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  1. I was asked where this is located. It is near cross-streets Pedro Moreno, east of 5 Feb. It appears to be mostly residential.
  2. Sorry about that. The cost is 380 pesos. The poster has been revised:
  3. Sorry, this is the reply: " We have a policy of only Ranch dogs at our Adoption Day. An unvaccinated and intact dog is not a good idea" An intact male dog can wander for miles so the poor dog may be a long way from home. Possibly put posters in any stores and restaurants along the Caraterra near Rancho del Oro.
  4. Posting for a friend Lost: older grey and white Persian cat. The kitty has been missing for several days and hopefully is being cared for by someone who doesn't know it already has a loving home and needs medication. Lost near calle San Lucas and San Luis in Riberal del Pilar. Reward is being offered. The cat's name is Gizmo. Please call 765 2084
  5. Or, flying an animal in cargo is really not that bad. The hold is climate controlled and comfortable. Just be sure to check the temperatures (airlines won't fly animals in hot weather) at both ends of the flight and take a direct flight. Get a heavy-duty airline approved carrier, line the bottom with a couple of flat diapers, and get a clip on water container. Cut a small sponge to fit the water dish so the water doesn't splash all over the floor. NO food. Feed the dog several hours before the flight so it doesn't throw up on the flight. Back in the day when I was showing purebred cats, I flew cats all over - one to England, one to Germany - with no problems.
  6. I had a pair of inexpensive amber 'sun glasses' that I bought NOB over a dozen years ago. They worked very well but have been lost in subsequent moves. Probably available in MercadoLibre or Amazon Mexico.
  7. Did you check with CasaMiau? Contact: casamiau@outlook.com or call (045) 332 166 5863
  8. Our Juno is an Alaskan Malamute. He's a fun-spirited fellow, very affectionate and very large! Juno is about 3 years old. We think he was just turned loose to fend for himself. As a Northern Breed working dog, he needs daily walks, and somebody perhaps was "just not up to it". No matter, you don't need a gym, if you adopt JUNO! CONTACT US
  9. To return this thread to the OP's question - and take it away from the little boys - call Sandra at Ganesha Spa. I have no idea if she knows how to do dreads (do you know what they might be called in Spanish?) but they have a single room for hair treatments and only one person at a time. Ganesha Spa 766-5653 https://www.chapala.com/ganeshaspa.html
  10. MtnMama

    Smoked salmon

    There are (were?) two smoked salmon vendors at the Tues. Market. Philipe and Lisette are next to the Scandinavian Bakery stall, and Slammin' Salmon (Fred?) is across from the tamale vendor.
  11. Woooo whooo!!! We adopted 2 dogs today at the LCS Adoption Day event. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by and to our wonderful Ranch volunteers.
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