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  1. Update: Well today I received two emails and a phone call from Nidia in PV. She told me that she spent 4 hours this morning at CFE getting my contract sorted and the bi-directional meter installation scheduled. She also mentioned that the owner of Opiere (Johnathan Hernandez) apparently read my post here and contacted her. She said that she gave the owner my number as he wished to speak with me about this. I am not sure what else he told her, but she seems to be working on my account now. I believe it bodes well, and I really appreciate the fact that the owner read about my situation and took immediate action to step in and help me. I’m looking forward to hearing from him. I hope that he will tell me that my system’s warranty will be honored and I will be considered their client from now, going forward. Thanks for the input. I will keep you all posted on my progress. Scott
  2. We had a solar system installed by e-sun in Puerto Vallarta this last summer. It was completed and paid for except the final connections to the power system as they were waiting for CFE to install the new meter. At this time e-sun went dark and I could not reach anyone to check on our status. I recently found that Opiere was the new business and contacted Lydia (the name she gave me) in the PV office. She had our file and said that the former owner was on the lam, having drained the finances of the company and left the employees unpaid. She said the employees started a new company and were trying to help the customers of e-sun (not out of any obligation, but because they were just being nice). We flew down to PV in December to try to sort everything out. We met with this woman to sign a new contract with CFE so the new meter could be installed. She acknowledged that everything was paid in full and said she would set up the CFE meter install and final hook up/testing. Now she has dropped off the earth and will not answer texts, calls or email. CFE won’t tell me if the contract is in or if/when the hookup is planned, over the phone. I need to come into the PV CFE office to get that info. Since we are in Seattle, my contractor is going to try to do this tomorrow for us. Lydia certainly implied that they were not obligated to take care of us now, or in the future with potential warranty issues. Her attitude was that she had been ripped off by the former owner, and anything she did for us was only out of the kindness of her heart. I am thinking that we might have to eventually speak with a lawyer to see if Opiere is, in fact, obligated to finish the job and honor the warranty. I’d like to speak with the new owner first though to see what he says. I’d rather keep it from turning into a fight. Does anyone know the owners name and contact info? Or a good intermediate to contact? The 800 number is not dialable from our home in the states (or I just don’t know how to dial it correctly). any other suggestions are welcome too. Thank you
  3. is counting the days till I come back to our place in Mexico.

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