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  1. https://tijuana.craigslist.com.mx/d/apts-housing-for-rent/search/apa?lang=en&cc=us
  2. I've driven it several times to/from California. I agree with Ajijic--_hiker. I leave at first light and only use toll roads. Set it on cruise control and go. Plan on stopping a couple hours before dark. No-Tell Motels are great. They're right off the highway. You have your own attached private garage to lock up your car and go right into your room. I've travelled with my small dog and she's always been welcomed. Be sure to get your food and any shopping done before you settle in. Usually you're secured once you check in and go to your room. So no in and out. Northbound I usually stop in Culiacan and Hermosillo. Southbound I stay at a motel on the U.S. side in Nogales, AZ so I can cross the border by 5AM then stop in Cuidad Obregon or Navojoa and then Mazatlán on my way to Ajijic. Have a cell phone that works in Mexico. I stay alert and don't venture off into the unknown. Be sure to have pesos. I've never had a problem.
  3. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/flash-and-grab/
  4. Oh My, Bisbee Gal...are you braving a burger again? : - o :-)
  5. Try Super Burrito on Encarnacion Rosas in Ajijic. It's on the mountain side up the hill from the donut shop (Donas.) It's small and family run. A bonus deal from 5-6pm you can get 2 for 1 on the drinks. They have fantastic margaritas. Closed Sundays.
  6. Camille............ SUPER BURRITO!
  7. I've driven it by myself a number of times. Easy drive on the toll roads. Be prepared for the possibility of rain along the way - it's the season. Completely agree with Maincoons. Cross at Mariposa, drive during the daylight only and take your time. The MX throw away cell is a very good idea. You can pick one up easily in Nogales on the MX side. Also, be sure you have MX auto insurance before you cross. U.S insurance won't cover you.
  8. I have a recommendation for you. I've used Camille Waters at my home and she is great. She lives in the Puerto Vallarta area and house/pet sits at Lakeside during the summer to get away from the heat and humidity. She takes such good care of my house and my little dog. I was very happy. She has friends and references in this area. You would be lucky to get her. I'll PM her email address to you.
  9. I take I-5 all the way to L.A. then east on US 10 through Phoenix to Tucson. From there 19 south to Nogales, AZ. Pay attention to the signs and take the exit that goes west to the Mariposa crossing. It's often referred to as the truck crossing and it's much easier and quicker. Once you cross the border then it's MEX 15 (toll road) all the way to Guadalajara. Follow the signs towards the airport in Guadalajara and then keep going past it. That road (Chapala Highway) will take you into Chapala/Ajijic etc. Some possible stops along the way ,depending on how much you drive in a day (I'm a long haul driver so I don't stop much,) would be Navajoa, Culiacan, Mazatlan. There have been a number of posting on this board in the past with directions and suggestions. You might search for them. They're quite helpful.
  10. Nogales. Good toll road all the way. I've driven it many times - alone and with someone else. Since you're coming from the West Coast...why drive the extra distance to Laredo?
  11. Thanks for your help. Got an email from Terry today and passed it on to my friend.
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