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  1. Yikes...going up again. I got my 1st vac shot here in California on the 14th. Are you able to get one there?
  2. 🎵 Love this. They are favs of mine. Thanks for posting. Brightened my day.
  3. 9/23/1946 - 4/28/2020. This is Theodore Jack Ferguson also known as Dad, Ted, Teddy, and Grandpa. He was a son, a brother, a father, a grandfather, a husband and an uncle. Our own five sons have grown into amazing men with amazing families of their own. His influences are part of them now. Teddy was a gentle man with the softest heart and a caring soul. He cried during movies and had a smile that lit up his face. The ocean and a surfboard were his greatest friends. He was an entertainer in his soul. Music was one of his greatest loves. Ted sang, played guitar and drums and loved being on
  4. Same procedures being followed in the U.S. FYI. Many locations including California.
  5. When I saw this pop up on my email my first though was to ask Bisbee Gal then I saw that it was your question. LOL :-)
  6. I can't speak to the implant situation but this was my dentist when I lived in Lakeside. She did extensive work for us and we were more than pleased,
  7. Oh, My God NO!! I am so heartbroken. She was such a dear. This is very very sad. I hope her little 'baby' is in good care now. Bless you, Camille.
  8. https://tijuana.craigslist.com.mx/d/apts-housing-for-rent/search/apa?lang=en&cc=us
  9. I've driven it several times to/from California. I agree with Ajijic--_hiker. I leave at first light and only use toll roads. Set it on cruise control and go. Plan on stopping a couple hours before dark. No-Tell Motels are great. They're right off the highway. You have your own attached private garage to lock up your car and go right into your room. I've travelled with my small dog and she's always been welcomed. Be sure to get your food and any shopping done before you settle in. Usually you're secured once you check in and go to your room. So no in and out. Northbound I usually stop
  10. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/flash-and-grab/
  11. Oh My, Bisbee Gal...are you braving a burger again? : - o :-)
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