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  1. Not quite true. The vaccines average a round 40% not getting Covid at all, nearly 60% having a milder case and a small percentage needing hospitalization.
  2. After reading this, I am soooo glad we don't use TV and can get by just fine with TelMex and TelCel as a back up. Don't need to send in the clowns....
  3. There was a Website that listed many of the local restaurants with information about delivery when the pandemic first started, but I can't find it any more and it wasn't being kept up-to-date. I find Traite pretty limited but better than nothing.
  4. Sol y Luna manager claimed that he could import medications, but I never had reason to use the service. You might talk to the manager and see what their current status is.
  5. Interesting article in Haaretz on current state of affairs in Israel: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/.premium-israel-s-covid-dashboard-crashes-we-ve-entered-a-new-phase-1.10554114 Two take-aways:
  6. I have a young friend who has been trying to get his 2nd shot. Any current linsk I could send him would be appreciated. The government site only shows Guadalajara area with outlying areas "coming soon".
  7. You are right, If memory serves, Cruz Roja Volunteers had the Polar Bear Plunge in Lake Chapala until the bottom of the lake was so nasty that walking was difficult and one participant fell and was slightly injured.
  8. I buy locally grown honey from various vendors at the Tuesday Market. Much healthier and good for the immune system.
  9. No need to light up. Cannabutter makes lovely brownies...
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