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  1. That would be me, Oscar Pérez Nafarrate, from Jardin de Ninette.
  2. El Jardín de Ninette is open in our regular working hours: Tues-thursday: 5 to 9 pm Fri-saturday: 12 to 10 pm Sunday: 12 to 8 pm. Hope to see everyone son!
  3. Dear friends, El Jardín de Ninette, will be closed for vacations this week. We will be back with our regular working hours on Tuesday, 30th of May. Thank you for your support. Have a great week!. Oscar Perez.
  4. The talented musicians of the Blue Velvet Funky Band will be playing for the incredible voice of the deep soul, Griselda Piña, with a brand new repertoire of songs, at the Auditorium of La Ribera this November the 10th at 7:00 pm. Grisleda Piña is an award winning voice, with a huge recognition in the Jazz-Soul scene in Guadalajara, she was a contestant in La Voz Mexico, where she recieved a lot of complements from the best in Mexico for her uninque deep voice. This will be a one time concert, the best Jazz Funk event in the entire Ribera de Chapala, with brand new material. Tic
  5. Hello friends, El Jardín de Ninette wants to invite you and your friends to enjoy with an amazing dinner with live Jazz, the talented Roberto Cantu and his amazing Sax will be playing every tuesday night, 5:30 pm. Come and treat yourself with great músic, food and wine. El Jardín de Ninette. Carretera Oriente 52 b 3767664905
  6. Dear friens, at Jardín de Ninette we will be cooking most of your food with Mezquite in our new Grill, we will be serving our regular dishes and creative menú, and the new Grill specials, Rib Eye, Lamb tenderloin, shrimp, salmón, octopus, arrachera, tuna, pork ribs and chops, chorizo... with 4 diferent sauces to choose from: Ninette Chile ancho Bbq Bernaise sauce Chimichurri Salsa Martajada ( mexican). Please, come and give it a try!!!! Oscar P. El Jardín de Ninette 3767664905
  7. Due to a minor surgery. The removal of a plaque from muy femur. The restaurant will be closed tuesday and wednesday. We will re-open thursday to sunday at 5:00 pm. Gracias Oscar
  8. Hello friends, I want to invite you and your friends to live the Festival Gourmet Panorama expirience. This will be a great gastronomic event, with the best location in La Ribera de Chapala, Lomas de Chapinaya in Ajijic, in front of La Canacinta, it will be the 14 and 15 of this month. 7 restaurants participating, 2 from Ajijic (La Peña de Santos Rico and El Jardin de Ninette), 4 from Guadalajara (Alariz, Eulogio, El Burgues, and St. Remy, formerly in Ajijic) and 1 from Tequila (La Postera). There will be 10 wine houses, 10 agave destileries, beer producers, deli area, wine tas
  9. thats great news, thank you!!!

  10. Oscar, we will be there on Tuesday evening with a party of four. Looking forward to it.

  11. hello i know some one who owns a hotel in melaque, beautifull house with kitchen for self cooking and very clean and reasonable prices on rooms. the owner lives here in ajijic so you can negotiate the prices. if intereset call me at Jardin de Ninette (76 6 49 05)

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