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  1. Sophisticated when they can not organised payment of their bill to the local landfill.
  2. Always check you still have a spare wheel when you leave a car at a shop for any length of time.
  3. Ask 2 different immigration officers and you are likely to get 2 different answers, so do not wait until the last day by your calculation.
  4. Another place that does not display a menu by the door. The most basic and cheapest form of advertising
  5. He wanted me to run for 90 minutes a day, would not comment on the state of my knees. AVOID
  6. ibbocat


    But look at the weight of the fries far too much for one person
  7. We existed with a golf cart for several months and still use it extensively round the village. If Uber had been around then we may never have bought a car.
  8. Had one delivered Saturday, not bad but a little light on both sauce and cheese. Not as good as either Perrys or M&J. A comment from a Mexican friend was that with that menu they were not looking for Mexican customers.
  9. motion detector connected to water pump and spray.
  10. My experience has not been that good Seafood tempura, the seafood was ok but the batter was disgusting heavy oil soaked with 3 dipping sauces, only the peanut was recognizable. My wife's beef stew was equally tasteless and unseasoned. I do agree with the comments about menus all should be display outside the restaurant and on line if possible. I never pass through the door without seeing a menu first.
  11. Try Mark at the LCS cafe he worked as audio eng before coming to Ajijic
  12. Any comments on AT&T service and coverage in the local area compared to telcel
  13. Frequent may be more accurate or consistently unreliable
  14. prime real estate location or am I being cynical?
  15. You can get a placa and then they are legal (ish). But it takes some effort!!
  16. and vastly increase your internet access and possible house value!!
  17. one white female, one non white male?
  18. ibbocat


    I understand the couple that operate Cocinart is the same family that own the building so maybe the rent is not so high.
  19. We had a similar Irish couple stay next door to us to with a new baby, they departed suddenly a day before the federal police came looking for them. Next week there was an report in the local press about babies for sale.
  20. Having had some very variable meals in his old place it will be some time before I try this one.
  21. That is the easy bit you look at the recommendations from your prefered authority WHO, CDC Green Peace, GOP and compare.
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