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  1. And it looks like a cat would be very unhappy if anything happened to her chair.
  2. I don't think I'd call it 'gossip'. Strong charges were made by the current and former owners of Benno's. They were refuted by Luis. Unfortunately it appears that the courts will determine the truth. I am just sorry this is happening to a fine reputable company that we used on and off since Benno opened across from LCS.
  3. THANK YOU. Yo answered my question - was the Laredo office forwarding mail. I asked because Sol y Luna doesn't seem to be - haven't had mail in 2 months.
  4. My dogs would be thrilled if I bought meat at Tony's. From my limited experience of buying meat there, if I bought it there on a regular basis, I expect they'd be eating more than the infrequent ribeye.
  5. Does anyone know if iShop's Laredo office is opening and forwarding mail and packages?
  6. From what I have been reading, many people in the US are having problems getting their checks as well. The program appears to be FUBAR. I suggest calling all your congress people. Let them know what is happening because they have no idea of what is going on in the real world. Sometimes one of their aides will actually help get things fixed. That is what they get paid for after all. I have had good luck with Sen Michael Bennett's office on several matters. Try both Senators and your Congress person and don't give up.
  7. Clearly there needs to be a balance of allowing people to go about their business, and strongly encouraging them to use some common sense and follow simple guidelines. Wearing masks and social distancing do work - despite what some "news" outlets tell you - and they are not difficult. Our little local tienda requires masks and limits to 5 customers at a time and she seems to be doing a good amount to business. With rights, come responsibilities.
  8. Just a thought - AT&T doesn't work in many parts of Riberas and other areas around Lakeside. Might not be your best choice here.
  9. Probably because I made a snarky comment about a certain malaria drug. I was wanting to share the CBD oil info so others could watch its progress as I plan to. There are interesting studies being done all over the world, and I expect a few will turn out to be valuable. I hope this is one of them.
  10. A study done in Canada has shown that potentially CBD oil could be used in lessening the risks of contracting COVID-19 or in milder cases if one is infected. The study found that certain cannabis extracts could potentially lower the number of cells that the virus could attach itself too, but it only dealt with CBD extracts used in medical applications - not any sort of recreational marijuana use. Much safer than taking a malaria drug with potentially dangerous side effects IMHO. https://www.wthr.com/article/verify-canadian-study-found-some-cbd-strains-could-lower-chances-covid-more-research-needed
  11. I had a cat who was afraid of mice. One ran across the kitchen floor and she climbed on top of the fridge. She said that purebred show girls didn't do that sort of thing. Over the years, my other cats didn't eat the mice, they generally just played with them to death.
  12. If you are careful where you put the mousetrap, it won't catch the cat. Years ago I had 2 cats who believed in the catch and release policy. I tried a live trap, they opened it and let the mousie out. I finally bought a Rat Zapper which has gone missing after one of our many moves. Effective but expensive. Now I use a Mini-schnauzer.
  13. Just a hint. Fast growing trees often have roots that seek out water pipes. In Colorado, Lombardi Poplars were all the rage for several years because they grew so fast. Too late many people realized the trees loved to 'eat' water pipes.
  14. Check with the airline you are planning to use to fly NOB. IF you are flying with the dog, it may be possible, depending on where you are flying. There are temperature restrictions for both the departing and arriving airports since the dog will be sitting on the tarmac in a crate. Each airline has slightly different rules.
  15. From what I have been reading, Mexico & the US are not only under-testing, but the test results are questionable. The one hour Abbot Lab test is reported to be getting upwards of 20% false negatives. Abbot says it is user error, but the incorrect results are the same.
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