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  1. Update: Well today I received two emails and a phone call from Nidia in PV. She told me that she spent 4 hours this morning at CFE getting my contract sorted and the bi-directional meter installation scheduled. She also mentioned that the owner of Opiere (Johnathan Hernandez) apparently read my post here and contacted her. She said that she gave the owner my number as he wished to speak with me about this. I am not sure what else he told her, but she seems to be working on my account now. I believe it bodes well, and I really appreciate the fact that the owner read about my situation an
  2. We had a solar system installed by e-sun in Puerto Vallarta this last summer. It was completed and paid for except the final connections to the power system as they were waiting for CFE to install the new meter. At this time e-sun went dark and I could not reach anyone to check on our status. I recently found that Opiere was the new business and contacted Lydia (the name she gave me) in the PV office. She had our file and said that the former owner was on the lam, having drained the finances of the company and left the employees unpaid. She said the employees started a new company and were tr
  3. is counting the days till I come back to our place in Mexico.

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