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  1. I had continual disconnects with Telmex and they stated it was my problem. I eventually found some of their cables sticking out of a hole in my wall, just twisted together and poorly insulated. Soldered them together and properly sealed them far fewer problems, so they were correct.
  2. One advantage of Aeromexico is that all their flights leave from the same terminal. The only major delay we have suffered has been when flying with BA.
  3. Appears to be something of a black art!! They will want back tax from the original purchase date. They will also need to inspect it, all appointments are for 7:00 in Tonala. Hope your Spanish is good!!
  4. They also have the best possible "scientific" medical advice. At least one of them admits to talking to flowers!!
  5. Just Rx a hard drive from Amazon mx 2 days after order, $1800mx.
  6. As a guest one should respect the laws,customs and traditions in the country you wish to live. It is simply good manners anything else is...........
  7. The staff were sell plates, glasses etc in the street last week.
  8. Dr. Naranjo Ahumada did both of my wife's eyes no problems. We took the cheaper clinic and it was around $17000mx per eye
  9. Ask at Tio Sams, bought one there last year works great
  10. A restore point point before starting might be even better!1
  11. Corazon Creativo, behind big church, Ajijic, have had several alterations, repairs done there, good work, low cost
  12. One visit was sufficient!!
  13. It was a good idea and I'm sure the money raised could be used to fill some potholes if nothing else.
  14. ibbocat

    La Una closing

    absent owner standards drop waiters move on fewer customers A pity they had been an interesting option
  15. ibbocat


    Had the set breakfast (2) this morning, very good but very large. The dog and I did enjoy it.
  16. if you look a the death toll on Texas roads you will understand the problem.
  17. Jasmine, great location but very few customers.............
  18. I came here as a manual wheelchair user and very rapidly converted to a golf cart, I also understand that this would be impossible for your husband . Help is cheap and good, but access is terrible in Ajijic, narrow sidewalks, up and down with no warning, cobbles etc BUT all that being said I went in my first week to Chapala by bus and several kind men wanted to carry me and my chair across the street, no mean feat! So although there are many limitations there are also a great many more plus points. Please PM me if I can be of more help
  19. check other post re Rios first!!
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