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  1. Wanted storage shed for Have hammer Will Travel woodworking school in Riberas. We can pick up and clean it up thank you for your generosity and helping the kids. plastic home depot type ok please pm me or stop by the school we are located next S&S auto on the mountain side 376 688 1282 or 333 260 8389
  2. Howard Feldstein helped Have Hammer Will Travel A.C start its first woodworking class for Mexican youth on the LCS back patio. The Mexican youth used only hand tools. LCS was the nurturing mother of Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking school 13 years ago. The Board of Directors of HHWT will never ever forget the importance of LCS in reaching out to the local Mexicans and helping get HHWT started. LCS is fully aware of the pre existing learning crisis in education among Mexican youth. These young boys and girls learned how to use woodworking hand tools and gained life skills though woodworking. Please support LCS, they do more than you realize. You can make donation's and get a 501c3 tax deductible receipt through the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities. The Covid 19 had disrupted education locally here at lakeside. The closure of schools has had a devastating effects on children locally do to having their education disrupted. Please support LCS as they support and nourish Mexican youth. HHWT school is starting up again and we are fully enrolled for the Sept semester and have a waiting list. Thank you LCS for helping HHWT and supporting HHWT at the beginning. Look what LCS helped create over local 554 boys and girls have pasted through HHWT in the last 13 years
  3. Arilos Pomegranate Juice and Wine tasting for Bingolago players Wednesday Sept 22, 2021 1 PM El Sombrero Restaurant. Door prizes bottles of pomegranate juice and wine
  4. Arilos Pomegranate Juice and Wine tasting for Bingolago players Wednesday Sept 22, 2021, 1 PM El Sombrero Restaurant Door prizes of bottles of Arilos Pomegranate juice and wine,
  5. Have Hammer Will Travel A.C woodworking school in Riberas New semester starting Tools needed Have Hammer Will Travel A.C woodworking school in Riberas If you some tool you are not using we need them 5 hard steel tenon hand saws 5 manual hand drills with drill bits ok chisel point ok 1 wood vise 5 ΒΌ wood chisels 5 mortise gauges 5 striking knifes Donation excepted, but can give you 501c3 IRS tax donation, some money available to buy Please drop off at school next to Hildalgo 231-A, next S&S auto mountain side Volunteers welcome Special class for women starting in Sept https://www.globalgiving.org/microprojects/a-gift-of-an-education-will-change-a-generation-1/ Phone 376 688 1282 or 333 260 8389
  6. We are starting up our classes again after this long shut down, Have hammer will Travel A.C woodworking and CAD school needs older window 10 desktops and laptops that work. Luis Algarin from lakeside computer shop, will clean and reboot the computers for our school, with latest version of windows 10. the school is setting up our CAD classroom . we need four more working computers, and we need computers for the students to take home. The students will make projects in wood then a create the same project in CAD. These are under privileged boys and girls who need a step up in life. Who can not afford a computer. We are creating a work stations with two monitors one a larger tv to create there CAD project. other one they watch a lesson.. We need older TV's since we use older computers. The current CAD software we use is TINKERCAD on the cloud , so all we need is a computer that will connect to the internet. Some Desktops without keyboard and mouse ok. Thank you for your generous donation. Please drop off at HHWT school Hidalgo 231-1 in Riberas de Pilar next S&S auto. I can come and pick larger tv's Wayne 376 688 1282 HHWT back office. or home 376 766 1860 if you have any experience with basic CAD and want to help set up classroom or teach 4 hours week please come by the school. www.havehammer.org
  7. ATTN all bingolago players Bingolago this Wed Aug 11th 2021. We will follow all Covid 19 Jalisco rules same as before as we usually do. Please gel hands went entering and have temperature taken. lets all be safe. With Affinity H Wayne Renz
  8. Only do it you are very wealthily and have a large property you want to protect, and can absorb the yearly costs and are connected major international tax firm who can handle any complexities. Cross-Border Issues that Amplify the Complexity of Estate Tax Planning
  9. if you come to lakeside and want to volunteer volunteer. we need volunteers, to help with web pages. teaching English, administration, woodworking, teaching CAD and bookkeeping or if you area woodworker can can come in work on projects, that are requested. www.havehammer.org
  10. Lori's sold all her cookies, they Tasted great, Lori has good following , you can see her at the Monday market
  11. HHWT just Met last week with Conalep tech Ajijic. to work together educating Mexican youth. Conalep also is deeply affected by Covid 19 and will be at 20% student participation this next semester. HHWT want to sponsor students at Conalep. We want our students to continue on to higher education. Hope to continue our classes at 50% this Sept.
