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  1. Telecable service poor, performance ok If you need near to 99.9% then get both
  2. There are several in this area all price ranges.
  3. Basic licence mech and/or av and then type specific e.g 737-300 rating issued by FAA or CAA usually valid world wide.
  4. Seems expensive compared with what you can get locally!!
  5. if you carry a phone you have no privacy, it's your choice. Over 10 years ago I installed a system to record the meta data (in NSA speak) of every conversation on a major oil company network. It could even decode voip if required. A secret is only secret if only you know it!!
  6. hi anyone got a suggestion where I might buy a new Sky +HD remote control, as can't get SKY Mexico to answer phone?
  7. considering how been people seem to love it there never seems to be many customers!!
  8. St Remy is mainly outside so not warm this time of the year
  9. ibbocat


    display a full menu outside might be a good starting point.
  10. Mark and Ale from the new LCS restaurant are great too
  11. Having done this MANY times, your immigration form is indeed completed in Mexico city BUT if you are flying Guadalajara to Mexico then Aeromexico to Europe you probably fly out of the same terminal in Mexico city you fly into. The international terminal for Aeromexico is the same as the national one and there is an immigration station at the far end of the terminal into which you enter from Guadalajara.
  12. Dental Express no pain in either mouth or wallet
  13. After 2 months of visits to the telmex office and calls to Mexico city they have finally moved my connection to a box which is not overloaded and we have gone from a very flaky 3 meg to a reasonable solid 6 meg so pressure can work but its not quick and you have to keep at it. It helps if know enough of the tech jargon to get passed the BS and keep them honest.
  14. Latency is related to distance so satellites would have to be very low and there would have to be a lot of them and you have to connect to earth at some point. 5 years may be optimistic!!
  15. Agree, the only servers in the loop should be DNS and DHCP neither should be a problem once you have a connection. I think their problem are the adsl concentrators which are overloaded.
  16. The trucks carrying cylinders also carry the small ones
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