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  1. Thank you. I know some papelerias have smaller For Sale signs; I need larger. If a shop makes custom signs, please advise that too. Thank you.
  2. The majority of people in Chapala wear masks. I steer a wide berth away from those not wearing masks, mainly to send a message, hey, why not wear a mask. Farmacia Similares sells a packet of 5 masks on Monday for 20% discount, very very cheap, a few centavos . They can be washed and used again. Farmacia Similares also sells the Chinese version KN95 mask (no respirator) about 70 pesos if I recall, but it is NOT comfortable to wear for any length of time, but in a tight crowded spot, good to have in possession. To those who say masks don't work, I say what if they do. Take ev
  3. To finish my portion, I asked my "maid" yesterday what is the title of your job, the work you do to clean my house, to fix little things out of place, to make it more a home.. Empleada Domestica. Domestic Employee. Now, somebody else's house cleaner may prefer to go by a different designation. My maid is not particular what I call her occupation because I call her by her first name, but Empleada Domestica is what she thinks is her official capacity.
  4. "We all could hasten this process by continue to practice good hygiene. Dra. Laurie Ann Ximénez-Fyvie, Jefe delLaboratorio de Genética Molecular at UNAM has stated that contagion could be reduced by (up to) 60% if 9 out of 10 people wear masks (whre appropriate)" I prefer consensus expert opinions to opinions derived from stubborn political viewpoints.
  5. Not all maids are equal. If you don't like the service or it is inconsistent, find another. When you find a good one, be good to her.
  6. I don't know why this 3 year old thread is still going. I pay my "trabajadora," which is a term that is well liked by Mexicans. It means a person who rolls up sleeves and does a good job and is proud of it. Listen for it. I use it in the marketplace for cooks, for juice makers. Que trabajadora! What a worker. They always smile. It is a compliment. Anther term: domestica, meaning one who works around the house. This other stuff about criada is for the birds. Just stick to what they would like to be called, their name a good choice, but in third party reference, ask the maid
  7. What I would like to see is constructive conversation, no matter which sides people take. I can single out several excellent posters who understand that the human race is not living up to its mental ability to adapt to the crisis, and what is worse, does not seem to "get it" or care. A local Mexican lady works near Andares Mall, Hierro de Palacio (high end shopping mall). She told me on Sunday that the restaurants are wall to wall people, nobody wearing masks, zero social distancing. These are the wealthy of Guadalajara behaving this way. I repeat, the privileged class, that one
  8. Thanks sincerely to the three posters who offered specific helpful answers to my inquiry. I have copied that information and will report back as I move towards the time to arrange my travel destination.
  9. Some countries are requiring proof of a Covid-19 test within 48 hours of entering. Does anyone know how to get a Covid-19 test in Lakeside, or Guadalajara? Thank you.
  10. Thanks Floradude. I recall being told NEVER keep a certain doc in the car because it makes stealing and reselling easier, and that must be the doc with the sticker that should not be left in the car.
  11. Just went through paying annual registration for my Mexican plated vehicles. QUESTION: Which original documents, besides the hologram stuck to the windshield, are to be kept inside the vehicle. I have been warned against keeping all original documents from Registration in the vehicle to guard against theft. OTOH, I have been told to keep an original of something inside the vehicle, but I can't remember what? I prefer to keep xerox copies in my vehicle but have been told the Transito Vial wants to see at least one original. Which one is it? The half-sheet with all data?
  12. If anyone has kept up with construction costs, please advise. price per meter for moderate or mid-range quality finished construction costs. (Think 120 m2.) ____________________. price per sq meter for higher end finish? ______________ Land costs? Not Central Ajijic, not west of Ajijic, but other areas more central, please. Chapala Riberas Libramiento I know prices can vary widely, so I am just looking for a number of inputs, and I will try to calculate my own median price expectation. AGAIN: Construction costs per meter squared. Land cos
  13. I came back to the thread today Nov 29, 2019 and see some updates. Sincere THANKS for all the information. I am still in the hunt for a higher end USED German vehicle, although I have a nice VW Golf Sportwagen (40-45 mpg), but it is has a different, more practical purpose (long distances, and going shopping. It has more cubic feet than a Ford Escape, believe it or not. The Golf is in the Classifieds.
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