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  1. in 82 an 94 mexico was printing money, the the government was manipulating the peso, it was a closed market. After Nafta mexico is now collecting taxes and the peso is in the open market. mexico is stable now
  2. This is the best article if found that explains it, to simplify it, if you turn 70 1/2 in 2020 your new date for RMD withdrawal is a when you reach age 72. This who reached 70 1/2 in 2019 or before are under the same old rules ,nothing changed for you. your withdrawal age is 70 1/2. There are some exceptions and ways to delay withdrawal. but this article just for your info, for more information contact your investment company. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamiehopkins/2019/12/18/why-the-secure-act-makes-2020-the-year-of-missed-rmds-from-iras/
  3. i love making over 7% interest in mexico, beats 1 % in most banks in USA, yes some countries in south america are weakening the monetary policy to be competitive in the world. the many countries are weaking thier currency to be competitive is causing inflation in the local economies. These south Americans are panicking and moving money to USA to banks in MIami The current administration in USA wants a weaker dollar, and they want gold to be higher. to pay off national debt. Trump stated how would like of see USA on the gold Standard, his ideas that with inflation and gold at 3000 on USA financial balance sheet, would wipe at all the USA national debt. Mexico gross national income will in the next five years will grow faster than USA. I love living in mexico. When we get the next recession and those who invested in USA stocks lose over 10% they will have rethink there investments. you do not make money buying the high. You make money selling at the high it is Time for US expats to rethink there allocation of assets and rotate there investments to safer fixed income like 7% I am over 50 years old, i can not afford lose 10% of my assets, i like fixed income of 7% Most people do realize 70% of the growth in the last ten years of the stock was QE 1 and 2 USA printing money. Recently USA printed over 1 trillion dollar to keep the budget in the green. How long can you do that US dollar is losing value, cost more to buy stocks, cost more for education, cost more to buy house, more for groceries . move to Mexico, live on less money, higher standard of living, sell your USA house and buy a bigger better house here in mexico made of brick and tile, not wood. You watch more people are moving to mexico, buying pesos and living of off the 7%, with no worry of a repeat of 2008. Remember USA banks almost when out of business in 2008, mexico banks did not have a problem with leveraged debt.
  4. Congratulation's to Opiere Solar for the great generous installation of solar panels at Have hammer Will Travel A.C.school out CFE bill gone form $5000 pesos to $117 pesos. All the board of directors MIke Ouimet, Bill Wilson, Terry Hensley, H Wayne Renz and volunteers wish you a happy holidays and happy new year to your wonderful employees. Opiere is being generous and offering holiday present of $100 off any solar installation and Have hammer Will Travel will get a free solar panel with each new installation. Please stop by our school to see our solar installation and see what a great job Opiere solar has done. Opiere solar understands that giving to the local community and helping local charities is a good way to conduct business. Please say thank to Opiere solar for helping Have Hammer Will Travel A. C. woodworking school by having them install your solar panels. We at HHWT currently have 14 panels up and need 20 to be prepared further increase in energy use in the future.. We need six more persons to get solar installation to meet goal of 20 panels. it a win win HHWT gets a free solar panel when you get $100 dollars off your solar panel installation, please print the coupon below and get your $100 Christmas discount from Opiere solar.
  5. Peso will stay in a range of 18 to 20 Mexico is very stable peso if goes to 20 means mexico will export more good internationally as they made the peso weaker, good for mexico's economy. but at moment getting peso stronger due trade agreement being signing in January. buy pesos now
  6. The volunteers at Todo Bueno thrift shop want wish everyone a happy holidays and happy new year. The Todo Bueno supports over 15 different local charities lakeside, and is well managed. Volunteers love working at Todo Bueno, they are loved and well respected. yes we always need good volunteers in help out please call the store 331-016 0619 to volunteer It is the school for the deaf thrift across form 7-11 that i heard is closing. The shop just sold some large large items, we have space in the back for more large items, antiques, furniture etc. Due to great foot traffic, location, and lighting in the store, and our wonderful happy volunteers items move quickly If you need some extra money, please bring your items in for consignment. I just read an article online, people who volunteer and give have longer lives.
  7. please correct your title

    the  12 or more charities  Todo Bueno resale shop next to s&S donates to are very concerned of this misinformation.

    as they depend on Todo Bueno for there income. You scared them


    school for special children thrift ahop closing across form 7-11

  8. I saw 4 rolls of 50/50 tickets 1000 roll 2 up for sale at Todo Bueno resale shop in riberas next s&s auto
  9. usually use a lathe, to make a bowl shaped depression, see interent making bowl out of log
  10. Peso started getting stringer about 3 weeks ago, with possible trade deal in the works, i see those who followed the investment adviser for Intercam at LCS Elizabeth's.advice last month and bought Mexican mutual funds are seeing strong appreciation in their investment account as the dollar gets weaker and peso stronger. Investments are rotating into emerging ,markets. its more likely Mexico will see higher growth than USA in next few years..
  11. good news Alfonso who makes Crema de Mezcal asked to come to Christmas Bingolagp we will have chocolate tasting by Casa Cacau and Crema de Mezcal tasting by Alfonso
  12. i pay 1000 to a driver and interpretation for 4 hours additional pesos if more time. It worth if you have the right person
  13. buy pesos now, US mexico trade agreement maybe approved soon , peso getting stronger
  14. Todo Bueno consignment and resale shop Hildago 231 Riberas del Pilar mountain side. about 100 feet before 7 -11 store across street next to S&S auto total profit go to many local charities lakeside and specially my favorite charity helping the boys and girls at Have Hammer Will Travel woodworking school. we teach life skill to Mexican youth through woodworking and carpentry http://www.havehammer.com if you live locally i help help deliver i have SUV wayne 766 1860
  15. Need to contact Tacos Poncholin for tacos party Dec 20th about 70 people Tacos Pancholin 332 084 7396 phone not working i understand they live in san juan cosala wayne 376 766 1860 or pm me
  16. 10am to !1:30 Monday Dec 2 How Banks, and investments work in Mexico by Intercam. Bank
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