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  1. https://www.amazon.com/Logitech-980-000382-Z313-Speaker-System/dp/B002HWRZ2K Upgraded my system so no longer required, make me an offer. call 376 766 0847 or 331 793 2625
  2. I followed the main rubbish collection lorry down Ocampo a few minutes ago. Everything when in sorted or not, no attempt at was made to look at what they stuck in the back.
  3. ibbocat

    Jacuzzi/spa 6 seats

  4. Going home so grab a bargain Beautiful polished tree root base, 51 inch diameter glass top. Call Iain 376 766 0847 or 331 793 0847 My wife never told me the cost so come have a look and make an offer. Difficult to show its beauty in a photograph.
  5. ibbocat

    Jacuzzi/spa 6 seats

    Returning home so this must go. Purchased from Costco 2 years ago for $100kmx For a bargain call Iain 376 766 0847 or 331 793 2625 Runs off normal power outlet or can be wired for 2 phase supply
  6. ibbocat

    Transfer to US Bank

    have a look at TransferWise
  7. ibbocat

    Gas Availability

    short lines at most stations from the airport (15 minutes)
  8. The major problem (or difference) I see is that Canadians pay their taxes a lot of Mexicans do not. How many of you get an IVA receipt after a visit to a doctor or for your rent.
  9. ibbocat

    Huge changes at Bancomer

    Used TransferWise yesterday and the money is in my account today. Good exchange rate and a variety of ways to pay from direct bank to bank to PayPal. Bancomer will lose in two ways no exchange fees and will keep a much lower balance in their account
  10. ibbocat

    Warren Hardy

    Have the flash cards and other reference material. We are on Ocampo call if you are interested Iain 766 0847
  11. ibbocat

    Huge changes at Bancomer

    Had the same problem with a UK check max £1000 but no limit to the number of checks. Exchange rate was much worse than usual so will try "Transfer Wise" much faster and better rates
  12. ibbocat

    ILOX install

    Ah an agreement.......................