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  1. Got back yesterday after driving both ways on it, LOVE it, no more bendy bits on this side of Compostela
  2. BUT even when transiting through, not arriving and unlike the rest of the world.
  3. Believe me in Ajijic, we're having problems with both providers, MUCH slower than usual and the same DNS messages
  4. But you live in Mexico use Mexican Netflix or is that too easy.
  5. Do not understand why people have a problem with Netflix it works fine with no VPN, here and in the UK
  6. I really was not intending to cause such a lot of input. both good and bad, final words from me on this subject. 1. my cart is solar powered ie TOTALLY green, no noise, no smell 2. I always drive on the correct side of the road 3. I do not drive on the carretera NEVER! 4. as my cart is legal, what business is it of anyone else if I make my life possible by using my golf cart?
  7. Because I can not guarantee to park close enough to where I need to go, obviously I drive a car for distances. But I fail to understand the problem people seem to have with a golf cart. Two reasons , it is MUCH smaller than most NOB type trucks and cars ie similar in size to the type of vehicles the village roads were made for, plus a golf cart travels at the speed of all other traffic on the village roads. Can some one please explain what all this fuss is about?
  8. I have owned and driven one here daily for 8 years NEVER had an accident and YES it has a number plate so it IS allowed. Without it I would be back to 'trying' to use a wheelchair or not be living in paradise, be careful how and who you judge please.
  9. PM me and he can have a room in the village for free
  10. Pay the taxes, get a plate and they are far more use than a great pickup around the village!!
  11. We too have a Skype number it is UK so any call to us from UK is free, even without them using a computer. Have had it for over 8 years and works perfectly. If you only want to Skype a computer then you don't nee to pay, it is free as I understand it, just download the software.
  12. Costs of club membership and the option to transfer it should be checked
  13. Our experience, 18 years qualifies you as adult!! Customers fall mainly into 2 groups 18 to 30 years and the 50+.
  14. Of course we all pay IVA (sales tax) on purchases made in Mexico..........
  15. If you look at the number of foreign plated cars without valid tags there a number of tax dodgers who are not Mexicans.
  16. The 101 course for cops (honest or not) always investigate the odd , unusual or incorrect and non Mexican plates are a starting point, add another point for no tag and then ask what else is wrong.
  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basa_fish https://www.quora.com/Is-Basa-fish-good-for-health
  18. Am considering installing one, above ground has anyone experience with them down here please?
  19. Would help if the opening hours were displayed. Not open Saturdays
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