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  1. It's a windows config change no new hardware required
  2. If you have both telmex and telecable you can configure pc's to use both one via wireless and the other cable.
  3. We brought 2 cats and 2 dogs from England in cargo with an overnight stop in Mexico City no problems at all and no contact with them. The dogs had been walked/exercised and none of them were stressed when we got to Ajijic. Just make sure all the paperwork is in order.
  4. Immigration first, they do not seem to care if/when you are flying
  5. Not mine BUT thank you for being so honest and helpful.
  6. Bomberos came out to our friends for free
  7. Went yesterday, going again today IMHO the best and freshest food in town
  8. Thanks to all, tried Home Depot in Guard but no stock, may try the DIY route
  9. Call Bombers, fire dept. they will come and collect them, very nice guys too
  10. Best new restaurant in the village IMHO, in for ever! FRESH, healthy, tasty food, American, English, remember British baked beans? and Mexican. Best value for money too.
  11. Any body know if/ where these might be available?
  12. The feral cats earn their keep keeping the local rodents under control even though they are likely to have a few fleas.
  13. I'm looking to buy either a good used or new steam cleaner, any ideas would be appreciated
  14. Are you looking in the comedy listings?
  15. I agree with most of the previous, this year no filling of potholes, no obvious attempt to repair at all, IMHO they are trying to drain us ex-pats, after 7 years this is almost holding us to ransom! Ocampo has had zero repairs this year!
  16. Never heard of it before but REALLY interested to know more.
  17. No problems with the preview or the "final" version
  18. ibbocat

    Oat Bran & Flax

    Shop next to Gossips opposite the Clinic Carr, Ote 36a ask for Adriana if you can not see what you need
  19. It is cheap but good? Average at best a refuel stop only!!
  20. Will a coffee shop be part of the plans??
  21. do some research before signing up and or get a second opinion
  22. When the receptionist has a far more expensive computer than do I know I'm going to suffer some form of pain even if its not in the jaw.
  23. Dental Express Done some for both of us, both very happy and no pain jaw or wallet.
  24. Genetics is advancing rapidly I think there are over 20 genes related to breast cancer now you might want the results reviewed.
  25. If you have a family history then genetic testing for the breast cancer genes will help you make good decisions.
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