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  1. It might be an idea to get the basic functions working before trying an enhancements.
  2. The evidence on the doorsteps implies he does not.
  3. Hector does great food but not small plates/tapas more usual is suckling pig and beans
  4. But we do not need aircon or heating here, you win some you lose some.
  5. The design spec for an air force base are a very long way from the requirement of an international airport. If this is an example for decision making for the next 6 years it will not be a change for the better.
  6. The advert says 12 (i think) that is not Jasmines. 12 is just an open doorway no sign.
  7. a good surgeon will give you the pros and cons of the options they propose if not....................
  8. Is there a list of all these codes??
  9. There was a comment here a few days ago that Mum's had had some new staff. Well if they have they have not been trained yet. From the breakfast menu had to order 3 item before they found one they had the ingredients for and then 3 attempts to get the bill correct extra items wrong addition and when the total is questioned to say the response was surly was flattering them.
  10. dental express for lower cost and good quality Haro top quality and price not long but explain what you need most will try to fit you in
  11. Disagree, only if you are in the area. Parking is a problem and the roadworks for the new train line is another La Casita (Hope that is correct) is Superlake on steroids is worth the visit and in a similar area, far end of Lopes Mateos
  12. the router choice is yours. I think.
  13. Much the same as this site. NOB I always use it to find Indian restaurants not had a disaster yet.
  14. Good, will return Modern Mexican would be my description of the food. Menu in English or Spanish but some of the words used in the descriptions are in neither dictionary!! I suspect not likely to be that popular unfortunately.
  15. You assume property owners declare rental income. Very few properties are let unfurnished.
  16. IVA appears to be optional in many places some even request the extra 16% if you ask for a factura. How many renters are given a factura for the rent?
  17. Or its social welfare systems, functional police forces, potable water and so on.
  18. If you want customers to walk in display a menu on your door, it is cheap advertising. Xolo does not Purple Garlic Pizza only has specials on the door.
  19. I pass 2 out of the 3 frequently, few customers few reviews!!
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