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  1. I should have mentioned that I spoke to the girl at the register about the employees with no masks, there didn't appear to be any of the usual people there that run the place. She shrugged her shoulders and told me to have a nice day. At least she was polite. I could have bought my pet food at Walmart, but like to support the "shelter". If they are going to allow maskless employees to work there, and one with a nagging cough no less, they have lost my business.
  2. When businesses started to reopen, we were encouraged by the ones that were consistently diligent and made a point of patronizing those businesses. One of those was the Riberas Pet Store formally referred to as the animal shelter. Today I was disappointed to find employees with no masks, not even under their chin. The one stocking the cat food was sneezing. Several businesses have loosened up recently and it's disheartening to no longer feel confident with the ones we used to trust with following protocol. This is part of our new reality.
  3. Use the 800 number given above and when someone answers, say "Soporte técnico en inglés por favor".