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  1. Or if you want to get all historical, it is the colonial New England concept of community providing basic services and caring for its own vs. the Southern plantation view of "I got mine, too bad about you".
  2. Couple of hints. First set up a US Amazon account with a credit or debit card. Then you can use Amazon US OR Amazon Mexico just by logging in. Enter your Mexican shipping address when setting up the account. If you use Amazon US, click the International Shipping option in the left hand menu. Watch the data in the right hand column to be sure it says 'ships to Ajijic'. If it does not, choose a different vendor or item. Shipping is fast, usually about a week, and super fast from Amazon Mexico. I have ordered a variety of items and only had a problem once with an over the counter medicine, and that was many years ago. I think Amazon has pretty well figured out what they can and cannot get thru customs. If an item won't ship to Mexico and I can't find an alternative, I use Sol y Luna (where I have an account). Paul can get nearly anything through and if he can't, he will tell you ahead of time.
  3. Just a heads up. If possible, try before you buy. AT&T doesn't have coverage in several areas including Riberas.
  4. I have one brief question. If people with property don't pay taxes on it - particularly high value properties - where does the money come from to pay for roads, and bridges, and sewers, and police and fire protection... ? It seems the money fairies aren't doing a very good job of providing adequate funds to pay for all these services so I guess it will need to come down to paying property taxes.
  5. I don't know if Gloria's is still open but you turn south on the road at the east side of the big spa complex and drive a long block to where the road T's. And yes the food was wonderful, we just don't live in Joco anymore.
  6. Angelina Jolie is our star puppy of the week! At 4 months, she's a cuddly bundle of pitbull-mix pup, full of curiosity and playfulness! She was dumped near the Ajijic tianguis with 2 other siblings, now all are safe and happy at the Ranch. Angelina Jolie would just love to be safe and happy with YOU in a forever home! CONTACT US
  7. Yes the hours are still 10 AM to 12:30 PM. Addresses are not very helpful, but it is in La Huerta Eventos, Carretera #522. It is west of Ajijic on the Lake side of the Carretera just past the Municipal Cemetery. Regarding the comments above, it totally depends on how fresh you like your produce. If you are satisfied with week old veggies sprayed to make them look fresh or wilted greens, don't bother. If you are willing to put up with a bit of inconvenience to get vegetables picked the day before or even that morning, eggs from cage-free chickens, meat from organic non-factory farms, fresh cheese... this is the place for you. Here is the Facebook page with a map: https://www.facebook.com/LakeChapalaFarmersMarket/
  8. Understand that her Spanish needs to be very fluent. Years a go in a hospital NOB, a woman was hired as a translator who claimed to speak and understand Spanish. She had exaggerated her skill level and misunderstood when a child's parents explained his symptoms. She couldn't understand what they told her, and rather that admit she wasn't fluent, ignored what they said. She missed an important condition, the child was sent home with the wrong meds and died.
  9. First, I'd recommend Dennis the Handyman, he did a great job on our roof. I don't remember all the steps but it took several days. Speaks English Cell 331 840 3797 We lived in the Colorado mountains with both heavy rain and hail - the metal roof was never as noisy as I had expected it to be.
  10. I want to second the recommendation for Dr Sam. Anyone who can listen to my dear husband ramble for 20 minutes, ask a few questions, figure out what is wrong and treat it, is a flippin' genius.
  11. For those of us who can no longer lift the garrafon, we have found a small wall pump to be a great solution. I can scoot the bottle across the floor to the pump, hook it up, and voila - press a button and water. We keep 4 total garrafons so we don't run out. https://www.amazon.com.mx/Dispensador-eléctrico-agua-para-garrafón/dp/B01LWLQKRP
  12. We use Kayta but we get the water when the delivery person is in our area. Our water guy (who mostly works Chapala Haciendas & Brisias) comes by at his convenience on his delivery schedule. We leave the empty bottles out where they can be seen and he usually comes by Wednesday in the morning. In seven years I've only had one time when he skipped a week and I was low on my 4th garafone.
  13. Always remember we are only hearing one side of the story. I remember a few years ago a gringa in a Coastal town wanted a particular dress in her size but in a different color. The shop owner took a deposit and ordered the dress. The manufacturer had sold out of that dress so her size and color were no longer available. The shop owner returned her deposit and after she had a major temper tantrum, offered her a discount on something else. She wanted that dress in her size and color!!!! She posted a particularly nasty inaccurate review on Facebook so the shop owner sued her for libel and won.
  14. I vote for the Luna Cacau vendor at the Tuesday Market (and they have a shop in SAT) and who can even mention chocolate without including Rony the Belgian chocolate guy?
  15. I received an email saying they had been unable to deliver a package and had a .docx attachment for more details. I had recently ordered a couple of items on Amazon so I didn't delete it right away. Seemed odd since I get packages delivered to Sol y Luna. I googled the name of the sending company and found nothing. Next I checked the domain name on ICANN (frm. WHOIS) https://whois.icann.org/en and sure enough, the URL didn't exist. Couple of things to remember: Never open an attachment unless you are expecting it and know the sender. If in doubt, run it through your anti-virus program first. Same thing for links - if it looks odd, check the URL before clicking. Be careful out there.
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