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  1. If you see one of our dogs you'd like to meet, contact us and we'll try to bring them to Adoption Day. CONTACT US
  2. Just got this excellent article on the future of Windows from one of my favorite gurus (for personal computing as well as genealogy): Say goodbye to Windows as you know it
  3. Keep in mind that Android has more users than Windows or IOS. As of Sept 2019, the breakdown was: Android 40.44%, Windows 35.32% and IOS 14.29%. If you are mostly using your computer for email, Web browsing and not much else, you might be better off with an Android tablet or Chrome book.
  4. That's good to know. This was maybe 6 or 7 years ago. I am always concerned about my Spanish when it concerns medical issues. If I misunderstand, I may give a very wrong answer. It is good to hear that Dr Eric is now more comfortable with his English because he seemed like a good vet.
  5. I didn't find any sites that weren't "official" sites or a couple of paid-ad type sites. I think I'd take a deep breath and wait a few months to see how well the phone actually works for real people. Remember all the hype around the Samsung Galaxy model that turned out to have all sorts of problems? Take your misbehaving phone over to the Computer shop in the Riberas strip mall. He is really good with smart phones.
  6. In addition to Dr Garcia Garcia, Dr Varela, who specializes in stroke treatment, practices out of San Antonio as well as Ajijic Hospital.
  7. When we went to him several years ago, Dr Eric was not comfortable speaking English. I don't know if that has changed. I would recommend DanVet 376 765 7060 in Soriana Plaza.
  8. You also must have both US and Mexican auto insurance. Neither is valid in the other country.
  9. Since incorrect assumptions could adversely affect both you and your employer, maybe best not to rely on advise from some old geezers on a Web Board.
  10. Please don't ruin our hiking trails. Before I moved here, I lived in the Colorado High Country and I've seen first hand the damage ATVs can do to back roads and trails.
  11. Reginald Hector Doresa passed away on the morning of September 25th 2019 at his home in Chapala. He came to Lake Chapala in 2005, by himself, at age 87 and lived a great life, here in Paradise. Born on October 7th 1917, he was twelve days shy of his 102nd Birthday. After a fall and a fractured hip on July 20th, he had 24 hour nursing, at home with a group of caregivers, nurses and his doctor. They gave him loving care! Known as Reggie to his hundreds of friends and family, he fiercely guarded his independence, living with his cat, alone, but not lonely. With many friends aid, he enjoyed reading and following world affairs from his vantage point on the shore of Lake Chapala. In earlier years he was an inveterate traveler. He lived in eight countries. Reg was born in Buckinghamshire, England, son of Hector Spiro Doresa and his wife Beatrice Shepherd. As a toddler, he emigrated to Canada, was raised in Ottawa before moving to Toronto, to work, study and start a family consisting of wife Frances and two daughters, Diane and Mona. Subsequently, with second wife, Heather, Reg left for the Bahamas, then on to Tanzania and Kenya, Where he taught accounting and climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. As he said, "Not bad for a pudgy 61 year old!" From Africa, Reg and Heather moved to Malaga, Spain, to retire. Reg was itching to take a round the world tour. Heather was not up to the trip, and encouraged him to go it alone. He did... Sadly, Heather died in Spain. Reg returned to Toronto, where he started a second career on Stage, on Screen and on TV. Look up Reggie on imdb.com. Reg is survived by his two daughters and numerous grandchildren and a great grandchild. There is a Birthday Party and a Celebration of a Long Life, Well Lived, on October 7th 2019 at his home in Chapala: Flavio Romero de Velazco #385 (corner of Acapulco) 4 to 7 PM. Please drop in to share some good cheer and a story or two about the Life and Times Of Reggie Doresa!
  12. It's a hard call to make. I know Vivian and trust her judgement. Is this a dog at risk or a family pet who has wandered off? That's why we suggest posters, neighborhood children , social media... A large dog can travel a long distance if it chasing something or lost. If it is just out wandering the neighborhood, someone who knows the dog or its owners are likely to see a poster.
  13. Answering Sharonstjohn's question. Try calling LCS if you don't get an answer here. I expect they'd have current contact information.
  14. If you see one of our dogs you'd like to meet, contact us and we'll try to bring them to Adoption Day. CONTACT US
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