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  1. People here keep saying children don't get or transmit Covid. Please Google 'Georgia YMCA camp 2020' https://www.pbs.org/newshour/health/260-campers-test-positive-for-covid-19-after-4-days-at-a-georgia-ymca-camp
  2. You likely will find that options change once some degree of organization is brought to vaccine allocation and distribution shortly after 20 Jan.
  3. Sounds like our best bet is that local private clinics will buy the vaccine - hopefully AstraZenaca which is cheap - and distribute it to old people.
  4. I bought some several years ago at Jardin de Elizabeth next to SuperLake. I expect she still carries it.
  5. MrGoogle is your friend. I found this: Attention Social Security beneficiaries --- On October 2nd, a notice was sent out to some social security beneficiaries to complete the Form SSA-7161 or SSA-7162. The form is sent with a return envelope to the Social Security Administration (SSA) facility in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. The purpose of the form is to ensure the SSA has the correct address and phone number on file and that circumstances that may affect payment have been reported. The forms are mailed in May each year. A follow up notice is sent in October if the completed questionnaire
  6. This picture says it all. Phoenix is a classic Meximutt and all things good. He is gentle in nature; a happy guy who gets along with other dogs and loves to be around his human friends. Volunteers love walking him and everyone wants to be around this guy. Around 3 to 4-years old, this 45-pound boy would love to hang with his people. He is very adaptable and would do active things or just hang when you want to hang. CONTACT US
  7. Some good news from AstraZenaca. They have been approved for emergency use in the UK. The Carlos Slim Foundation has contracted with AZ to provide vaccine and have the vaccine packaged in Mexico and distributed in Latin America. The AZ vaccine only requires normal refrigeration, making it much more practical for many countries.
  8. A child falls off a moto or a truck and is injured, and yes it is a tragedy. A child contracts Covid and brings it home to expose family members, friends and neighbors and it has the potential to be much worse. You don't see a difference?????
  9. What I have read about allergies and Covid vaccine would seem to indicate that most of the reactions have been to people who had serious allergies and/or allergies to other vaccines as well. It was suggested if you have any allergies, after you get the shot, plan to stay fairly close to the clinic for a few hours to see if you have any unusual reactions. That way you can return quickly if there is a problem.
  10. This was an Australian version of the vaccine. There are dozens of different vaccines all over the world in clinical trials. Some, like the Australian version, have been discarded. Others may prove to be valuable in the future. I see this as a crap shoot. Do we want to risk the awful short and long-term side effects that too often come with Covid infection, or risk the vaccine? We each make our own decisions.
  11. I am with Jackie. Those Mexican children were clearly put at risk. While they might not get sick, they can certainly catch Covid and spread it to their family and neighbors. Some of us are concerned about our community, not just ourselves. And I will admit I have been told I am a 'bossy bitch'.
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