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  1. Many thanks Rick and Mostly, et al. Mexican signage intuition is different than signage intuition north of the border. Or, maybe this is one simple explanation: Not enough over-the-road-lanes signs in advance. Those overhead signs can get drivers to move over a lane in anticipation of the final exit signage. Instead, a driver is given an all or none choice, turn or don't turn, only one sign at the exit signage. Anyway, this thread makes me much better prepared than before. Now does someone have a color printer, lol.
  2. Hey Mostly, Under the category "there are no dumb questions," I want to confirm in pic 4 and in pic 5, that I am to take the Zacatecas right hand turn because presumably at that point I am past SLP and don't want to go back to SLP. Yes? No? Thanks. I see you say right turn pic 4+5 but then there are words put under a pic that say "turn onto route around SLP," which is slightly confusing. Thanks.
  3. Whew and lordy. Yes, needed help to go both directions. Thank you both. The cuota around west and northwest SLP should be posted on the sign along with Zacatecas, no? Sheesh, invest millions in a new road, and zero in signs to lead people to the new road? In addition, perhaps in Rick's pic, that OLD right sign might very well say SLP (the direct way into SLP to be avoided), but Rick is saying take the left sign to Zacatecas. That is counter-intuitive, period, as any driver conceivably would want to go "in the direction of SLP!" In fact, that is what may have led me into SLP centro before. The now newly informed driver counter-intuitively chooses Zacatecas. Northbound challenge solved. I now will study the southbound signage. Truly appreciate the help.
  4. One Question: Years ago I drove through SLP to get to Matehuala. I somehow missed the turn that would allow me to escape going through SLP. I had to go all the way through SLP, took perhaps an hour, or seemed like it. MY QUESTION: Where is the turn before coming to SLP from Chapala that allows missing SLP and arriving on the other side near Matehuala? What landmarks, how can I prepare not to MISS IT AGAIN? Then coming from Pharr towards SLP, same question: How to avoid entering the SLP proper? I admire folks who can travel Mexican highways and not become befuddled, folks who can name bypasses, or 3 different perifericos in Aguas. I always just prayed for luck. Thanks a million. Please name road numbers.
  5. Driving from Florida, wondering suggested best route from McAllen to Chapala these days? Or, not recommended because of safety concerns? Thank you.
  6. Personally, my experience talking with Mexicans, is that the noise problem has grown here over the past 5 to 6 years. Various reasons. A Mexican lawyer friend has lived here his whole life: "Ruido hasta la madre," he says. On a constructive note, look at electronic Sleep boxes on Amazon.com.mx Some boxes give plenty of choices of different noise blocking sounds. Cheap insurance for a night's sleep. Cheers, https://www.amazon.com.mx/s?k=maquinas+de+sonido+para+dormir&__mk_es_MX=%C3%85M%C3%85%C5%BD%C3%95%C3%91&ref=nb_sb_noss https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/vendo-aparatos-de-sonido-y
  7. Am Residente Permanente, will be traveling by car to the U.S. next month. Plan to fly back in to Mexico in a month or less perhaps. Must I check out of Mexico by visiting Immigration in Laredo so that I have a record of leaving Mexico? When I fly back in, I will only have the flight information of the incoming airline on the Immigration paperwork. I suspect that Mexico does not require every person leaving Mexico by land to check in with Immigration. Is that true? The lines would be backed up for blocks to just check out of Mexico. Thanks for inputs.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I have the AT&T 2-year plan, just as GDouglas does. Free roaming is quite good to know, as I'll be driving.
  9. Planning a month stay in the U.S. Will my Mexico AT&T celular plan work in the U.S.? Any tips on how to dial U.S. numbers? Do I dial as though I were still in Mexico, using 001? Thanks.
  10. Thank you. I think I will call a friend for transport.
  11. They aren't answering the 376-106-2127 number. I am stranded. Thanks for the help.
  12. This might help, but you may need to take a taxi from airport or shuttle to Juarez bus station, then see below to get across border to El Paso Center https://www.transborde.com.mx/english/#rutas_horarios
  13. No pets. No responsibilities, except come and go as normal and sleep at the house. Let in the maid once a week is all. House is comfortable. Perhaps 4 weeks, maybe less.
  14. Thank you all. Very very helpful. Wonderful choice there at the northern tip of Saltillo at the Sheraton, to go either way to the border, Laredo or P/N or Ciudad Acuna. The 3.5 hours to Nuevo Laredo and 5.5 hours to Ciudad Acuna will be an option to have. Thanks again.
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