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  1. From his talks he only takes samples others (labs) test them.
  2. I doubt if the kids that swim in the lake have access to heated pools but if you want to open your doors to them I am sure they would be grateful.
  3. Still waiting for a contract before I can pay. Not sure if they received my emails as the info address keeps generating error messages. Delivery incomplete There was a temporary problem while delivering your message to info@tvrey.com.mx. Gmail will retry for 47 more hours. You'll be notified if the delivery fails permanently. LEARN MORE It does not inspire confidence if what is basically a network company can not get its internal systems to function.
  4. Not sure you need that many amps our 4 ring induction hob ran off 13amp 240v supply. Here we have a couple of single ring induction hobs faster and much more controllable than our gas range.
  5. And you are license to practice in Mexico?
  6. Me too, after 1 phone call over Christmas
  7. Lesley who comes to Centro Chiropractica in Ajijic is the best I have found, I had acupuncture regularly in UK from a Chinese medical doctor/acupuncturist and having tried the rest, I decided Lesley was the best here.
  8. Does any one know of anywhere here that does this please? My skin now too old and fragile for waxing.
  9. Must disagree, not a frequent visitor only when I want something special and it is always good and well presented.
  10. several branches of NH chain in different areas of the city.
  11. I do not think any local gym has nautilus machines. They have free weights and weight machines but not nautilus.
  12. The going rate varies a lot I know people paying 300 an hour, I,m paying 80
  13. The problem with all these small medical clinics here and in Guad. is that any unexpected problem and you have to be transported to a full size hospital.
  14. Car owners tested in Mexico!! Have you taken the test here? How many golf cart drivers are not also car drivers with licenses. Global warming is fake news as well!!
  15. bought 2 cats and 2 dogs from England in cargo no problems. Prices varied by a factor of 10 do some research on your route.
  16. Steren have a camera/intercom which connects via a smart phone apps.
  17. A bicycle along the bypass is high risk in either direction I'd use Uber.
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