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  1. i went to the emissions in chapala my car is due in October, i missed my 2014 sticker, the representative said his computer can no override the system, and could not do a emission for me today, i have to come back in October when i am due, even through it been two years. he said just tell the police that i refused you, and you will be back in October to get your emission sticker. i have not been stopped yet.
  2. i needed a similar appraisal to sell some items. i put the items with casi neuvo thrift shop, they recently sold , they can put a price on it, and sell it for you. they were able to get a better price, then i thought for my items they have high traffic and also sold recently several antiques valued over 10,000 pesos. to get a good price,you need traffic people looking at the items, if they do not sell you can always take them back. they are the red and white building across for 7-11 in riberas
  3. This Wednesday 12 noon at Maria Isabel restaurant the subject for the memory minders weekly lunch talk will be coconut oil and its benefits. Would like to find speaker to talk about coconut oil and its health benefits specially how its helps with inflammation and memory. Wednesday July 8th 12 noon. just casual talk about 20 minutes and then answer any questions. any recommendations if no local speaker, I will share my research anyone may join us for lunch. if you do join us and you do sit next a person with memory loss at lunch, please have a good conversation with them. Please also keep an eye out for them if they use the bathroom and so can find there way back, Location Maria Isabel is on the left at the bottom of Colon in Ajijic, facing the lake. (old posada) wayne 766-1860
  4. Wednesday July 8th lunch topic Coconut oil and memory enhancement exercise class 11 AM lunch 12 noon
  5. lily at hotel Perico on libermente between ajijic and chapala, mountain side high energy, knows every muscle in the body. available on saturdays and sunday call Tom owner at hotel set up appointment. i had massages all my life, . she can do deep muscle mostly, gets the job done. if you have back pain etc.. shes the one to go to
  6. Memory minders rejuvenation exercise class every Wednesday 11AM Maria Isabel restaurant, join us for lunch after class. different topic on health each shared at lunch each week. Three pointers about the class The form has little importance, it's the pure essence of life we want to feel and be conscious of. The mind is like a wild horse we do not want to break its spirit, but we would like it to harness its potential, and live a long life. Its about letting go and feeling the pure essence of life, fill every cell of our body and sharing it with others and creating that group atmosphere we all can enjoy. some exercises include whole brain exercise laughing circle of light healing nature deficit disorder learning how to walk. whole brain walking. some beginners exercises are similar to chi kung and tai chi the exercises are easy to do and you can not do them wrong. no judgement,, feeling the essence is more important than form, Class is free, join us for lunch afterward. attendees who can on sit are welcome, wheelchairs and scooters welcome. All caregivers welcome, if you are not a caregiver, you may attend. please help and assist any memory loss person, sit next to them at lunch and have a conversation. Watch that they do get lost when using the bathroom. some topics talked about at lunch have been: anatomy of breathing, better posture when walking and selection of walking shoes chewing food for better memory The importance of smell. How important smell stimulates the memory. Positive thinking and how to energize your affirmations, How happy people have better memories.
  7. repair a string and tune it where to go.
  8. best place physical therapy clinic next to Ajijic clinic. just walk in today. you will be pleasantly surprised at there expertise. the price will be good also.
  9. "The new cafe and vivero (can't remember the name) that sells Earth Boxes about 1/2 block east of Cafe Magana has a beautiful selection of herbs". i second the cafe, on lake side of carretera her plants are organic ,no pesticides, grown in high quality soil. very healthy plants. just bought some rosemary and cilantro a few days ago
  10. I have Esun solar panels been advised to wait about two three more years the price and quality of storage batteries will be better. from what i read, a large storage battery plant is being built in Nevada.
  11. your statistics is not correct 93 million unemployed, you must have counted kids and spouses. there are only about 121.9 million people full time working in US out of a population of 320 million. This statistic shows the unadjusted number of full-time employees in the United States. In line with the definition of the BLS, full-time workers are persons who usually work 35 hours or more per week. In May 2015, about 121.9 million people were employed on a full-time basis.
  12. this Wednesday 11AM June 17th will share information at lunch and in class about, whole brain walking, selecting the right footwear,and anatomy of the foot. you have to have a firm understanding.
  13. Thank you for the donations, The president of Have Hammers just called me and left a message, a computer and printer were dropped off. thank you for your generous support of the kids. They will begin setting up the computer and printing and get them working.
