward adjustment scientists will make u, anntil they can trace the positives and negatives to actual cases that develop. Now, the question is what agency is going to try to set up a trial to establish the right safe number of cycles for PCR testing? Do they have a "feel" for arbitary cycle numbers already, and knew too many cycles was "over-screening" and producing false effective "actual" positives. As many millions of pcr tests that have been conducted, somewhere along the cycle processes, those lab technicians know how many cycles produces the most accurate positive covid people. Labs must have a feel for this, say 20 cycles instead of 35 will cover 95% of the risky covid cases. Maybe that drops pcr test costs and results times in half. I know the fashionable attitude is to be dreary and confused, but I should think as many thousands of lab technicians that have been doing these tests must have a pretty good idea how many cycles is the good round number that will help society move forward. Obviously, everything above that I've written is my own sense of applying sense to a ball of confusion that seems never to get sized up by common sense, processes that people can get behind, know the residual risks, but move forward in life. THAT !!!! Moving forward is what has been the failing of the public health officials. Let's move forward.
  9. Folks, be aware WHO is revising the number of cycle counts for PCR tests. IOW, false positives were generated all the past year because the higher the cycle counts, the more likely the PCR test picked up on the remotest strand of the virus, i.e. not a contagious person dangerous to anyone, even her or himself. Whether the implementation of fewer cycle counts for PCR testing is implemented here or other countries remains to be seen but it is a current issue as of 48 to 72 hours ago. Then again, deaths persist, and cases of sickness mount; nevertheless, how disturbing that the regimen of testing once again comes under dramatic change from the world's science and health experts. One might think almost a year is enough to get the testing regimen correct and accurate, but maybe the challenges are too great. All this does is throw more confusion at the standards of how the world will try to keep safe, and keep operating economies. Bad enough that service levels are spotty and costs of testing are high, but to have the testing itself now be questioned -- what a pain, what a waste of time is what comes to mind about pcr testing, unless one is really really down with symptoms and danger is presenting.
  10. Thanks to Mostly and Bisbee. I've been trying to collect data for weeks now on the tests, and where to get them, the time restrictions, the costs. This thread gave all that to me. Reasons for traveling are many, and making the antigen test acceptable to the airlines just allowed me to plan my next four to five months. I suspect antigen tests may be required for airline travel even after double dose vaccinations. Yes, some countries (and states like New York) will require a quarantine, but getting to where one needs to get to is sometimes paramount. New Yorkers returned to NY, signed up for the govt list of those to quarantine, but were never followed up with by the State of NY for compliance. What is a mother to do?
  11. Thanks Mostly, that makes sense. I get the feeling I'm going to be asked my destination in Texas. I will be transiting Texas to go farther north. Perhaps that will satisfy Texas authorities, that I am only in Texas 24 to 36 hours. In 10 weeks, the situation may change. At least Texas seems serious about getting out the vaccines.
  12. Yesterday got the 4 year plastic card, and the half-page receipt. I asked the same gentleman behind the counter who has helped me for years, where do I keep the card. He said keep it with you, or in your car. The plastic card you must produce if driving the car. The half-page receipt he said to keep at my house with my other papers. Now, if I am traveling northward, I will probably bring along the receipt. No mention was made by him of stickers, which I've always thought were a duplication of effort, but were an excuse for Transito to pull over a vehicle for the usual shakedown. In fact, last year, the VW dealership near Palacio de Hierros told me the stickers are really becoming a thing of the past. Next time if you are in Guad, look at the newer cars and see if Tapatios put the stickers on. I guess I will ask again in February, if these stickers are going to be mandatory, when they become available. The annual payment to keep the 4-year card active or effective, is payable on the Internet, or at a Mexican bank, same time next year. I arrived at 8:15 a.m. yesterday, and I was finished, out the door at 9:25 a.m. When I left at 9:25 a.m. no line was formed outside the door, so the wait was probably 30 minutes or less.
  13. The United States is considering all incoming flight passengers 2 years of age and older to require a negative covid test within 3 days of departure, including U.S. citizens. I wonder if this will be put into effect for ground travel into the U.S.
  14. Remember the Alamo, Jim Bowie, and thank you for that clarification. Makes sense, especially since despite slow rollouts of vaccinations while vaccines sit on shelves, the amounts of vaccines are still generally in short supply versus those needing them.
