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  1. Seems is not clear he was willing to declare when he said: "around 25 people from Mexico City Custom Department supervising the Laredo Custom Agents and 5 of them wanted to see my papers and the contents of my truck and trailer even when I had a green light. I told them what I had was on the declaration list and the proximate value, since some of the stuff were used and had no sticker or invoice. They were not happy with anything and told me that I was trying to avoid to pay the real price value. How come they wanted to see his papers and contents of his truck if he was willing to declare? How come he had a green light? He took the wrong path? What do I have to do when crossing the border? http://www.aduanas.sat.gob.mx/aduana_mexico/2008/pasajeros/139_10228.html Select carefully the lane to enter the country: * Nothing to Declare Lane It is used when your exemptions do not exceed the permitted limits * Self-declaration Lane It is used when you bring goods worth more than the personal or family exemptions, or when the amounts of goods exceed those amounts allowed in your personal luggage Upon crossing the border, your vehicle will activate the Automated Selection Mechanism (stop light). When crossing the border on foot you will be asked to activate the mechanism: o The red light indicates that your luggage will be inspected o The green light indicates that you can drive through the Customs facilities without inspection If you or your vehicle have been selected for inspection, a Customs Inspector will conduct the examination. If the Customs Inspector finds goods that should have been declared and you did not do it, the Inspector will classify and appraise the goods and will impose the corresponding sanctions. If you mistakenly choose the wrong lane, you may approach a Customs Inspector and ask for a classification and appraisal of your goods for the corresponding payment of duties and taxes. I am not trying to accuse him of anything, I am just interpreting his message.
  2. This post is creating some confusion. If somebody wants to know what really is allowed to bring into Mexico, is not about a value of merchandise in total. It is about what you are allowed to bring in as your personal belongings as passanger (which means traveling by plain or vehicle when coming in to Mexico: Link: http://www.aduanas.sat.gob.mx/aduana_mexico/2008/pasajeros/139_10210.html Which items may be included in my personal luggage exempt from duty? 1. Goods for personal use, such as clothing, footwear and personal toiletries and beauty products, as long as they are appropriate for the duration of the trip, including wedding party items. 2. Two photographic cameras or video recorders, 12 rolls of film or videocassettes; photographic material; two cellular telephones or radio phones; a portatil typewriter; an electronic calendar; a portable computer (laptop), notebook, omnibook or similar items; a copier or portable printer; a portable projector, and their accessories. 3. Two sports equipment, four rods, three speedboats with or without sails and their accessories, trophies or recognitions, provided that they can be transported normally and commonly by the passenger, one stair climber and bicycle 4. A portable radio for the recording or reproduction of sound or mixed tapes; or a digital sound reproducer or portable reproducer of compact discs and a portable reproducer of DVD’s, such as a pair of portable speakers, and their accessories. 5. Five laser disks, 10 DVD disks, 30 compact disks (CD) or magnetic tapes (audiocassettes), for the reproduction of sound and five storage devices or memory cards for any electronic equipments. 6. Books, magazines and printed documents. 7. Five toys, —included those that are collectible— and a video game console and videogames. 8. One device that permits measurement of arterial pressure and one for glucose, as well as medications of personal use; in the case of psychotropics the medical prescription should be shown. 9. One set of binoculars and a telescope. 10. Valises, trunks and suitcases necessary for the movement of goods. 11. Passengers over 18 years of age, may introduce a maximum of up to 20 packs of cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200 grams of tobacco and up to three liters of alcoholic beverages, and six liters of wine; in excess of the above, cannot be imported without complying with applicable regulations and restrictions. 12. Baby travel accesories, such as strollers and baby-walkers 13. Two musical instruments and its accessories. 14. A camping tent and camping equipment, as well as their accessories. 15. Handicapped or old travelers may introduce items for personal use, useful to have a better performance of their activities, such as walkers, wheelchairs, crutches and canes. 16. A set of tools including its case, it might have a hand drill, wire cutters, wrenches, dices, screwdrivers, current cables, among others. 17. Beddings, that will be able to include a set of matching sheets and pillowcases, a set of towels, a set of bath, a set of table linen and a set of kitchen. 18. Up to two dogs or cats, maybe introduced as well as their accesories, provided that the corresponding zoosanitary import certificate issued by (SAGARPA) is presented to the customs officials. I hope this clears things up. About the other guy, when he talks about prices on Invoices (is irrelevant), they are based on a value manual for every item and then they apply the amortization (discount) for time, etc. When you declare, you are swearing to tell the truth, if caught.... they apply the higher tax, penalization and some times serving in jail. If you are bringing more of what you are allowed then do the: VOLUNTARY STATEMENT That is the way in which international passengers can carry up to Mexico's import of goods other than personal baggage in excess of the amount of the relief to which he is entitled, without the services of a customs broker, always and when the amount of their goods not to exceed $ 3,000 US or its equivalent in other currencies. This requires that the goods are not subject to tariff regulations and restrictions. So remember, if you have nothing to declare do not worry about it, if you do, then use THE VOLUNTARY STATEMENT to avoid penalties if caught. In the case of Leo, he was bringing more than personal belongins, more than was allowed, he pushed the button (which means not needing to declared) and got GREEN LIGHT, but the new scanner installed at the border showed up more weight than normal, he was pull over and inspected and caught lying. If he follows a VOLUNTARY STATEMENT he easily gets out of this because he had the intention to pay for duty or in its case returned the goods back to America. If caught you must pay or face a confiscation.
