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  1. moonhill

    La Ceiba

    Ate lunch there the other day and we were incredibly disappointed. Apparently they were out of the good "juicy" burgers because ours we're the all-too-familiar dry, tasteless, mystery meat burgers we've grown to expect in most places. Also the typical plastic cheese on top. The salads were a pile of overchopped lettuce with brown around all the edges. Why waste time on a restaurant like that?
  2. We used our son's address in Texas and bought through AAA. 6 month policy.
  3. Not only is it closed but a huge black & red cloth is draped all the way across the front of the building & a side door. A man is guarding it from the outside.
  4. We are upgrading our car radio/stereo system and need a good installer. Does anyone know of someone with experience that knows what they're doing? We've asked around and had a lot of very hesitant people say yes they can when my instincts are telling me they never did it before. Kind of like asking for directions and getting an answer whether they know where you're going or not.
  5. Try Brenda at Copy Riberas. In Ajjic across from the big Prisa store and the Oxxo.
  6. After all the raves we couldn't wait to try it, went last night. They were out of so many things we could hardly keep count, so everything we ordered was our "second choice". The service was great, the setting is lovely, the food was barely mediocre in our view.
  7. Sorry to hear about dancing queen. As the OP for this thread I'm glad to see it coming back to life as I had a really bad experience with someone who responded to it after it was originally posted and now I can refresh my information. We usually pay 250 pesos a day for someone to live in our house, take care of the animals and water plants, to answer someones question.
  8. Very good internet service in La Manzanilla when I was there a month ago.
  9. Not impressed. Friends loved the ahi tuna but the tacos are bland and skimpy on the fish. The salad bar to dress them up was awkward as there is no place to set your plate down while you're holding up the covers on the condiments to spoon them out; it's a two handed operation. No cilantro which I love on fish tacos. Cole slaw with mayo instead of shredded cabbage. I asked for battered and fried but got plain and barely warm and somewhat "grilled" which means a frying pan. Cabo style it is not. We had to ask three times for limes.
  10. Also, Chapala Med has Dr Gerardo on their roster, but you have to go to him in Guad. You can try and call them to ask if he comes here occasionally. They have a huge ad in the El OJO.
  11. Unfortunately there are no ENT's Lakeside. I had an emergency situation and had to go to Guad where I was referred to Dr Gerardo at Puerto Hierro Sur, which is almost walking distance form Costco on the south side of Guad. He speaks perfect English, is a Harvard graduate, and easy to get to. his number is 33 3612 7372. He has an English speaking receptionist that comes on duty at 4 pm.
  12. We are needing a bilingual Doctor to do an evaluation and possibly treatment for PTSD. We have experience with one at Integrity Clinic but would not choose her for this. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
  13. moonhill


    The modelorama in San Antonio, huge building with Corona sign and logo on the front, you can't miss it. Attached to the huge building is a beer store that has not only the small coronas, but also the small size in Estrella and I think one other beer but can't remember.
  14. I have been a loyal patron of the "original" Tony's Restaurant In San Antonio for twelve years (I live here full time so that's a lot of weekly dinners out to Tony's). I left tonight upset and humiliated by the new management. We've all experienced the gradual changes going on since Tony retired and started a new venture east of Chapala, so most of us have experienced some growing pains. Never in my life have I experienced the treatment in a restaurant that my husband and I experienced tonight. As I am aware of libel laws, I will not go into detail, but never have I experienced firsthand what it's like to be chastised by an "owner/manager" with no obvious respect for the paying customers that keep him in business. You can all speculate that we must have done something really bad to deserve it; I assure you we did not. We simply expressed an opinion in a positive and constructive way and all hell broke loose. There are many quality restaurants in our area and I will be more than happy to give my business to any one of them before ever giving my business to an establishment that doesn't know the value of even one customer. I've been self-employed and I can tell you EVERY CUSTOMER COUNTS.
  15. Yes they have gift certificates, that's all it took to get me hooked on the place when a friend gave me one for my birthday.
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