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  1. Lake always goes up 36 inches every rainy season, one exception when we had heavy rain east of us the lake when almost 7 feet
  2. Multiva is the best bank, talk with managers of the top 5 banks and ask what their fees are.
  3. Door prizes of Tequila. Almond Tequila Tasting Bingolago Players, Wed June 23 , 2021 1 PM El Sombrero Restaurant Ajijic fundraiser for Have Hammer Will travel A.C woodworking school.
  4. Almond tequila tasting for Bingolago players Wed June 23 1 pm El Sombrero restaurant Ajijic, fundraiser to help Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking and CAD school door prizes of almond tequila
  5. Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. Our special project: we will work with at-risk single women with children HHWT will help these Mexican women to provide positive resources for success. During their time with us, these women will gain life skills through woodworking and Computer Aided Design (CAD) that are necessary for personal happiness in life and guide these women to continue on to a higher-level education. Three scholarships available, stop by the school to apply, classes start July 19, 2021, 251-A Hidalgo , Riberas del Pilar, 376 766 4830 or back office 376 688-1282
  6. Luis alagarin compushop next panchos .just put a English computer for he very fast computer
  7. El Sombrero restaurant is sponsoring Bingolago 5th anniversary someone will 4 nights in a manzanillo condo on the beach guaranteed manzanillo condo Pacifica closed tp guest right now, but when opens you can use the 4 nights possible August or Sept
  8. Its difficult to get prizes for the Bingolago. Donations craft artwork wanted for Have Hammer Will Travel A.C woodworking school fundraiser Bingolago every Wednesday at 1pm at el sombrero restaurant. i can pick or drop off at the school in riberas next S&S auto.
  9. used green angel on the chapala- Guadalajara carretera two years. oxxo employee called them for us. great service
  10. Please look at price waterhouse cooper Mexico to tax answers, they explain it the best they can but remember the definition of income by SAT , in most cases they mean earned income from working. https://taxsummaries.pwc.com/mexico/individual/residence if you work on the internet and sit in a chair in Mexico. then you are performing professional services in Mexico.
  11. SAT does require you pay taxes on earned income, there is no amnesty you mentioned
  12. You owe taxes on earned income to Mexico. Check the with SAT. You do not have pay tax on foreign investment income. But you have to pay tax earned income. Income you get from working in Mexico. Beware posting online that you are not paying tax in Mexico that's not prudent. to discuss yur personal business on the internet.
  13. If makes no sense you need help contact your an expat tax accountant so you get tax facts of living in a foreign country, they can explain it to you in a way hat make sense to you
  14. Yes the chair you sit in a foreign country you pay taxes to but also what ever income taxes you pay to the foreign country and can be deducted om your 1040 form 1116 when you file taxes but if you file as a foreign resident you can avoid federal taxes but not social security taxes you do not get to deduct foreign tax a salary since you are not paying any tax fed tax on the income as a foreign resident you can get in serious trouble, if you get caught, not filing in the country you live in I know of a few that got caught, they paid an awful lot to there lawyer and to immigration court costs etc, and had a tough time not getting deported.
  15. Recommend spencer, he just helped get my constancia de RFC He speaks English. He has office in chapala and Guadalajara
  16. bring a friend who new to bingolago and get an extra bingo package for yourself with purchase of one improve your chance of winning
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