  3. This is an update on what is going on at the Border: http://www.aduanas.sat.gob.mx/aduana_mexico/2008/sala_prensa/158_14391.html and then follow the other link. http://www.aduanas.sat.gob.mx/aduana_mexico/2008/sala_prensa/158_14395.html Cómo funciona El Sistema de Supervisión y Control Vehicular (Siave) se compone de dispositivos que, en aproximadamente ocho segundos, toman el peso, dimensiones, placas, fotografía y tipo de vehículo, lo que permite al procesador central hacer cruces de información y determinar si es de riesgo y, en su caso, solicitar que sea revisado. siave Todos los vehículos deben cruzar, incluidas las motocicletas y bicicletas, por los carriles marcados para ello. Para que el sistema recabe los datos de forma correcta se debe transitar por el carril a una velocidad máxima de 10 km por hora. Independientemente del resultado del semáforo fiscal, la autoridad aduanera puede emitir una orden de verificación de mercancía para comprobar lo manifestado.
  4. That is correct and sometimes worse: "México eleva aranceles a 89 productos estadounidenses 09:15 PM México.- México publicó hoy una lista de 89 productos estadounidenses a los que elevará los aranceles, en represalia por la cancelación de un programa piloto de transporte que permitiría a camiones mexicanos trasladar bienes por Estados Unidos y advirtió que podría incluir más bienes. El gobierno impuso a partir del jueves un arancel de entre 10% y 45% a productos que van desde árboles de navidad, cebollas, chabacanos (damascos, albaricoques), uvas frescas, cerezas, papas, jugos de fruta, hasta gafas para sol, papel higiénico, cafeteras, lápices, cerraduras y dentífrico. http://www.eluniversal.com/2009/03/18/eco_ava_mexico-eleva-arancel_18A2259323.shtml If you notice, this news talks about 10% to 45% taxation on products from US as Christmas Trees, onions, toilet paper, pencils, locks, tooth paste, etc. These are just some examples. For more details check the approved taxation listing for this new 2010, it shows you there that importation tax for every single product when brought abroad and is not part of the package allowed to bring in to your personal belongings when crossing the border in to Mexico.
  5. The 15% tax is when you are buying. Taxation when importing varies according the kind of merchandise you are importing in to Mexico. If luxury items..... could ascend up to 42% per item. So, What type or merchandise was him importing? The new customs guys are by the rules, and if they said an amount (around 10,000.00) is because a receipt is going to be given for paying off that amount.
  6. Kathy: The temporal and definitive car importation is ruled by Hacienda (SAT) trough Customs. You could temporal import a vehicle even if not under your name (art 106, fraction IV, letter a, second paragraf of our Mexican Customs Law.)
