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  1. there is a lampshade store next to jenels restaurant across stroms moving
  2. I asked my insurance agent if he would accept a Mexican notary , they said yes.
  3. irs.gov/filing/free-file-do-your-federal-taxes-for-free If you qualify use free file for federal tax return.
  4. Luis at Benno computer is excellent , behind gas station on libermento He is helping me solve many problems installing software for the new Have Hammer will Travel A.C woodworking working school CAD program. he solved many problems with software conflicts
  5. If you like to have fun making woodworking projects for our school to sell or want to help teach the students please volunteer. We are flexible. If you are familiar with CAD (computer aided design) will are setting a classroom to help students learn Tinkercad. After one year in our school the students then can create in the computer woodworking items in a computer,Stop by and see our school open 9:30 to 12:30 3 pm to 5:30 Mon to Fri. We are a woodworking school the CAD classroom is just a extra activity for the students.
  6. hi Claire is it still he same fees and procedure for passport renewal in 2020 wayne
  7. Maria Isabel restaurant ( old Posada has inside and outside quiet seating in the back. Its an open space I could not find a small enclosed space for free anywhere. The back outside is the best, its kind of private I been using them for my meetings
  8. Here's a picture of kayak club first kids kayaking day on 2011, started with 14 to 18 years taking lessons for about for about 20 minutes, they learned quick, then the 10 to 13 years old, went, well, then we did the 6 to 9 years, there attention span was about 6 minutes, then they wanted to see how many kids could fit in a kayak, this their fun day playing at the beach.
  9. kayaking on the lake kayaking with the pelicans https://mx.video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=AwrJ6y4lpwxeCSYASs3D8Qt.;_ylu=X3oDMTB0N2Noc21lBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNwaXZz?p=diana+kayaking+with+pelicans&fr2=piv-web&fr=yfp-t#id=1&vid=520fc847d23333227e1f21d07f56fe7f&action=view
  10. Better to have a 50 topes then big trucks killing people , since they some apply there breaks to late and want to to land in Walmart parking lot. Not only apply they break late, poor maintenance on these trucks, They have to be slowed down. since i been here at lakeside there have been several people killed or badly injured at the intersection in front of Walmart. possible New drivers to with big trucks experiencing coming down that hill and turning for the first time. A lot of people are in a hurry to kill themselves and take risks that are unnecessary. I used to be a paramedic in my 20'S lived in small town outside of st Louis called high ridge with highway 30 going by it. i thought it was a quiet town with not much happening. but as a paramedic there where accidents almost everyday on the 40 mile stretch of the highway, that where glass and metal cleaned up withing a few hours. i was shocked how many accidents and deaths happen and very few people know about it.. I know of at least 9 people here that have been side swiped by motorcycles who did not slow down. There are several i know who while not drive anymore as they are at the age where there attention span is slowed down. what is a life worth. I am sure those topes saved lives. Those topes may have saved your life and you did not even know it.
  11. Secure act raises taxes for many: The new 10-year rule drastically diminishes the chances of withdrawing assets in a tax-friendly manner For those sons and daughters who are beneficiaries nearing retirement (in less than 10 years) you may want to delay taking any withdrawals from these inherited accounts under the 10-year rule until after you have retired, so that the withdrawal is not taken on top of their earned income (current salary), There are no required minimum distributions within those 10 years, but the entire balance must be distributed after the 10th year. You could spread the distribution over 3 or 4 years if you want, the 8th, 9th and 10th year etc to pay less taxes. The downside of secure act allowing more annuities in 401k plans: Annuities are complex investment products, and the wrong choice can be detrimental to a person’s portfolio. Will The annuity company be there for you. You are betting on their financial stability. In the late 80s Mutual benefit annuity company when under and gave everyone about 60% of there principal with no interest. Mutual benefit actuaries when they sold the annuities did not calculate people would live longer. Upside of annuities “If they can be structured in a way to meet long-term retirement income objectives You may live to be 100. We will see if there are any loop holes to the secure act as it gets applied in the next two years.
