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  1. I thought I read in the GDL Reporter that there was a place we could take recycling items to instead of just throwing everything in the garbage. I can't find the article. Is there such a place? I don't care where it is I would gladly take it, separated, there. If anyone knows would appreciate the address.
  2. Try Chapala Moving in San Antonio. They are at the 1st stop like after leaving Walmart on the left side. Winston is the owner.
  3. I appreciate that info. I will definitely check that out. Never thought of Christiania Park. Thanks
  4. Does anyone know of any futbol/soccer for youths in the Chapala, Ajijic area? There must be and I want to get a friends son involved.
  5. I've never heard of Immunical. Would it be possible to get your friends name and phone number? Maybe I can give him/her some business.

    The Wild Cherry Juice was recommended .


  6. Does anyone know of Wild Cherry Juice and where it could be purchased? Went to the Health Food Store next to TelMex office in Ajijic and one other store. Had know luck. Would appreciate any information in trying to track this down.
  7. Trying to help a friend find a good friend find a good Lawyer. I do not think the divorce will be a problem, the couple has been separated for over 1 year. They have a child 1 1/2 years old. From what I have read, the mother usually gets awarded custody for children under age 12, considering everything is in order. Does anyone have any recommendations as to who could be a good choice. It would be much appreciated. The mother does not have an abundance of money and as you can imagine this is very important. I would like to add, she has already spoken to Spencer McMullen and he is apparently too busy.
  8. I just had a root canal and crown done in April. Root canal was approximately $1800 pesos and the porceleine crown was also approx. $1800 pesos. Have had crowns and bridges done over last 9 years. Always been happy. Dra. Maria de Lourdes, 765-2800, Chapala.
  9. I'm looking for some help in finding a Lawyer. I'm trying to help someone who basically needs some good advise and maybe support in court. It should be a simple divorce, but who needs surprises. Does anyone have experience, advise, or suggestions? The person I'm trying to help does not have an abundance of money. Would appreciate any assistance.
  10. I have been told by TelMex that the new Hotel across from Chapala Haciendas 2 paid for the Fiber Optics installation in Chapala Haciendas and maybe Brisas. TelMex was at the Haciendas office today handing out new modems for the Fracc. Apparently it will be between 2-3 weeks for TelMex to update whatever they have to do internally and then the fiber optics will be in use and coordinate with the new modems. Who knows, we may have decent internet soon.
  11. I have no problems with Shaw and like it. My package in pretty consistent cost wise. How can you stream with TelMex? Would take all night to watch 1 show. I'll stick with Shaw thank you.
  12. Looking to buy a Shaw Direct receiver and the dish. Does anyone have one or know someone who has one to sell. Would appreciate any help. Thanks
  13. I do not go to Super Lake often. Hate the parking lot. When you exit the Super Lake parking lot onto Independencia, which is a One Way street heading north, some drivers get mind boggled. You are legally allowed to turn left from the left side of Independencia and the cars who are turning right do so from the right side of Independencia. Some drivers, way to many, turn left from the right side of Independencia. Way too many cars are crisscrossing each other. If everyone did it properly you could possibly get twice as many cars through that intersection. There should be arrows painted on the road indicating which way you turn from which lane. And for cars trying to turn off of the Carr. into that one way street. Don't let them. It's illegal.
  14. Good news for those who have Scotiabank ATM/ABM cards. I've been fighting with Scotiabank's Mexico City H.O. and the Zone Manager in Guadalajara since 2011, about putting a second ATM somewhere in Ajijic/Chapala. The only ATM here by Domino's is either out of money or out of service way to often. I didn't think I was asking too much. Well, I received an email dated October22nd, from the GDL Zone Manager and was informed that they have worked out an arrangement with OXXO to install ATMs in all their stores in Mexico. Now finally, there will be an option as to where to use the Scotiabank card.
  15. Joined IMSS in 2007 and really don't have any problems. I have a monthly appointment in Joco to get my prescriptions rewritten for the coming month. I have a cardiologist in GDL for Afib and if he changes my prescriptions, I just show the Dra in Joco and she makes any necessary changes. I do have my own GP doctor in Chapala and Dermatologist in Ajijic and usually go to them first. If there was a problem then I would go to Joco about it. So far so good.
  16. Looking for some voices of wisdom about making investments locally in pesos. Has your experiences been positive. Need some help in making a decision. I would appreciate any input. Thanks
  17. I believe that is the city dump. Guess people here aren't interested in recycling. That's too bad.
  18. I was told a couple of months ago that there is a place in Ixtlhuacan that you can take your recycling. I use to go to the place in Riberas and drop it off but they aren't doing it anymore. Does anyone know about this place in Ixtlhuacan? If so, would appreciate some kind of directions. Thanks.
  19. I understand that Mark Turford pretty much does what S&S auto does. Does anyone have and opinion. Would appreciate your opinion.
  20. Just checked my CFE and it's from Sept. 7 to Nov. 6. Two months.
  21. I've checked a few times at what I purchased at Paz with the Duty Free stores at GDL and PV. Paz had better pricing and I don't find it being a problem packing it in my suite case.
  22. I agree Hensley. Kids come every year dressed up in costumes and I enjoy it. It is Halloween.
  23. That highway is bad enough in the day time. Try diving at night. Can't see the pot holes, can't see the highway half the time. Coming back from GDL most nites, especially on Sundays 90% of the cars coming towards you have their high beams on. Now you can't see anything. At nite and when it's raining it's totally dangerous. After you pass the La Barca turn off there are no reflectors on either side of the road. You can barely see any road paint and there is nothing to block the high beams. That is a busy highway. The Chapala mayor should be going after the Governor on our behalf. I'm in the process of writing the Governor to challenge him to drive that highway at night. Especially on Sunday nite. If you're ever driving around the City Colima that highway has been beautifully done. Why can't we have that.???
  24. Strange to me, if you go to TelMex they have at least 5 customer service reps that speak English. Same owner of TelCel. We should speak Spanish, enough to get by but they are also in an Englsih speaking community and make no attempt to give us service. Will be interesting to see what AT&T do. But probably at least a year away. Most of what I do is call my free 3 amigos, text on Whatsapp or iPhone to iPhone via Wifi which is free. I don't trust TelCel. Somedays when I check the balance in the morning they have subtracted .30pesos off my balance. Why? Most people don't check and I think they do what they want.
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