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    Photography, computer and electronic stuff, music, watching my football (soccer) team (chelsea),dining, socialising with friends

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  1. This happened to us once, trying to turn in our I94's (you used to be able to give them to the toll collector on the US side of the bridge, but no more)US border agents drew a gun on me and told me to get back to my car! so I did, and sent the i94's with proof we had returned to Mexico to an address in London, Kentucky. Obviously was OK because no problems on our next trip into the US.
  2. OiOi Chelski? Sportsmania is excellent, I am in the UK at the moment and have 17 download, but have friends who have 4 and have no problem. very reliable streams, rarely if ever buffer, and then only momentarily. The dev puts more servers on line as demand increases. Lots of choices of links so if you very occasionally get a bad one, there are plenty of others. There is a sportsmania Facebook page, so you can see lots more comments there. I wish I had subscribed sooner. The buffering is only going to get worse on the free add ons as more folk get into Kodi. The payment is by Stipe, never heard of it before, but I had no issues at all. I know some people had to call their banks to authorise it first.FYI I have an entertainment box T8v4 with the wookie retro build- Marvellous! Good luck to you smog monsters!
  3. Agree with dgn and barcelonaman been using Kodi with the wookie build on an android box for 4 years now, too (on my 3rd one) I would reiterate DO NOT PAY for content there are people out there waiting and willing to take advantage of you. If you are not comfortable with technology/computers this may not be for you, but if you are willing to learn (theres lots on you tube) its marvellous. I do pay a subscription to Sportsmania to guarantee good streams for my Chelsea games.Latest news on the Kodi forums is that Amazon will shortly block third party add ons such a wookie, Kodi so don't buy a firestick, firebox! PS generally speaking you do not need a VPN to access content via kodi/addons builds
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