  12. i go to the printer across for OXO in Ajijic and get all my color printing done, better colors than my inkjet printer lower cost, about 8 pesos each i only use my color inkjet printer occasionally when it when printer across form oxo is closed as cost is high
  13. have safe trip, start early every morning, it took me three days to get to Ajijic driving a speed limit, leaving border Nogales ,arrived Ajijic about 4 pm in 3 days. git caught in traffic one ended up driving in dark to my hotel.
  14. i will give a personal tour of Have Hammer Will Travel solar set up at the school, if you would like, and also explain why or board of directors carefully chose Opiere solar over11 others competitors.
  15. Talavera shop in san antonio can order what ever you want, near paninos across corona i always buy from them, good quality, fair price/ yes if you went to Guad you may ave a few pesos, but cost of time and gas mmay cost you more in the end
  16. I was just there and bought a desk, there is room in back room display area if you just moved and have furniture in your home you want to sell ,now is the time they have the space right now, if you have a large amount of furniture please call first 331-016-0619. by calling you can plan your delivery of furniture
  17. in 82 an 94 mexico was printing money, the the government was manipulating the peso, it was a closed market. After Nafta mexico is now collecting taxes and the peso is in the open market. mexico is stable now
  18. This is the best article if found that explains it, to simplify it, if you turn 70 1/2 in 2020 your new date for RMD withdrawal is a when you reach age 72. This who reached 70 1/2 in 2019 or before are under the same old rules ,nothing changed for you. your withdrawal age is 70 1/2. There are some exceptions and ways to delay withdrawal. but this article just for your info, for more information contact your investment company. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiehopkins/2019/12/18/why-the-secure-act-makes-2020-the-year-of-missed-rmds-from-iras/
  19. i love making over 7% interest in mexico, beats 1 % in most banks in USA, yes some countries in south america are weakening the monetary policy to be competitive in the world. the many countries are weaking thier currency to be competitive is causing inflation in the local economies. These south Americans are panicking and moving money to USA to banks in MIami The current administration in USA wants a weaker dollar, and they want gold to be higher. to pay off national debt. Trump stated how would like of see USA on the gold Standard, his ideas that with inflation and gold at 3000 on USA financial balance sheet, would wipe at all the USA national debt. Mexico gross national income will in the next five years will grow faster than USA. I love living in mexico. When we get the next recession and those who invested in USA stocks lose over 10% they will have rethink there investments. you do not make money buying the high. You make money selling at the high it is Time for US expats to rethink there allocation of assets and rotate there investments to safer fixed income like 7% I am over 50 years old, i can not afford lose 10% of my assets, i like fixed income of 7% Most people do realize 70% of the growth in the last ten years of the stock was QE 1 and 2 USA printing money. Recently USA printed over 1 trillion dollar to keep the budget in the green. How long can you do that US dollar is losing value, cost more to buy stocks, cost more for education, cost more to buy house, more for groceries . move to Mexico, live on less money, higher standard of living, sell your USA house and buy a bigger better house here in mexico made of brick and tile, not wood. You watch more people are moving to mexico, buying pesos and living of off the 7%, with no worry of a repeat of 2008. Remember USA banks almost when out of business in 2008, mexico banks did not have a problem with leveraged debt.
  20. Congratulation's to Opiere Solar for the great generous installation of solar panels at Have hammer Will Travel A.C.school out CFE bill gone form $5000 pesos to $117 pesos. All the board of directors MIke Ouimet, Bill Wilson, Terry Hensley, H Wayne Renz and volunteers wish you a happy holidays and happy new year to your wonderful employees. Opiere is being generous and offering holiday present of $100 off any solar installation and Have hammer Will Travel will get a free solar panel with each new installation. Please stop by our school to see our solar installation and see what a great job Opiere solar has done. Opiere solar understands that giving to the local community and helping local charities is a good way to conduct business. Please say thank to Opiere solar for helping Have Hammer Will Travel A. C. woodworking school by having them install your solar panels. We at HHWT currently have 14 panels up and need 20 to be prepared further increase in energy use in the future.. We need six more persons to get solar installation to meet goal of 20 panels. it a win win HHWT gets a free solar panel when you get $100 dollars off your solar panel installation, please print the coupon below and get your $100 Christmas discount from Opiere solar.
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