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  1. I rented a house by the airport about 10 years ago. There was no meter. There was one in the past but it had been taken out and never replaced. I went to CFE and requested a meter so that they could start billing me. They came out and put a note on my door with a confirmation number and saying that they would return to install the new meter. Five years later when I moved, the words and numbers on the note had faded and it had fallen off of the door and still no meter.
  2. Be prepared to use cash. Most small stores and restaurants will only accept cash. Larger stores and fine dining restaurants will usually take Visa and MasterCard but it is very difficult to use American Express or Discover Card. Also forget about using traveler's checks. Your bank will charge you a foreign transaction fee every time you use your debit or credit card. Make sure you tell your bank that you are going to be traveling to Mexico and give them the dates of your stay. If you don't, they will lock your card "for your protection" and you might not be able to have it unlocked and you will have to return home to get a replacement card. Get your Mexican currency at an ATM