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  1. have Hammer will Travel A.C woodworking school just joined yesterday 


    h wayne renz

  2. wanted wanted phone that works that has an message taking recorder, Have Hammer Will Travel woodworking school needs a new phone that takes messages September semester coming up , need a phone that takes messages. so we do not miss any calls if you are upgrading your phone . please donate old phone drop off t school next S&S auto we need second phone for inside the shop wayne 376 688 1282 HHWT office
  3. it may be the same one that was sighted five years ago, by the port captain, seems to been sighted between chapala and san Juan Cosala most of the time. Its a shame its probably eating the lake birds
  4. Yes fiber direct to your modem all of el parquet is hooked up fiber
  5. no yet , but if I have time will post some pictures next week, best to stop by and see what available is there nay special item or pierce of furniture you ae looking for
  6. Have Hammer Will Travel A.C woodworking school Board of Directors and volunteers want to thank Charters club tours, Carlos and Rosy for the generous support of the students at our school. Their continued sponsorship has given a step up and changed the lives of many women, boys and girls at our school. Thank for you Charter Club Tours continued support. Thank you for mentioning us in your post: At present all our 1-Day tours are operating regularly in small groups. We also are offering our first Multi-day tour since the pandemic started, it will be to Oaxaca from September 23 to 28, 2021. People can visit our page www.charterclubtours.com or our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ToursCharterClub for more information. Best regards Carlos & Rosy
  7. Todo Bueno consignment and Resale shop next S&S auto in Riberas on the mountain side of the carretera just received two households that are moving. furniture, household items. two numerous to mention all. 2 couches. two seater like lazy boys with drink holders, king size bed, big glass table, small glass tables, speakers, 8 piece setting of spoons fork knifes etc. larger plastics storage container, small kitchen size plastic foods containers. large roll of sheer curtain material, nick knacks, much more. these will sell quickly as . Todo Bueno has a good fan club of a steady stream of traffic and good lighting. All profits go to local charities.
  8. I recently had Luis Alagarin next Panchos, just west of Panchos Compushop build me a desktop , very happy and fast.. more ram and hard disk than i would have got on retail for the price. with English, and English keyboard
  9. SOld 3 piece sectional $6000 pesos nice condition must sell just bought new sectional, came with home when we purchased house, doesn't look like leather non smokers, no animals This will go quickly priced right, only selling because of purchase of new sectional with recliners $6000 or best offer
  10. Must sell! Just bought a new sectional couch with two recliners $7500 pesos or best offer non smoker, no animals This entrainment center with two recliners will be missed, we really enjoyed it. Had it reupholstered 4years ago both recline to two different positions in very good condition with extra material on arm rests Can see it now at Todo Bueno Resale shop in Riberas, no space store at home
  11. Lake always goes up 36 inches every rainy season, one exception when we had heavy rain east of us the lake when almost 7 feet
  12. Multiva is the best bank, talk with managers of the top 5 banks and ask what their fees are.
  13. Door prizes of Tequila. Almond Tequila Tasting Bingolago Players, Wed June 23 , 2021 1 PM El Sombrero Restaurant Ajijic fundraiser for Have Hammer Will travel A.C woodworking school.
  14. Almond tequila tasting for Bingolago players Wed June 23 1 pm El Sombrero restaurant Ajijic, fundraiser to help Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking and CAD school door prizes of almond tequila
  15. 8 games American bingo two games Mexican bingo loteria. must yell loteria to win
  16. Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. Our special project: we will work with at-risk single women with children HHWT will help these Mexican women to provide positive resources for success. During their time with us, these women will gain life skills through woodworking and Computer Aided Design (CAD) that are necessary for personal happiness in life and guide these women to continue on to a higher-level education. Three scholarships available, stop by the school to apply, classes start July 19, 2021, 251-A Hidalgo , Riberas del Pilar, 376 766 4830 or back office 376 688-1282
  17. Call me Wayne 376 688 1282 10 am in mornings
  18. Luis alagarin compushop next panchos .just put a English computer for he very fast computer
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