  14. just had the chicken soup today, and yesterday with friends , the broth was delicious,
  15. OK THANKS FOR THE DONATIONS, thanks for helping the kids computer and printer were dropped off at the center The Have hammers computer just crashed its to old, need good used desktop computer, to keep students records, inventory, charity records. IF you are upgrading your desktop computer and its works, please donate to the carpentry school and help the kids. We can reformat the computer. http://havehammer.org/ Have Hammer ... Will Travel is a Mexican charity that teaches valuable life skills to Mexican youths and adults through woodworking and carpentry. Located on the shores of Lake Chapala, in Riberas del Pilar, Jalisco, Mexico, Have Hammer exists because of community donations and committed volunteers. if you have questions or would like further information on HAVE HAMMER...WILL TRAVEL please send an e-mail to hhwtchapala at gmail.com or visit us at : Avenida Hidalgo 110, Riberas del Pilar, CHAPALA Jalisco 376.766.4830 located just west of 7-11 store under big tree in Riberas
  16. costco and other realers didn't have the size or born date i wanted in the tires Car city in Riberas, was able to order my tires they found a set my size and born date no more than 7 months old. i asked for any tires with Born 9 months or less very happy. later net stopped at costco had nitrogen put in as i have a membership tires are expensive here in mexico. you want to save money and better section drive north
  17. This every Wednesday 11am to 12 then lunch 12 to 1pm come join us or refer someone may 27th lunch topic the anatomy of breathing jun 3 topic mastication chewing food Jun 11 th topic smell each lunch sharing will have different topic as requested by the attendees of the class
  18. Memory Minders Exercise Class EVERY WEDNESDAY 11 AM Local resident Karin Miles was recently diagnosed with vascular dementia, and chose to be proactive. She started a group for caregivers and others called memory minders. One of the first activities is an exercise class by Wayne Renz. Who is also the commodore of the kayak club. The class is free. The class will meet for the second time May 27th 11am Maria Isabel restaurant (old posada) and everyone is invited to stay for lunch and ask questions of what they experienced during class. The class will continue every Wednesday 11 AM all caregivers and friends who are overwhelmed (burned out) our welcome to come and get refreshed in a social exercise class. Wayne will lead attendees through fun, easy and creative body and brain exercises designed to maintain and improve vitality and memory. Devoted to easy beginner exercises the help the immune system, cultivate energy and nurture the body. Sharing hugs is important component too. "Exercise is one of the best stress-relievers for both the memory loss person and you, the caregiver. Regular walking, movement, or seated exercises can have a positive effect on many problem behaviors, such as aggression, wandering, and difficulty sleeping." Persons in wheel chairs are welcome and those who need to sit while exercising. Please show up at 10:55 to sign in. Maria Isabel restaurant is at the bottom of colon, on the left, just east of the Ajijic Malecon. We will meet under the big trees on the east patio in front of the restaurant, after class will meet for lunch. Wednesday at lunch we will discuss the anatomy of breathing; in the class I teach there is no right or wrong way of breathing during class. When the tone of your intercostals, diaphragm muscles, our fine your correct natural breathing happens during exercise like yoga, Pilates, stretching etc. If you attend class. Please be helpful to any disabled person who may attend and sit with them during lunch and have a conversation with them. If it rains exercise will be indoors. I would like to thank Leonardo and Adriana Cornejo owners of Maria Isabel restaurant for being so kind to allow to have use of the unique beautiful space. They are very supportive of the memory group, The restaurant was named after their grandmother Maria Isabel Link to ojo del lago article on class http://issuu.com/ojodellago/docs/may2015/34 memory.minders@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/memoryminderslakeside/850404188364043 Contact Memory Minders staff to find out more of her meditation classes, and Memory Minders meetings for persons and caretakers experiencing memory loss . Memory Minders staff: Karin Miles, Founder; Amara Brouwers, Director; Valerie Rhoda,Supervising counselor; Keith Coates, Caregiver Liaison; Tish Wagoner, Secretary.
  19. we signed on as US citizens as mexico residents with a mexico drivers license mexico address its a great program my platinum american express paid the $!00 fee for one person we set a appointment online after filing application the appointment about three hours before we were to catch a fight back to mexico in Miami. we were going to try Dallas but we were flying through on a sunday, they were closed. this was two years ago.
  20. file your FBAR form fincen 114 by jun 30th 2015 http://finance.yahoo.com/news/irs-favorite-people-audit-133452472.html
  21. it's like any other project here it will take 15 year to fill the place 2000 condos 700 hotel rooms etc they will be selling times share fractional ownership's, it will take time to fill up. and of course they will not do it with there money, they will try to build it we pre pay money , the project will be slow and the first owners may get a view but they will be living on a construction site for 15 years and be complaining that it was not built out fast enough. the in about 5 years or they will being a high maintenance fee for there condo, which will catch them by surprise but as usual the they are elderly and did not due the due diligence necessary in buying. cant sell nobody would i used condo when a new is available at the same price. until its full in twenty years
  22. Due to day light savings kayak clubs paddles at 5PM on Mondays now Normal time on Thursday 8:30 AM and 12 noon lunch Maria Isabel restuarant ( old Posada)
  23. I use allianz insurance i sign up for a travel policy with a Mexican address. the Policy is written in mexico if you are a resident of mexico, and buy a USA policy, the policy states you must be a resident of USA. its worthless if the insurances asked you proof of residence, when you get injured, they will use any excuse not to pay the policy. Becareful who sells the policy it must mexico based as a resident Allianz has low levels of coverage, cover sthebasics
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