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  1. Here's a photo of this handsome boy - a silver mackerel tabby and white
  2. From Operacion Amor: The next clinic will be February 8-9 in San Nicolas. For more information, see their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/chapala.operacionamor/
  3. The picture didn't show up. If only I weren't allergic to cats....
  4. As a family historian, I am saddened to see the lack of obituaries. I have learned so many interesting and surprising things about my ancestors from their obituaries. In the States, family members aren't publishing obituaries because the newspapers are charging so much for them. I hadn't thought about a woman alone but I remember concern about publishing the funeral information because thieves knew the house would be empty. A sad state of affairs.
  5. They will make house calls and some English is spoken. LOCKSMITH ARAGON Morelos # 172 - Chapala, Telephone: 766 3552
  6. Our rental has a gas stove with an oven that has a cute little shelf that pulls out when you open the door. It covers the little hole where you light the stove. Who designs these things? I have never gotten the oven to light so I use my little toaster/convection oven. I don't do baking anymore so it works like a charm. The only casualty is husband's favorite banana bread because the recipe makes 2 big loaves and the pans won't fit in the toaster oven. So it goes.
  7. Rather than 'delete', mark each as SPAM. Occasionally check the Junk folder and mark any mistakes as 'Not SPAM'. You teach the program what is and is not spam that way.
  8. Husband had 3 CT-scans done over the course of several months. His doctor was satisfied with all three. Price was very reasonable. The technician said he expected to have the MRI up and running in December so possibly.
  9. We rented there for a few years. Just a word of warning - read the bylaws. They are unusual to say the least.
  10. Try Rufinno. Last I knew, he lived in Riberas. Contact numbers: 332 824 2963 744 254 4885 He was trying to operate as an Uber cab but his phone is AT&T so his coverage is spotty at best. Nice guy, speaks English, recommended by a friend.
  11. This can happen anywhere. I pay attention to which checkers are more likely to short change and get in other lines. I have also had them give me too much and be very pleased when I gave them money back.
  12. “Oh the gift that God could give us, to see ourselves as others see us.” ― Robert Burns
  13. Ernesto Barron and company are excellent. He bids on the job and you pay a set amount each week. They do all the work that needs to be done that day. Sometimes they work for 2 hours, occasionally for up to 4 hours - two people - getting everything done. They aren't cheap but IMHO well worth the money.
  14. Just a word of warning. A friend went to one of the popular local "makeup artists" and came away with mismatched eyebrows and racoon eyes. It was pretty grim.
  15. We saw Paradise Lost this afternoon, and it was just phenomenal. Funny, brash and thought provoking - one of the best performances I've seen at Lakeside. It would be worth getting on the waiting list for a chance to see this play!
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