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  1. I highly recommend Dr. Tanya at Dermika, she has removed 1 large one from my face and a further one from my back. She was very professional,and ensured that the procedures were totally painless.
  2. And finish before the parties start in November!!!
  3. Aeromexico use Dreamliners so more comfortable than most and no terminal change in Mexico City.
  4. Very few (if any) diagnostic procedures are 100% effective adding a CAT scan may get you in the 90% zone. That assumes the operator/doctor is also running at max effectiveness.
  5. Food ok but a lot of the garden residents think I'm on the menu too!!
  6. I had the shrimp burger which was ok but the "fries" were awful. Appeared to have been poached in oil, limp and dripping and no other customers.
  7. ibbocat

    Wine bar?

    reservations for a wine bar!! just a little pretentious
  8. I do too but you need to develop/improve virtually everything.
  9. Had mine done recently but I was a few months late, never seen a queue I assume they will be happy to take your money. Does not open until 10:30!!
  10. In spite of the negative comments here we had perry's deliver a pizza tonight and it was excellent. fast delivery so very hot thin crust plenty of tasty topping.
  11. It is possible (but not easy) to get a placka, talk to Hector at Manix.
  12. No but it's a type of Vitamin C and you can buy those tablets in Walmart, might be worth a try?
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