  15. I went through the Texas website. It does not have a Frequently Asked Question that asks my question, can an out of state resident receive the vaccine. Instead, it refers to Texans must do this, Texans must do that, fill out a Texas form number such and such, etc. In other words, I'm pretty sure those Texas forms are going to ask for a Texas form of I.d. in order to register for getting the vaccine. I will look for a county health department phone number for Laredo. The only one I found is for Indigents. Indigent Health Care Services Nancy Cadena 1620 Santa Ursula Laredo, Texas 78040 (956) 523-4747 (956) 523-4748 I also wrote/messaged the City of Laredo Health Dept and asked them if a U.S. citizen living in Mexico, 66 years old, but not a resident of Texas, can come to Laredo and receive a vaccination. I hope to hear from them in 48 to 72 hours and will advise the board. Public Information Officer Larry Sanchez 1110 Washington St. 3rd Floor Laredo, Texas 78040 (956) 523-4999
  16. Yes, Mostly L., I agree. To keep this all on a positive note, I do want to provide information on where people can drive to in order to get vaccinated. For example, I emailed two contacts in New Mexico yesterday. In Las Cruces local news TV yesterday, the health authorities announced the vaccines will be available to anyone, even non-citizens of the U.S. Thus, since I am a citizen, I should think New Mexico will vaccinate me. I just can't wait until May. I have feelers out in Arkansas and in Iowa to make a trip there in March if New Mexico turns out to be not as convenient. Las Cruces is 1,000 miles from here roughly. Laredo is 625 miles from here. Three weeks between dosages, so going somewhere in the U.S. where other activities can be combined with the trip makes the trip maybe worthwhile. The vaccines in the States also are not Chinese vaccines. Anyway, I think sharing this information might be a very positive step to take, and I welcome input from others who might know Texas's policy for identification required in order to get the vaccine. Thank you.
  17. I asked a simple question on Chapala Health Group's page on FB. "Does anyone know if non-state residents can receive vaccines in Texas or New Mexico?" The admin denied posting my question saying "we live here now" and only Chapala questions will be allowed. I then followed up and responded that many people living here have medical issues treated not only here but in Mexico City, or the States, or Canada, and therefore, it is a legitimate question especially as it appears the vaccine rollouts will be delayed here. I was expelled from the Chapala Health Group for questioning the admin's judgement of censoring my question. Obviously, I would like to know if Texas is not going to vaccinate me if I am not a Texas resident, and thus save the 625 mile driving trip one way. I am still a Chapala resident, and a permanent resident of Mexico. I find this kind of rudeness and censorship incomprehensible by the admins of Chapala Health Group on FB. Perhaps this is akin to what is going on in the United States, a supposed higher moral authority cutting off people's freedom to express and to question, cutting them off at the knees and expelling them from their platforms. The only narrative accepted is their narrative. What kind of "Group" does this? Whew: Nasty and inexcusable behavior towards an open and honest question about an alternative vaccine, and needing an answer for wanting to be vaccinated before what looks like April or May here. Unbelievable behavior.
  18. Folks, new word is a plastic registration card good for 4 yrs is now available at Recaudadora. Just pay online every year, or at a bank. The other new word is with plastic card, no more sticker in the windowshield. Please verify this for yourselves at Recaudadora.
  19. Thanks Mostly Lost for the info and link: If you need the PCR test for other reasons (like travel) it is available at Salud Digna laboratory in GDL for $950. https://salud-digna.org/covid-19/estudio-covid-19/ The above results perhaps come back in 72 hours, so as you say, not good for traveling under 72 hour restrictions to have a recent test in hand. Appears to me that paying the 5,000 pesos for a 24 hour test result is the only stress-free way to do this. Eg. Flight leaves Thursday, get the test done early Tuesday, hope for Wednesday results, and arrive at destination country latest early Friday, 72 hours from when the test was administered. These countries are putting a crimp into traveling, especially travel that requires several connections, and many hours to reach a destination. Even the 24 hour test results don't make this a smooth process, not if going to remoter destinations.
  20. The original poster raised a question I've never been able to satisfy in my own mind. Catch-22: Countries want PCR test results from within the last 72 hours, but results don't come back for 48 to 72 hours. When is the time stamp put on the results? My guess is at the time the test is administered, which is when the patient is either infected or not, not 72 hours later when the results are sent back. Either way the timing does not work. 1. It is too late to catch the plane, and 2. The traveler arrives, say 18 hours later at the destination country, and the results won't be accepted because the clock has now ticked for 90 hours. Unless somebody can clear this up for me, I see no way of flying to countries needing a recent within 72 hours test. I hope I'm wrong.
  21. I did a search on the msg board and did not find any discussion. I read that Sputnik 5 vaccine is scheduled to come to Mexico in December. That is only 60+ days from now. What is advertised in photos on the COVAX literature is SINOVAC, the Chinese company long known for various vaccines. Sinovac was touting an immune response from its trials as far back as June. What are some of the opinions about these early vaccines, and how they will be made available and to whom and where? Thank you.
  22. Thank you. I know some papelerias have smaller For Sale signs; I need larger. If a shop makes custom signs, please advise that too. Thank you.
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