  7. Esto es un tema complicado. De hecho ni nosotros mismos sabemos como van a hacerle con las casas que extrechan la carretera Jocotepec-Chapala. Si los propietarios logran demostrar ser dueño y que su estatus era asi antes de ser estatal de seguro se les respetara o se les debera indemnizar por una buena suma. La gente actualmente no es tan tonta y estan reclamando conforme a derecho. Por ejemplo en Guadalajara sucede lo contrario, el PRI dice que se le esta sobrepagando a los propietarios para la Villa Panamericana. Asi es la vida, si ocupamos hacer algo, pero siempre habra quien se moleste ya sea por bien o por mal. SALUDOS
  8. Opino lo mismo. Lo que hizo la administracion pasada fue un error el haber abierto la puerta a ese tipo de proyecto. Todo comenzo con el proyecto Rancho San Jorge. Ahora se agraba con las casas Geo. Lo mas sensato es ponerle un alto a toda esta mala planeacion. Esto nos va a llevar tiempo y mucho dinero para resolverlo.
  9. It is a tax that applies to the profit made by the taxpayer for carrying out their activity, ie the amount you have after deducting the income received, and expenditure incurred. Formula: Accumulated Income Minus Modified Income = Modified Income Minus Authorize deductions = Capital Gains Minus PTU in the service Minus Loses updated = Fiscal Result Minus Tax affected by the 30% Minus Provisional payments to SAT Minus Interests retained and payed in the period = CAPITAL GAINS TO PAY That is why you never get an answer right away from the Notario, It has to be calculated. When selling a house seller pays CAPITAL GAINS (State and Federal), buyer pays Transmision Patrimonial. Was this easy? To cancel an FM3 is needed to do it trough the Immigration Department or a Penalty could be waiting on your file when enter again.
  10. Bueno, como siempre, cuando se habla o se escribe la lengua madre el cerebro se esfuerza menos. Asi que tomo esta oportunidad para ayudar a mis vecinos del norte a que lean y contesten en español. Pues como lo dice el titulo, hay varios proyectos ya aprobados para el lago de Chapala, entre estos estan: 1 Ampliacion de la carretera que rodea el Lago a 4 carriles 2. Comienzo de la construccion de la autopista o macro libramiento que conectara la autopista que va a Mexico Distrito Fewderal. 4. Cuatro carriles que conectara a Jocotepec con la Carretera que lleva a Colima. 5. Desviacion para pasar Jocotepec mas rapido por el cerro adjunto. Espero sus comentarios y criticas.
  11. Bulletin No. 136/09. Mexico D.F., 10 August 2009. The NMI launches a Regularization Program It benefits to aliens and their families who entered the country before 1 of January 2007. The National Migration Institute (INM), Department of the Ministry of the Interior implemented the Regularization of Migration Program, which provides better facilities to foreigners and their families to expedite the legalization of their residence in the country, providing legal certainty and access to social programs. It also prevents their vulnerability by being subjected to abuse, corruption or human rights violation. The NMI offers to illegal aliens a commitment not to ensure those who approach the institution to perform regularization procedures. Program features are: * Valid until two and a half years after its publication * Applies to foreigners of any nationality who are irregularly in national territory, which have come to Mexico before 1of January 2007 to express their interest to reside in our country. * Will benefit those with a legal job, and those who are the spouses of Mexican or foreign person legally established in Mexico, have first-degree blood relationship, or have at least one year of living in union with Mexican or foreign person with legal residence. * They will be legitalized as an FM2´s. Since November, 2008 until July 2009, the program has helped stabilize a 220 thousand foreigners.
  12. Lo correcto seria decir "la que" de lo contrario seria un modismo regional. Es como en el caso de nuestro castellano de Jalisco comparado con el de Veracruz. Por ejemplo: Oiga usted chico Cuando quiso decir: Disculpe usted Senor o joven. Acerca de mis acentos, estoy usando un teclado en Igles. Es por eso que casi los excluyo en contra de mi voluntad. Pero gramaticalmente "la que", "lo que", "el que", "el quien", "los quien", etc. Gramaticalmente son los correctos.
  13. Se debe usar "la que" cuando hay mención de mas de una persona o cosa. Ejemplo: Si tienes mas de una manzana y te quieres referir a una en especifica debe ser así: Pasame la manzana "la que" esta a la izquierda. Ahora, en el caso de la cunada secretaria aplicaría en el siguiente ejemplo: Mi cunada "la que" vive en Guadalajara es mejor que "la que" vive en Chapala.
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