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  1. The Gates TED talk is well worth watching. A friend sent it to me a couple of days ago. Gates is careful not to directly criticize Trump while explaining, for example, how truly stupid it was for Trump to fire the US Pandemic Response Team in 2018. Any why having experts on pandemics from the scientific community might be a better idea than way too many hand-picked toadies as are on the current task force.
  2. The census taker came to the gate. We stood inside the gate, he stood several feet away outside the gate. We answered the questions. Not a problem. If you don't have a wire gate I can see where it might be more of an issue but I would think you could still answer the questions from a safe distance.
  3. Another expert I have seen several places, a Dr Alan ??, says the virus lives on surfaces but the most current findings are that it only seems to transmit through airborn droplets. The virus on surfaces, according to him, is only dangerous for a short time. Who to believe?
  4. Sometimes you need to look at the actual results carefully. Often you’ll hear that hydroxychloroquine and the antibiotic azithromycin work together well - but the study that claim comes from had only 26 people in it, just six of whom took the azithromycin. Out of the original 26, some had no symptoms to begin with, three dropped out of the study when they went to intensive care, one dropped out due to nausea, and one died. So for at least 4 of the 26 the drug or drugs clearly didn't work. I know I'm impressed...
  5. Generally if you call Farmacia Christina or Maskaras in the morning, they can order a medicine and get it the next day in the afternoon if they don't have it. Maskaras also delivers. I don't know about Christina.
  6. From experience you just have to shop around. There are a bizillion used-stuff shops between SuperLake and Chapala. They are springing up like mushrooms. Drive slowly and look on one side, double back and look on the other side. Some volunteers are better at pricing than others. Also furniture is often on consignment so the seller has unrealistic expectations.
  7. I keep getting a security error with the link. Google Lake Chapala Farmers Market
  8. This posed on their Facebook page: The Farmers Market IS open tomorrow. Please come and shop, and leave. NO socializing. Hand sanitizer will be inside the main entrances. Please come in the following order, if possible, according to the first letter of your last name: 10:00 A-E 10:30 F-J 11:00 K-O 11:30 P-T 12:00 U-Z Please consider texting or emailing your orders to the vendors ahead of time to help facilitate a faster exchange. Thank you.
  9. Maybe because the increase in racism and ignorance in the United States during the last few years has led to attacks against Chinese nationals, I guess because they are Chinese and the virus started in China??? The virus was named after its appearance. WunHan virus might have been more accurate but harder to remember and pronounce.
  10. A friend mentioned that a Facebook page has been set up to list restaurants that are delivering in the Lakeside area. If the link doesn't work, look up deliverylakeside on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/deliverylakeside/ Sometimes there needs to be a balance between sensible caution and paranoia IMHO.
  11. Oh Ferret - just rub it in. I decided the small 'fine' for an expired passport was much less than paying a taxi to go to Guad. I will jump thru the silly hoops again once the Consulate comes back to Lakeside.
  12. The closest places I know of are Deena at the Monday Market and the Grainery. They also sell it at Canadian Style Natural Foods but that is in west Ajijic.
  13. People this is a TREATMENT not a preventative. It MIGHT work after you have contracted the virus. It is currently being tested. It is plentiful worldwide IF it is given to those who actually have the virus. This drug, or one of the other possible treatments currently being tested, could be a real game changer in the spread of the virus and the world-wide consequences of the pandemic. If all the little center-of-the-universe people stock up on it, there may not be enough to treat the people who it might actually help. People could die. We don't have enough room for your little personal universes, you are just going to have to join ours.
  14. Plus it hasn't been proven to work and results will take weeks if not months. Please don't hoard it on the chance it might work and that you might need it..
  15. SuperLake 'hides' the Mexican Campbell soups - not with the NOB soups but around the corner on the next isle???
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