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  1. But as an English man I get a far warmed reception in Mexico than I ever would in Scotland or Wales
  2. I tried booking 3 sets of dates over the next three months,weekend and mid week and got the "no rooms available" message so they must be coping really well with the traffic problems!!
  3. http://www.angelfire.com/planet/lees-place/DriversTest/DriversLicenseTest-English.pdf version in spanish also you need 8 out of 10 to pass
  4. Yes I've seen errors in the change given but it has been in my favor as often as not.
  5. If the nice guy is on site yes!!
  6. Have an android, Google Nexus and that too responds to my voice, at home, in car etc and will do the same, ie call/text anyone in my contacts I request
  7. You had better luck than me at Food Container.
  8. Footballers getting brain injuries is part of the culture NOB.
  9. ibbocat

    Brew House

    Usual first night chaos, did not what we ordered and the bill did not match either the order or what we received. However we enjoyed what they gave us and once they get their act together it could well be a winner.
  10. Another problem no hand basin in the gents I used.
  11. Not great Early Friday evening not busy Tried the orange chicken, poor food prep veg ranged from tiny and over cooked to large and raw. Rice dried out a solid lump. Did not appear freshly cooked more reheated. Great list of beers advertised but my choose was out of stock, no draft and a little expensive 60p Good idea but not a good location most people will have to drive there.
  12. Question is do you mean an English keyboard or an American one, I understand English ones are not available in Mexico and however you change your options, it will never match an English one.
  13. Well you are closer than we are!!
  14. Any bars hold a debate party on Monday
  15. Ribs are ok but half the size of Adelitas and not as tender.
  16. I've always thought he has another problem, are we really into "fast food" here. Eating out is not just about refueling for most of us it is really part of our entertainment. The thing most of us have plenty of is time so why should we rush our meals??`
  17. You need some facts not just opinions. If conditions are that bad workers rebel just like those Wells Fargo workers did.
  18. Value wise US manufacturing is producing more than ever before it is just using fewer people to do it.If Apple etc actually paid some taxes on their cash piles you might be able to afford some infrastructure investments.
  19. My dealer calls a cab and I pay about $300 to Ajijic from the Renault dealer.
  20. But it does not, my desktop is my personal computing device. I had no problem bring it in the car
  21. Used Uber several times in Guadalajara and it is great, and you get the price in advance now.
  22. My wifes licence had 2 major errors, wrong nationality and the licence number referred to me not her!! Both were corrected in a couple of minutes.
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