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  1. Thank you for the article. Theories abound, more will come, and the one about actually strengthening various immune systems in the body by using different vaccines to activate different ones is quite interesting, and well presented. I like scientists who can make analogies so that everyday people can understand the science. Bless those people who volunteered even from the earliest days, to take the trial vaccines. In slight angular disagreement with you, but not wishing to be argumentative, safety pervades everything having to do with Covid and what scientists are trying to do t
  2. Skimmed the thread, and to add a couple notes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/joewalsh/2021/02/25/pfizers-covid-vaccine-doesnt-need-ultra-cold-storage-fda-says/?sh=76aa50fd226e Secondly, not to be in any way argumentative, but Mostly Lost, may I ask where the information came from that mixing vaccines is o.k.? Part of one personal plan I had was to get a vaccine here, and then another in the U.S. To my knowledge, the U.S. is not offering Chinese vaccines whereas 50 million Chinese vaccines were ordered into Mexico. I thus emailed a U.S. research and teaching professor
  3. Of course I knew people would leap to conclusions about why I am seeking the noise recording device. Perhaps that is not something I wish to reveal, and not only have I been on the board for 7 years, I have been in Latin America since 1975. I probably can discuss the merits of several Latin countries with those who presuppose why I am interested in a recorder. One of my friends sells amplifiers for the electronics markets in Latin America. The manufacturer of the amplifiers is interested in the noise levels that Mexico produces, and how that quantifies in their market opportunity, ho
  4. I am searching for ambient noise level recordings (outside my house, even outside my street, Carnaval concerts for example). Handheld recorders up to $100 usd if possible. The articles all seem to focus on recorders that will cancel ambient noise so that voice can come through clearly. That is the opposite of what I want. I would like to establish ambient noise levels of normal surrounding life in my neighborhood, versus when things go nuts, like late at night or 3 a.m. to 4 a.m. or during Carnaval. Anyway, Evistr 16gb handheld gets high marks $40 plus $10 freight, but again it
  5. Your first post, Bisbee Gal, runs right along with the advice given me my a 30 year Teaching Research Professor at NYU in molecular biology and chemistry Phd., a former classmate. mRNA and DNA vaccine is not gene therapy or altering or substituting anyone's DNA. He says, some people, even doctors, just do not understand fully -- science.
  6. Mainecoons or anyone: I have tried to collect this and that alternative "medicine." However, I would not know how to self-administer. Can you recommend or know the names of doctors locally who do treat Covid? I just need to get lined up in case. Many thanks.
  7. Invariably, posters are compelled to call out someone else wrong, even using the OP's own words in a backlash mode of responding. In the threads above, for example, neither wrong, nor not wrong were necessary, only incendiary. The content didn't change a whit. One can post an opinion, even perhaps a fact, without preloading it with senseless emotional attack. Let the reader judge. Strunck & White: Write only the words needed, economy of words; this might apply especially when spiteful, argumentative words are nearly always unneeded. Deliver a message without them and give th
  8. Hola Lexy, I just went in again to try to register for the vaccine. Ever since the day it accepted by CURP and stalled me out at the entry page, it at least has remembered my CURP. All I have to do is type the first letter, and the CURP box fills in. Then this morning for the first time, the page advanced to Confirmation of CURP information, my age, sexo, and other data. I think then it asked me "desearme una vacuna?" More or less, am I desiring a vaccination to which I clicked the button. Then, it advanced to another page wanting my location, state, city, zip co
  9. What is somewhat confounding for me is the lack of information or the presumption that a pcr test result can be achieved at the airport test center in a matter of an hour or so. Is a laboratory on site right at the airport? The PCR test results I have always read about were taking anywhere from 48 to 96 hours for results. Anyone know if somehow the airport is giving pcr tests with results within an hour or so. That would sure help the folks trying to get into countries requiring pcr testing.
  10. I really can't say, lakeside7, because the info came from my brother who was traveling after leaving the airport and now he's gone. He is not from here, so I would go with some of the other posters' clarifications of how the floors are set up and numbered. I only hope the signs are clear for where the test center is, where a person should go, and where a person can park, etc.
  11. Brother just replied that the Test Center (at Guad Airport Parking Second Level) IS OPEN 24 HOURS, so it will accommodate even an early early flight ... for an Antigen test at least.
  12. A brother and his tapatia wife were in town from Los Angeles and needed to fly back to LAX. I told them be sure to get tested at the airport for the ANTIGEN test, maybe even on their way back to Guad yesterday, check to see if they can get tested right then. They got tested yesterday, but as you can read below, ANTIGEN testing is available also, same day as the flight. However, with the number of hours he recommended being there ahead of flight time to allow for testing and normal processing of bags etc, one might be well advised to get the test the day before a flight if the fligh
  13. Black people all my life have told me I have an open mind, not a racist mind, even when I was doing Social Work. Perhaps the "dangerous ground" you write of is the national politicization of race. National politicization of issues has become sucker bait and sound bites. Perhaps that's where the ground is of which you write.
  14. Not only diminishes the original meaning of the word, but the hyper-excessive use of "RACISM" in the last five years, has diminished all argumentation to zero. No other thoughts, no other insights, no other possibilities, no other creative solutions, no shades of meaning, no nuances, no nothing exists except the need for decapitation of mythical white supremacy. Americans were educated since the 1950s to open their minds, and keep them open. How quickly those minds have been slammed shut, only to be "re-educated" like a Khmer Rouge camp, just before the next stage, The Killing Fields. LOL
  15. Updated Sun, January 31, 2021, 7:50 PM (Reuters) - China's CanSino Biologics Inc said on Monday an independent committee found the drugmaker's COVID-19 vaccine met its pre-specified primary safety and efficacy targets under an interim analysis of Phase 3 trial data. No adverse events related to the vaccine had occurred and the findings of the Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC) meant the company could go ahead with advancing its Phase 3 clinical trial for the candidate, known as Ad5-nCoV or Convidecia, CanSinoBio said. "The c
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