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  1. The United States is considering all incoming flight passengers 2 years of age and older to require a negative covid test within 3 days of departure, including U.S. citizens. I wonder if this will be put into effect for ground travel into the U.S.
  2. Remember the Alamo, Jim Bowie, and thank you for that clarification. Makes sense, especially since despite slow rollouts of vaccinations while vaccines sit on shelves, the amounts of vaccines are still generally in short supply versus those needing them.
  3. I went through the Texas website. It does not have a Frequently Asked Question that asks my question, can an out of state resident receive the vaccine. Instead, it refers to Texans must do this, Texans must do that, fill out a Texas form number such and such, etc. In other words, I'm pretty sure those Texas forms are going to ask for a Texas form of I.d. in order to register for getting the vaccine. I will look for a county health department phone number for Laredo. The only one I found is for Indigents. Indigent Health Care Services Nancy Cadena
  4. Yes, Mostly L., I agree. To keep this all on a positive note, I do want to provide information on where people can drive to in order to get vaccinated. For example, I emailed two contacts in New Mexico yesterday. In Las Cruces local news TV yesterday, the health authorities announced the vaccines will be available to anyone, even non-citizens of the U.S. Thus, since I am a citizen, I should think New Mexico will vaccinate me. I just can't wait until May. I have feelers out in Arkansas and in Iowa to make a trip there in March if New Mexico turns out to be not as convenient. Las
  5. I asked a simple question on Chapala Health Group's page on FB. "Does anyone know if non-state residents can receive vaccines in Texas or New Mexico?" The admin denied posting my question saying "we live here now" and only Chapala questions will be allowed. I then followed up and responded that many people living here have medical issues treated not only here but in Mexico City, or the States, or Canada, and therefore, it is a legitimate question especially as it appears the vaccine rollouts will be delayed here. I was expelled from the Chapala Health Group for questioning
  6. Folks, new word is a plastic registration card good for 4 yrs is now available at Recaudadora. Just pay online every year, or at a bank. The other new word is with plastic card, no more sticker in the windowshield. Please verify this for yourselves at Recaudadora.
  7. Thanks Mostly Lost for the info and link: If you need the PCR test for other reasons (like travel) it is available at Salud Digna laboratory in GDL for $950. https://salud-digna.org/covid-19/estudio-covid-19/ The above results perhaps come back in 72 hours, so as you say, not good for traveling under 72 hour restrictions to have a recent test in hand. Appears to me that paying the 5,000 pesos for a 24 hour test result is the only stress-free way to do this. Eg. Flight leaves Thursday, get the test done early Tuesday, hope for Wednesday results, and arrive at dest
  8. The original poster raised a question I've never been able to satisfy in my own mind. Catch-22: Countries want PCR test results from within the last 72 hours, but results don't come back for 48 to 72 hours. When is the time stamp put on the results? My guess is at the time the test is administered, which is when the patient is either infected or not, not 72 hours later when the results are sent back. Either way the timing does not work. 1. It is too late to catch the plane, and 2. The traveler arrives, say 18 hours later at the destination country, and the re
  9. I did a search on the msg board and did not find any discussion. I read that Sputnik 5 vaccine is scheduled to come to Mexico in December. That is only 60+ days from now. What is advertised in photos on the COVAX literature is SINOVAC, the Chinese company long known for various vaccines. Sinovac was touting an immune response from its trials as far back as June. What are some of the opinions about these early vaccines, and how they will be made available and to whom and where? Thank you.
  10. Thank you. I know some papelerias have smaller For Sale signs; I need larger. If a shop makes custom signs, please advise that too. Thank you.
  11. The majority of people in Chapala wear masks. I steer a wide berth away from those not wearing masks, mainly to send a message, hey, why not wear a mask. Farmacia Similares sells a packet of 5 masks on Monday for 20% discount, very very cheap, a few centavos . They can be washed and used again. Farmacia Similares also sells the Chinese version KN95 mask (no respirator) about 70 pesos if I recall, but it is NOT comfortable to wear for any length of time, but in a tight crowded spot, good to have in possession. To those who say masks don't work, I say what if they do. Take ev
  12. To finish my portion, I asked my "maid" yesterday what is the title of your job, the work you do to clean my house, to fix little things out of place, to make it more a home.. Empleada Domestica. Domestic Employee. Now, somebody else's house cleaner may prefer to go by a different designation. My maid is not particular what I call her occupation because I call her by her first name, but Empleada Domestica is what she thinks is her official capacity.
  13. "We all could hasten this process by continue to practice good hygiene. Dra. Laurie Ann Ximénez-Fyvie, Jefe delLaboratorio de Genética Molecular at UNAM has stated that contagion could be reduced by (up to) 60% if 9 out of 10 people wear masks (whre appropriate)" I prefer consensus expert opinions to opinions derived from stubborn political viewpoints.
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