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  1. Just went through paying annual registration for my Mexican plated vehicles. QUESTION: Which original documents, besides the hologram stuck to the windshield, are to be kept inside the vehicle. I have been warned against keeping all original documents from Registration in the vehicle to guard against theft. OTOH, I have been told to keep an original of something inside the vehicle, but I can't remember what? I prefer to keep xerox copies in my vehicle but have been told the Transito Vial wants to see at least one original. Which one is it? The half-sheet with all data? The whole multi-colored sheet that contains the driver regist. wallet card? Thanks. (BTW, I checked for other threads b4 posting and found no answers.)
  2. 332-610-5542. 376-765-3668 < 4,500 miles. Doble Proposito. On road and off road. Perfect for Lakeside variety of roads. Like new.
  3. $400 saddle used maybe a dozen times. 17 inch. RR is the saddle maker. 332-610-5542
  4. Well, if you haul it out for them, where woud you be going, what state? I really just need to get my stuff to Texas into storage, so if you coud haul it over here w your truck, and then we haul to Texas or NM or AZ with my stuff in it to storage place, that might work out to defray some of your costs.
  5. Whew, 26 foot car hauler, with Mexico plates? I'd have to ask my pickup truck to man up its toxic masculinity. I think my truck can tow 5,000 lbs. OTOH, what is the price of the trailer. That could be a deal breaker, and that it is not MX plated? I'm Res Perm. Maybe I could get a MX friend with a big truck to haul it to the border to a storage unit, but not sure all that will be in my financial interest, but discussable.
  6. Purchase I suppose because it is going to make 2 RT to Florida.
  7. O.K. As requested, some fotos yesterday. The general manager at the Lizen Patria VW dealer yesterday says "it looks brand new." My mpg driving to Guad yesterday was 45 mpg. My driving around lakeside is 32 or 33 on short trips to Walmart. My main reason for selling is to reduce my vehicles to one vehicle, a pickup truck I need to move furniture around, incl up to the States. It is a very fun responsive car to drive and has more cubic feet of storage than a Ford Escape SUV. That makes shopping trips to Guad, Costco, Sam's quite easy, and very economical, as well as trips around Mexico sightseeing or traveling to the States. It is drive-able in the U.S., just not importable, meaning you could insure it for the states, just have to pay your Jalisco plate renewal here every year. 4 years remain on the extended warranty passed on to the new buyer. The car rec'd a ceramic coating to prevent any damage from UV and to make washing the car a breeze. It is the SONAX treatment from Ajijic Body Shop by Waffle House about 5,000 pesos. It also has a low point of loading from the rear, groceries or dogs. They can hop right in, unlike a taller SUV or pickup where they have to be helped into the vehicle. The vehicle has had no pets in it. No smoking. Nobody has sat in the back seats. I put it on SegundoMano this week too.
  8. If anyone has kept up with construction costs, please advise. price per meter for moderate or mid-range quality finished construction costs. (Think 120 m2.) ____________________. price per sq meter for higher end finish? ______________ Land costs? Not Central Ajijic, not west of Ajijic, but other areas more central, please. Chapala Riberas Libramiento I know prices can vary widely, so I am just looking for a number of inputs, and I will try to calculate my own median price expectation. AGAIN: Construction costs per meter squared. Land costs per meter squared. Thank you. Any inputs welcome.
  9. I came back to the thread today Nov 29, 2019 and see some updates. Sincere THANKS for all the information. I am still in the hunt for a higher end USED German vehicle, although I have a nice VW Golf Sportwagen (40-45 mpg), but it is has a different, more practical purpose (long distances, and going shopping. It has more cubic feet than a Ford Escape, believe it or not. The Golf is in the Classifieds.
  10. It is 1,000 miles when I looked yesterday, and it is like any sedan with 5 inches of ground clearance (One must take topes slowly, but no angling required, one axle over the tope at a time. Just slow and careful.). Most topes are normal slow the vehicle down, and roll over the tope. I've never bottomed on a tope, but I do slow down, front wheels first, and then over the back wheels and gone. Pretty normal driving, even for my pickup truck.
  11. It is the U.S. version of the original Golf Sportwagen, so very U.S. driver friendly including manual of instruction. It was part of the new vehicles that came back to Puebla, MX from the U.S. It has the newer cleaner European emissions approved engine that the 2015 and 2016 models have. Because of dieselgate, it cannot be imported back to the U.S.
  12. The car is not importable to the U.S. The engine and door panel labels clearly state not importable to U.S. It is driveable in the U.S., but only as a Mexican plated car.
  13. Black with White Leatherette interior. SE Model. Very practical. Fun to drive. 1,200 miles, bought this year through VW Mexico. 4+ years remain extended warranty. Mint. Car was treated with a ceramic coating (Sonax), making washing easy, and no fading. 40 to 45 mpg. MSRP $28,400. Selling $15,500 U.S. 332-610-5542
  14. Board nazis asnide (sic), I have a question about driver license renewal, the window of time. My license expires August 19, about 6 weeks from now. 1. How many days before expiration date will the Guad office let me renew? I ask because I will be out of the country late July to late August and would like to get my license renewed now asap. 2. Any truth to driver license renewals coming to Chapala soon? Thank you.
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