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  1. Bought our outdoor furniture there 15 years ago. I hope we never have to replace it because it's perfect and still looks good.
  2. You can have mine, hardly ever used. Pm me if interested, I live in San Antonio Tlayacapan.
  3. Yes with generous pay and extra cash as an incentive to not look for other odd jobs in the meantime. Also convinced my friends & neighbors to do the same.
  4. Went by last Wednesday or Thursday at 1:30 and it was closed.
  5. Does anybody know what time it opens? The one upstairs in Riberas, not the one in San Antonio.
  6. BTW already called my bank and they told me I had to take it up with Bancomer.
  7. Has anyone had any luck disputing a Bancomer ATM transaction? Yesterday I decided to use the Bancomer ATM at Wal-Mart. Should have known better. The machine took me through all the steps and then said transaction had completed successfully. No money. Printed a receipt & gave me my card back. Still no money. Today I'll try to dispute it at the Ajijic branch but not holding my breath. Normally my bank in the U.S. sees that a machine didn't dispense and reverses it but not this time. Any helpful feedback with dealing with Bancomer would be appreciated.
  8. moonhill


    We've eaten there a few times; most recently in November. If wife is flexible and not determined to go there, keep looking. Go to the lakeside foodies group on facebook and do some exploring. Felizidades.
  9. Really hoping to hop in the car and take a short drive to a local store that might have it.
  10. Has anybody seen pegboard and hooks for sale down here? I need a large piece.
  11. I've used the one in chapala for many years. Not only are they good quality, but many of their patterns are kept continuously in stock in case you need a replacement or decide to add a unique dish to your collection.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I had totally forgotten about sol y luna. That's what i was looking for. However this time i did use fedex next to Alex's and she was delightful. Much better price than ishop.
  13. Does anybody know if any other businesses do small package shipping other than ishop?
  14. I recently used the little shop on the carreterra in ajijic. Just a few doors east of the light at colon on the lakeside. Fixed the zipper in one day, charged 150 pesos. I just returned from a month of travel and it worked great. It was a softsided case.
  15. moonhill


    You can also find popcorn in the bulk re-packaged section in the back of super lake. I usually find it near the bird seed.
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