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  1. 5 hours ago, rafterbr said:

    I wonder how many real Chef's there are in the Lake Chapala area.  My guess is not many.  I have heard many cooks referred to as Chefs but I doubt this is the case.  In Mexico City there is a good Chef school which my daughter-in-law attended and later taught at.  In most countries you must either have training or have graduated from a Chef school to be considered a Chef.  This training is usually from 2 to 4 years.  Just like any other college graduate.  In a lot of countries you must have documentation proof before you can work as a Chef.  I remember several years back in Ajijic I meant a man who had a restaurant near the plaza.  He had gone to France to study engineering but could not get in the school so he went to Chef school instead.  Great French dishes but unfortunately French food is a little rich for me. It would be nice to know restaurants with real Chef's here at lakeside.

    That would be me, Oscar Pérez Nafarrate, from Jardin de Ninette.

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