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  1. Bingolago has a new location and day El Sombrero Restaurant Wednesdays 1PM starting March 3rd 2021 Need volunteer help with Bingolago. New location Maria Isabel out of business see events for more info \ PM me or call Have hammer will Travel office 376 688 1282 leave message
  3. We need your help This Month Please help us get through this shutdown and loss of Bingolago space (Maria Isabel restaurant has gone out of business) and Todo Bueno consignment shop on hold , Please donate online through gofundme or stop by the school. Checks can be made out Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. This month long in Jan 2021 shutdown caught us by surprise, We need your Help This month. deposits can be made in Bancomer Bank account under Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. We will survive please help the kids. Any little bit helps. We made through 2020 with your help, we will make through the next month with your help. We have rent to pay on March 1st 2021. We are resilient and will find another restaurant space for Bingolago Soon. We cut our expenses and overhead by 30% in 2021. We teach life skills to Mexican youth both boys and girls through carpentry , woodworking and CAD You Can also donate though the foundation for lake chapala charities. https://www.gofundme.com/f/zgeqm-a-cause-i-care-about-needs-help
  4. new location Bingolago El Sombrero Restaurant, starting up again March 3rd 2021 “the decision has been made to extend the confinement measures that are in force until February 12 “. It will be on February 12 when “the comprehensive plan for 2021 in the face of the pandemic” is presented, this will be the last one taken within the framework of the Jalisco COVID-19 plan that, he mentioned, “undoubtedly gave very important results for our State”. The health board will create a long-term program for all of 2021 where, he said, the national vaccination plan will be integrated. A psychological and mental health care program will also be integrated that “allows us to address the effects of the pandemic.” The governor assured that “our patience is over” and that municipal presidents who do not comply with the measures will be sanctioned.
  5. Car registration chapala, no windshield sticker given out this year just card and reciept
  6. we went to Opiere solar, west Ajijic, several years ago and put in solar panels. why did I do this sooner. we have a wall mounted electric heater. We warm he house up every morning I went without heat or air conditioning for five years, what a mistake, thank you Opiere solar our5 cfe bill is so low, to low to mention it
  7. We want your used tool batteries, that have gone dead, and battery chargers you no longer use., That are sitting around your workshop. We will be teaching the students to rebuild battery packs soon, New batteries are so expensive. Please also consider donating that tool you no longer use because the battery is dead , and the battery pack to expensive to buy to fix it. We need four used battery powered drills for the students. by helping the environment and rebuilding your old battery pack, we can get the tools we need. Specially the names Dewalt, Milwaukee, Makita, etc Pleased drop them off at the Have Hammer Will Travel woodworking school. 376 766 4830, next to S&S auto in Riberas del Pilar. www.havehammer.org
  8. great news we received ours today also married $1200 See link stimulus going help students at Have Hammer Will Travel a.c. woodworking and carpentry school in chapala, give poor kids a step up with a scholarship https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9h8UGZaJbFI www.havehammer.org
  9. Buenos dias y muy Feliz Noche Buena y Navidad to all - I wanted to pass along this graduation photo (the only one I've received in years) of Lluvia Raygoza Venegas, who just finished the this month, thanks to all of you. She initially was supported by Have Hammers with scholarship funds (she was a student there for years) and then finished up the last year with help from the annual Chapala Sunrise Rotary Club fundraiser at Blair Ferguson's home. She received the packet of info about university-level scholarships at lakeside that Margaret Quinn prepares each year, and she definitely plans to continue her studies at that level. Her parents were also long-time students at Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. and earn their living by selling their wares at all the area tianguis markets. Lluvia's older sister is in veterinary school. They are an impressive family, accomplishing a great deal with very few resources! Prospero Ano Nuevo, Ginger and Have Hammer Will Travel Board of Directors
  10. No Bingolago for next two weeks. following government containment Jan 16 to Jan 31th
  11. call luis at compushop\ he has a sister in law that comes to the home whos great. or bring computer to him \Hidalgo #77-3, Riberas del Pilar lakeside.compushop@gmail.com Tel: (332) 340 7501 / (376) 688 1354
  12. Thank you Casa Tres Leones B&B for the 2 new Mexico twin mattress covers, slightly used set of twins sheets and blanket, Your kind and generous donation to help the boys get a 3 level bunkbed with everything they need. http://www.casatresleones.com/
  13. Attn HHWT Board of Directors , volunteers and Bingolago players The Have Hammer WIll Travel A.C. carpentry school thanks you all for your donations we will be using the funds to build 3 LEVEL BUNK BED FOR A BOYS HOME, THE BOYS WILL BE HELPING MAKE IT. \https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jMvJB2YQ7Y WE JUST REALIZED WHAT GOOD IS A WOODEN 3 LEVEL BUNK-BED WITHOUT SHEETS AND PILLOWS AND BLANKETS. IF YOU HAVE SLIGHTLY USED OR NEW SHEETS , PILLOWS, PILLOW CASES BLANKETSMATTRESS COVER AND PILLOW COVERS. WE NEED THEM SHEETS FOR FOR MEXICAN TWIN 40 X 75 8 INCHES HIGH If you just upgraded form a twin to a queen and have extra twin sheets we need them. 3 Mexican twin ( individual) sheets 3 Mexican twin( individual) fitted sheets 3 mattress covers prefer waterproof 3 pillows 3 pillow covers 3 pillow protectors 3 blankets Please drop them off at the have hammer school, Todo Bueno or Bingolago. mention for have hammer boys home 3 level bunkbed. Attn wayne Any color good except red or pink. thank you for you for helping the kids Wayne
  14. This beautiful nativity set will be a bingo blackout prize tomorrow Tuesday Dec 8th someone will win it at Bingolago 1pm value $2000 pesos. enjoy the chocolate tasting too.
  15. Special event , Eduardo may never be back again, he coming form Guadalajara, he not making a profit this event, this is a charity event he doing to help the kids at have Hammer Will Travel carpentry school Come bring a friend door prizes of chocolate, some chocolate for sale for Christmas presents gifts
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