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  1. most homes have 25 micron filters on the water system, you are safe. just make filter is changed regulary
  2. the best way to transfer funds as mentioned above is right a check, when you open a bank account. i use intercan no fees for depositing check, some banks charge you 80 pesos to deposit a check. excellent exchange rate at time of deposit.
  3. I shop a resale shop in riberas, and they accounting is reliable
  4. I have not heard of memorial date Is there anyone else , that would like to attend memorial, maybe we can all set a date at restuarant for dinner if there interest. i would like to meet more people who knew him
  5. When is memorial for Charlie Fagan. Guadalajara reporter mentioned there would be one last week in January what is location date and time? would like to attend. He was a very special human being.
  6. its privada degollado its a north south street one block long, go up the staircase with the gold colored stairs, his office is on the second floor, if hes busy just have a seat he will be with you shortly. if hes not busy, just say hello, he will come out of his room. i usually park my car in the main street, walk east a block and a half, on degollado privada degollado is on the left after you pass juarez. just walk north on privada degollado about 200 feet, see two story building, go up gold colored stairs. its on the west side on the street. its 402 privada degollado, zona centro, chapala. he moved across street to 409 i usually take refferrals there the first time, so they find it much easier.
  7. he has office hours as normal in chapala, tuesday 9am 4pm saturday 9am to 6pm. His fee is incredibly low 100 PESOS for a great treatment. phone 333-166-4617 I had an chiropractic adjustment from him last week he moved across street to 409
  8. becarefuk of reverse osmosis takes out the minerals you need to live on. minerals needed to be added back in
  9. becareful of lower quality water being packed in boafont pink bottles, make sure they have the orange seal on them. superlake sells banafont 22 pesos a bottle ,
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