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  1. I remember someone saying the door hinges were on the outside - the burglars simply lifted off the door. Possible at your house? I think iron bars on windows are a good deterrent. The previous owner of my house had his computer desk right under the window though and he came home to find the perp trying to lift his lap top through the bars. So don't place anything of value in reach. Having glass in a door that can easily be broken so the perp can then reach in and unlock the door is a bad idea. I had glass with bars on a door where one could do this by easily reaching between the bars. Patio doors are the same. I think a good metal retractable "fence" would make sense. As has been said many times, don't give out keys. The person you give it to might be honest but that key might be stolen, the person be unaware that it was taken long enough for a copy to be made. If you have to be out when your cleaning lady or gardener is coming, can a neighbour let them in? And lastly, vary your routine if you can. We all ignore barking dogs so unless they are seen by the burglar and are seen to be ferocious, I think they are useless.
  2. Thank you to those who understood the situation we were in. Both my friend and I have multiple animals and are volunteers with the spay and neuter groups. She could not keep the pups more than a day because of out of town commitments and I was unable to do so either, Then my computer gave up on me and I didn't see your response, Denise. The dogs were taken to a very compassionate local vet who said that being the kind/colour they were that he saw no good news in their future. We know what is going to happen to them. None of us want that. But Denise, I am sure that you will be out at Anita's tomorrow to pick up seven dogs there who are waiting for new homes. Or maybe a couple of cats. And once again, thanks for the support from the rest of you.
  3. Left in front of the door of an animal lover - who isn't even home right now. We must have just missed seeing the perp - the dogs were beginning to tumble out of the box onto the road as we were walking by. We got them into a crate that they cannot escape from and a friend will keep them in her patio overnight. And she is giving them a flea bath. What to do tomorrow? These are not cute little in-demand pups. They are ordinary black (mostly) and they will surely be almost impossible to adopt out. I am emailing The Ranch and Lucky Dog. We don't feel we can expect a vet to take them. Frankly, much as we hate to think of it, euthanasia is on our minds. And hopefully there is some vet who will do that for these cruelly abandoned pups. If it comes to that. If anyone out there has had success in a situation like this, please post.
  4. My beefs are with the municipio. fix the sidewalks. Charge people who don't maintain their sidewalks, who allow trash to accumulate in vacant lots or who otherwise ignore the bylaws.. Quit adding new stuff till you keep the old in repair. And please let there be some place to buy Tetley orange pekoe tea.
  5. Judging by that description, I talked to this man on the bus about two weeks ago. He was getting off at Sunrise and said he lived in that area. Was doing just fine. He volunteered that his family thinks he's nuts to be here. He always has a big backpack, and was getting around without trouble. I saw him this week at LCS but didn't speak to him.
  6. Raul Ruiz (metuchenmama's recommendation) is a psychotherapist, not a psychiatrist. I know him well, as an individual, not as a medical professional, but have no hesitation in recommending him. He is qualified to use hypnosis in his treatment if that is of help to the OP. Wouldn't you know it, I can't find his card. But his email is raulruizs@hotmail.com
  7. I live in Riberas where, within two blocks of my home, at least a dozen lights are out. Two different Mexican neighbours called, about a month apart. The first call: she was told that they would be visiting the area within a week. (She had a map which she gave to the correct department.) The second and third calls: the truck that they use is broken and besides, they have no lights. The last call was about five weeks ago.
  8. I put the smart card over my meter and then I have to go to the CFE office to pay. I don't know the amount until the machine reads my card at CFE. . I asked when I was there, Is there any place other than here that I can pay this? NO. I don't get a paper bill, have no bar code, so their answer makes sense.
  9. This has been a pain in the butt for me, but for CFE I can see that it was "smart." I have noticed that new homes in my area (Riberas) are getting the old style meter. My sense is that the smart meter plan didn't last long as when I stand in line at the machine (CFE itself being the only place I can pay) I rarely see another person with a card. Does anyone know what the status is of that plan to convert meters to the digital ones that use the smart card?
  10. The place on the left, going into Chapala, isn't taking plastics. I have plastics (milk and pop bottles) and aluminum cans. Probably enough to almost fill the back of a half ton. Mostly from the street trash. I am hoping to find a non-profit which will pick them up and take the money. I live one short block off the carretera in Riberas. I've tried to contact four non-profits, two responses, and am thinking this is not going to work. Anyone out there who has contacts and can give me a lead? I'd really like these to go before rainy season. TIA Linda
  11. I don't know if I am talking apples and oranges here but I want to report what the Presidente told Riberas residents back in November . This was a meeting that he convened and it was held beside 7-11. A group of residents had been pushing for months for more attention to services in Riberas. He introduced a man who was to update property records. There are many properties in Riberas, we were told, that had never been registered with the municipio and as a result, taxes were not being collected. Of course we were all stunned: how do they get services like water then? Doesn't SIMAPA check before they do the hook-up? With CFE it's easier... all those illegal hook-ups. I don't remember the answers from the Presidente. But on hearing this most of the crowd calmed down, thinking that this made sense. My impression was that we were willing to give Admin a chance. Very likely this checking on properties is going on across the municipio, and not just Riberas.
  12. No idea what brand, but Puritan Poultry in Riberas now has sausages in the freezer at the front. I was told that a Mexican man who used to live in Germany makes them. They are packaged by Puritan. Kinds? Turkey, Italian, breakfast and brats. They have been available there for about a month. If anyone has tried them, please let us know what you think. And have you checked out the custom VWs for sale in the same building? Neat!
  13. And Mr Bull, both in Ajijic and Chapala, has bulk sausage, spiced (peppery?) in the freezer. I'm guessing the package is about 1 kg.
  14. I quit driving at 49 when I moved to Tokyo so I had learned to live without a car well before retirement (59) and moving here shortly afterward. The mindset was already established. That helped. I appreciate friends who drive but try not to rely on their generosity. As I did in Tokyo, I buy a few items whenever I pass by a grocery store. I don't need to buy the huge bag of pet food. What I pay extra for buying the smaller is peanuts. What with the robber transitos and the problems of being in an accident (very different from NOB) I would say that your stress level goes up with being a car owner. I don't miss it Lakeside but it would be nice for exploring the country. However, the buses go everywhere and they are safe and comfortable so it is a matter of weighing the convenience and freedom of driving vs the benefits of walking and riding the bus. I should add that I live in Riberas and I have no fear of walking in the dark. The bus stop is a block away.
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