  12. We are short on volunteers, our experienced volunteers are up north to November. We ran out of money. last year because we had no face to face fundraisers and had to cut back unwillingly almost 40% on all expenses. The board of directors and wonderful supporters of our school had to chip in and pay the bills. we almost went out of business, we had to shut the doors for a while.. We have fixed overhead expenses, rent etc Lalo went and found another job, We could not even keep him part time. We miss Lalo. He was with us 10 years. He is very smart and talented . He does work out of his home on weekends. if you still need his service I apologize that you did not get the same service Lalo gave you. if a class is in progress any volunteer has told not interrupt the class, we put signs up. Please stop by between 12 noon and 1pm Mon Tues Thurs Fri when no classes are being held, I am sure you will get good service you deserve. Lalo left his new business cards at the shop ,, come by and pick one up. he does work in evenings and weekends at his home We are waiting to see what rules we have to follow by the govt, as we are planning to start a class for young girls and women in Sept. We pray we do not get shut down again by the Govt its tough and unpredictable time this Covid 19 pandemic. Everyone is grumpy and volunteers are overworked. Please be flexible during these uncertain times. Thank you for your generous support of the students. If any wants to partner with and help the women's class coming up here's a link to donate. https://www.globalgiving.org/microprojects/a-gift-of-an-education-will-change-a-generation-1/ With affinity H Wayne Renz Treasurer HHWT
  13. 10am to 3pm best to visit when morning classes are over about 12:30 noon to 1:30 www.havehammer.org
  14. try to teach something you know best and be connected to a school in the USA from the internet, this way you get a US salary. also you will have a job before you come down here. The first thing I as asked at the Mexican embassy will I be working in Mexico. you need a permit
  15. Zoe Thank for the generous time, the painted stool is amazing. It one of a kind. My wife Maureen loved taking your art classes. Hopefully after Covid 19 , you will start up your classes again If there is another artist who would like to paint a stool or other item the students made by the students. thank you for helping support our school. www.havehammer.org pm me or call 376 688 1282 Wayne
  16. I will be seeing Greg next week he the best, I will call before I come
  17. Contact the lake Chapala kayak club on Facebook. They have several kayaks
  18. Took six years with seed, I pick avocados from Sept to Feb, they ripen off the tree I trim my tree every year keep about 18 ft high but very wide. This last year tree 10 years old produced over 120 avocados
  19. Black leather living room set 2 pieces, a 2 seater and 3 seater excellent condition, clean real leather, come check it out, $18,000 pesos for both Todo Bueno resale and consignment store, next to S&S auto
  20. Wanted Touch monitor for CAD school Have Hammer Will Travel we getting a new high graphic computer need there touch monitors for students to use wayne 376 688 1282 HHWT office phone can leave message
  21. six seater glass table and chairs Todo Bueno resale and consignment was $14,000 pesos reduced 60 days in store $7000 pesos great deal should go fast the glass itself is thick and cost over $7000 peso Tod0 Bueno resale and consignment store next to S&S auto 331-016-0619 open Tues to sat 10am tp 3pm
  22. Have Hammer Will Travel A..C woodworking school has a pygmy kayaks 14 ft Artic tern kayak kit for sale, pygmy sells it for $1100 dollars for sale for $700 dollars 376 688 1282 partially completed, person who had moved back to USA because of illness. https://www.pygmyboats.com/boats/arctic-tern-14-kayak-kit.html
  23. Todo Bueno resale and consignment store Next to S&S auto House of miniatures, doll house furniture over 25 pieces discount $160 US dollars or $3100 pesos Average price $6 each, buy whole batch with assembly tray, with parts and magnets Estimated retail value $320 or $6200 pesos Must see to appreciate all new pieces in boxes If bought separately $250 pesos a piece for kits example https://www.ebay.com/itm/124614762862?_ul=MX&chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=21562-222008-2056-1&mkcid=2&itemid=124614762862&targetid=878892090234&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=1010075&poi=&campaignid=1823483887&mkgroupid=71048310433&rlsatarget=pla-878892090234&abcId=1140956&merchantid=134325046&gclid=CjwKCAjwruSHBhAtEiwA_qCppkSlkK9Vx4YsdxC_bv2rz26aPO7dP6DiSdqHf-sUdC0JrDPKHyDc5xoCAE4QAvD_BwE If bought separately $250 pesos a piece for kits
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