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  1. LCS thrift shop QUE GANGA needs hangers and about 15 feet of clothing racks. if you have any spare hangers please drop them off, even 10 will help. thank you for your donations. locate west Ajijic , lake side of carretera near LA Reserva. Great location its the best Thrift shop west of AJIJIC. donations of household items and clothing wanted Dirección: Carr Jocotepec-chapala 976, West Ajijic, Jal. Horario: Hoy abierto · 10–15
  2. i friend just moved to ajijic from GUADALAJARA, because their son had asthma, better air in Ajijic. but remember you are only 50 miles form Guadalajara, but the mountains crate a micro climate, except in month of may when its hot, but not as hot a Guadalajara
  3. FRAT auto repair in chapala near the turn to mezcala. excellent got the right born date on the tires and the size.
  4. Lorena and Mike Daniels the bingo blackout special Tuesday, 4 days off season in Manzanillo condo, compliments of the have hammers bingo they picked 4 days in October
  5. On the way to the airport 3:30 am June 4th 2017 large white horse walking down librimento. thank good my cab driver was going slow and stopped to let him by. I have already met two other persons who have hit a cows on the way to the airport, do no drive faster than your headlights allow you to see, otherwise you will be late for your flight if you survive
  6. This Tuesday at the bingo at Maria Isabel Restaurant bingo cards go on sale 1pm bingo starts 1.30pm BINGO BLACKOUT PRIZE 4 DAYS IN MANZANILLO CONDO, Some will win it this Tuesday . guaranteed winner we do this 4 times a year. give 4 days away in Manzanillo. Have Hammers carpentry school helping Mexican youth learn life skills through carpentry and woodworking. 200 peso donation for a bingo package of ten games. 8 games regular, two Mexican bingo LOTERIA check out our facebook page bingolago\facebook
  7. hi


     i would like to learn how to use a lathe, i would like to make a few sets of indian clubs using a very hard wood beautiful wood.. about 1 pound clubs about 15 to 18 inches long.

    maybe some about 1 pound and half

    what do you suggest , i can pay for the wood,

    appreciate your help with this

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    2. kmetzger


      Hi Wayne. Let's say Wednesday at 2 pm. Address; Rio Yaqui 109, Villa Nova. When driving west on the Carretera from downtown Ajijic, turn right on Del Arroyo (across from the old Just Chillin'). Turn right on Rio Yaqui (first street you come to on Del Arroyo). I'll see if I can find some guamuchil.


    3. traderspoc


      yes will be there

      heres info on indians club



    4. traderspoc


      see this page also and get copy of anatomy of indian clubs


      i will bring copy of booklet,

      i will pay you for the wood you pick up, like to make 5 to ten sets of clubs


      that 10 to 20 pieces of wood  to make clubs


      may take a few months





  8. ok mainecoons will keep eye out for you, never seen one there on sale, but place that might have one is Electro Venta 8 IN RIBERAS ( they take in a lot of trade ins. when someone buys one that is a newer model.
  9. OUR Consignment items our selling quickly due to the heavy traffic and excellent location, and the many volunteers from St Andrews church and Have Hammers Carpentry school. We need your household items to sell for you. We need more inventory. Come and see TODO BUENO has good lighting, windows, buyers can see your items in natural light. You have large items that you need to sell we have the space to sell them for you. If you are moving and have a house full of items, call us we can fit them in our shop and sell them quickly for you, we have the foot traffic daily and good location. THANK YOU FOR HELPING THE KIDS Have hammers carpentry school help in Mexican youth through with life skills through carpentry and woodworking. Located on mountain side of the carretera in Ribera’s next S and S auto. Besides consignment We also accept donations. I live in San Antonio Talayacapan ,in EL parque if you need I have a few items picked nearby me please PM. I am happy to help the kids. Also please stop by weekly as new items are always coming in. wayne
  10. HI kevin Come by and join us for lunch, Thursday about 11.30 ish and we can set up a time for you to go out kayaking. look forward to meeting you The kayak club is over 5 years old and we have over 32 kayaks, wayne
  11. i had the same problem with some liquids i ordered, customs held it for 8 days then sent it to me with a hefty customs fee. during those seven days the broker i spoke said there was nothing they could , and to have the shipment sent back to US. all advice was wrong,, customs eventually processed my ordered with a fee.
  12. hi Zeb


    My name is  H Wayne Renz  i am retired tax accountant ,  not a CPA

    I donate my fee to Have Hammers Carpentry School Charity in Riberas.

    I done over 25,000 tax returns,  i also graduated New University School of Financial Planning,

    I was also a  stock broker series 7 license.

    i only do complicated tax returns.


    and check me out .  I TELL YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR FREE OVER THE PHONE. and what my fee would be

    I still have clients in New York where i had my tax practice and financial planning business.

    I am writing you because Have Hammers Carpentry School Charity is about to due a fundraiser to get through the summer.



    I will be home tomorrow evening and Sunday evening



  13. hi Its Wayne from el parque

    i want to save hammers carpentry school, am starting a bingo soon.

    bingo will be weekly, with 20 winners week.

    prizes and coupon no cash.

    can you make suggestion of a business, you know that would like to give a coupon or discount to  grow business to 20 winners a week.

    or just one winner a week

    or one winner a month.

    the coupon could only good on this day  of the week and time , when the persons business was slow.

    bingo will be at Maria Isabel restaurant on tuesdays






  14. kayak club meets for lunch every Thurs 11:30 12 noon, after kayaking. come join us a meet the members. we have 32 kayaks we do not rent kayaks, but a member can work out something with you, so you can get out on the lake safely.
  15. unidentified floating objects the kayak club will be doing a moon light paddle in march. we have blinking lights on our kayaks and will be out in the middle of the lake. if you see us please take pictures and spread rumors that there are UFO's and they can be seen during the full moon between 8 PM and 11 PM. on LAKE CHAPALA it we turn off our lights it means the kayaks turned in submarines and entered into the lake. when we turn our blinking lights back on it means we are back on the surface again and headed back to Ajijic.
  16. post pictures or video, with link, then I will become a believer. these of digital info that should be easy
  17. lily at the hotel Perico on the libermente she is the best for massage, you have to try her at least, to know she.s the most experienced and best
  18. Sorry for your loss, but joyful to know Barbara was loved, you are a loving and full of compassion Bob. It was a pleasure to know Barbara wayne and maureen
  19. most homes have 25 micron filters on the water system, you are safe. just make filter is changed regulary
  20. I shop a resale shop in riberas, and they accounting is reliable
  21. I have not heard of memorial date Is there anyone else , that would like to attend memorial, maybe we can all set a date at restuarant for dinner if there interest. i would like to meet more people who knew him
  22. When is memorial for Charlie Fagan. Guadalajara reporter mentioned there would be one last week in January what is location date and time? would like to attend. He was a very special human being.
  23. becarefuk of reverse osmosis takes out the minerals you need to live on. minerals needed to be added back in
  24. becareful of lower quality water being packed in boafont pink bottles, make sure they have the orange seal on them. superlake sells banafont 22 pesos a bottle ,
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