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  1. But it does not answer the original question!!
  2. The Internet is getting better but if you need it for work get 2 providers.
  3. This site can’t be reached verificacionvehicular.jalisco.gob.mx’s server IP address could not be found.
  4. Can not agree about the Cinnamon rolls far too much like sweet cotton wool
  5. define modern art!! painted last week?
  6. Is it legal to avoid providing a factura?
  7. I followed the main rubbish collection lorry down Ocampo a few minutes ago. Everything when in sorted or not, no attempt at was made to look at what they stuck in the back.
  8. have a look at TransferWise
  9. short lines at most stations from the airport (15 minutes)
  10. The major problem (or difference) I see is that Canadians pay their taxes a lot of Mexicans do not. How many of you get an IVA receipt after a visit to a doctor or for your rent.
  11. Used TransferWise yesterday and the money is in my account today. Good exchange rate and a variety of ways to pay from direct bank to bank to PayPal. Bancomer will lose in two ways no exchange fees and will keep a much lower balance in their account
  12. Have the flash cards and other reference material. We are on Ocampo call if you are interested Iain 766 0847
  13. Had the same problem with a UK check max £1000 but no limit to the number of checks. Exchange rate was much worse than usual so will try "Transfer Wise" much faster and better rates
  14. Ah an agreement.......................
  15. As instructed placed recycling in a metal container. Plastic and container all removed so in future it will be a plastic bag or nothing!!
  16. What about the horse droppings not that many but greater quantity!
  17. Without any great effort I can think of restaurants with Peacocks, others with varied fowl, a donkey, cats and several where the owners dogs run wild. Mexico might have laws covering such crimes but what most of us have learnt most crime are neither reported or prosecuted so we have a choice either use the (few) establishments which uphold the law or not. Shouting here will not change the situation.
  18. Country 2000 is used by Met Life. My wife a former nurse was very happy with the medical and nursing care she received there.
  19. Taxis are expensive by GDL standards but lots of tours offered by private hire companies.
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