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  1. In the US now. Got Pfizer Saturday at Walgreens. Easy. We used our US passports for ID, most places here won't accept our Mexican DL or Permanente. Couldn't have been simpler, no appointment.
  2. We bought one from Amazon a few years ago and it's a lifesaver. It sits in the sun to charge itself, then you can bring it in and plug it into your phone. Neither you or your phone need to be out in the sun. It also charges the normal way, plugged into a regular charger, and when fully charged you can charge three more phones at once. We take it up north when we go camping and often have no electric hookups for our RV. We've also used it down here when we've had lengthy power outages.
  3. Most people driving up with dogs will stay at Las Palmas in Matehaula. Very pet friendly and the covered carport is right in front of your door. Nice restaurant and a Walmart nearby in case you forgot something, which it doesn't sound like you will. We used to travel in an RV and it was so common for RVers to get robbed in Monclova that all the travel blogs posted dire warnings against driving through there, and NEVER to spend the night there, even at a motel. Matehaula is a nice drive from lakeside and from there we made it to Piedras Negra the next afternoon to cross, but nowadays we go to Laredo to cross.
  4. They have them at Puritan Poultry. I've bought them at Super Lake and Gourmet Garage, but just 2 days ago at Puritan.
  5. We stream from Amazon US with a VPN but you can stream without it, just a much smaller selection of what's available in "your area".
  6. I must've missed it, but what was the OPs question?
  7. Absolutely no problem with any size or breed of dogs at Las Palmas in Matehaula. Make sure you reserve ahead of time and tell them you have dogs, as they have certain rooms next to the big dog walking area that they put you in.
  8. I second the suggestion from happyjillin. I also had an electrical problem that three guys said they fixed, but fifteen minutes away from their shop the same problem would reappear. Go see Mo at Auto Fix.
  9. It's one of the controlled drugs, meaning you must have a prescription. The pharmacist is required to stamp the back of the prescription, have you sign it, and they keep it. So for refills you have to come in everytime with a new prescription.
  10. Been in your shoes and did a lot of research. Everyone telling you it's illegal is correct. Even small trips locally can be dangerous. If a bicycle zips in front of you and he's injured or worse, his family will own you, after jail time that is. Don't believe insurance companies that tell you they'll cover you, they won't. We parked our car for a year before finally paying for the import. There are people here who will legitimately do it for you by driving your car to the border and handling the paperwork. When Permanente became the hot thing a few years ago, this very subject was covered on this board ad nauseum. Make it legal or return it north and buy one down here. It's black and white, no gray area.
  11. My husband and I were afraid we'd suddenly developed an allergy to our pets. This is our 14th year here and the most allergy meds we've ever consumed.
  12. I should have mentioned that I spoke to the girl at the register about the employees with no masks, there didn't appear to be any of the usual people there that run the place. She shrugged her shoulders and told me to have a nice day. At least she was polite. I could have bought my pet food at Walmart, but like to support the "shelter". If they are going to allow maskless employees to work there, and one with a nagging cough no less, they have lost my business.
  13. When businesses started to reopen, we were encouraged by the ones that were consistently diligent and made a point of patronizing those businesses. One of those was the Riberas Pet Store formally referred to as the animal shelter. Today I was disappointed to find employees with no masks, not even under their chin. The one stocking the cat food was sneezing. Several businesses have loosened up recently and it's disheartening to no longer feel confident with the ones we used to trust with following protocol. This is part of our new reality.
  14. Use the 800 number given above and when someone answers, say "Soporte técnico en inglés por favor". It has always worked for me.
  15. I went there Saturday, spent too much money as usual. They have a lot of room for increasing their inventory and I hope they do. Very nice.
  16. Make sure you take originals and copies of all your documents, and they will also require two little passport type photos. Go to the photographer first.
  17. In addition to regularly cleaning the filters, I run vinegar through mine. I add a few cups of white vinegar to the water fill on the top and let it mix with whatever water's still in the reservoir. I put it outside (for the smell) to run for about an hour, high speed, with the cooling feature turned on so the water circulates. Afterwards I flush all the water out, refill it, and it's good to go. Even doing that I have to wipe out the crud by hand occasionally. I've been using vinegar for months and had no damage to the filters. We bought ours in April and use it every day.
  18. 376 108 1532. My husband has his first appointment today. Thanks for all the comments.
  19. Needing recommendations for a good physical therapist that will come to our home. Several friends have told me who they would Not recommend, but so far I don't have a clue about who to call. Recommendations appreciated.
  20. I have the same issue with CFE. What app or website are you trying?
  21. Sitting out on our terraza when we just got driven inside our house from tons of noxious smoke off the libramiento in San Antonio. Ashes falling on our terrace. Not the typical trash fire. Anybody know what might be burning, (and hopefully no injuries) ?
  22. Bought our outdoor furniture there 15 years ago. I hope we never have to replace it because it's perfect and still looks good.
  23. You can have mine, hardly ever used. Pm me if interested, I live in San Antonio Tlayacapan.
  24. Yes with generous pay and extra cash as an incentive to not look for other odd jobs in the meantime. Also convinced my friends & neighbors to do the same.
  25. Went by last Wednesday or Thursday at 1:30 and it was closed.
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