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  1. Having a multiva bank is best, best of all banks, when we had the american check cashing crisis a few years ago, where banks would not take US checks, multiva bank took them, they are big and dave a good finical presence in the worldwide. I have referred many persons to multiva, they have lower fees, and give a better return currency exchange then other bans when you wire transfer Afew months ago i did a wire transfer from chase bank, when pesos was weak gave chase gave me exchange rate, i emailed the mulivia investments to expect the transfer next day. i received email the next day, multiva gave a better exchange rate than i agreed with chase on. WOW really surprised,about 22000 pesos difference in final deposit.
  2. Its commonly done, when someone puts half down, and finances the rest at 10% or more. put if they don't pay could take many years to foreclose on property. I know of someone enjoyed the 10% for many years, when they would sell a property he was paid off. BUt one property deal he helped finance 600.000 he financed 300.000 at 10%, after 1 month no payment was made. the person he financed tried every trick in t he book to not pay. its been over 7 years in court, He got sick, his kids or now dealing with it Mexico courts. meanwhile the scammer has been renting out the property , making a nice income the person had good references was a local mexican business man and was trusted. but it was a scam from he beginning
  3. i and may wife retired here in 2008 . something happens all time that just make it better and better to live here Every year i am surprised how wonderful it is here. and say to myself i didn't think it would get better then this. new roads paved, new bicycle path, great kayaking on the lake old friends, new friends are the glue that holds it all together.
  4. Do you need money for your charity or fundraiser, get money now $$$. Open a consignment account for your fundraiser or charity at Todo Bueno Consignment and resale store in Riberas del Pilar, next to S&S auto. Tell your circle of friends to stop by and put items on consignment under your charities name. Pick up funds weekly. Consignments taken in 2 to 3 pm Tuesday to Friday. Large room for big antiques and furniture etc. Great location and daily traffic well help sell items quickly. All proceeds have benefited over 17 local charities. 331 016 0619
  5. yes they need to vote on it. 1200 will be it money will come end of AUGUST AND THROUGH SEPT BETWEEN AUG 20 AND SEPT 31ST WHEN irs sending stimulus money the point i am trying to get across, if you are qualified and did not get the first stimulus money, you may not get the second one next month. unless you file a 2019 tax return, with your social security income and some interest
  6. $1200 per person but i have a friend who gets social security and did not get his first check so i helped him file online his 2019 tax return, this week, with few dollars bank interest he had. we will see if that got him in the system, i will help him file in feb 2021 and get first 1200 stimulus payments he missed
  7. last year when he called i said i remember I owe you 2 million pesos, which oxxo do you want me to send it too he hung up.
  8. multiva always gets better rate than any one else.} its important to a have personal relationship with your banker.
  9. IRS to use figures off 2019 tax return. also if you have not filed, you will probably get a it wired in your bank account if you get social security. for those who did not get the last payment , try filing a 2019 tax return to get in the system. just add in the few dollar interest you may have had to efile with income.} file it today on iRS free file
  10. dr Jessica quIntinella flores IN AJIJIC, SMART, CARES ABOUT YOU, she can also refer to a good specialist if needed, hers fees are very reasonable. centrally located in ajijic, i block south of telmex
  11. lakeside has more social life and established community, i been to costa rica. i chose lakeside
  12. good idea. these are uncertain times.
  13. central location, for residents, who can get out once in while
  14. i used all three Mexican used car websites, went to see by owners 2 out of three mileage seemed off 3 price to to high by owner, was sent post by three people who had bought stolen cars on these web sites went to dealers to check used cars, cars were priced 50,000 pesos over used car website price, they were not flexible, did, car not treat us with respect we deserved. car also looked like mileage incorrect at dealer. called s&S auto to look, settled on kia, they set up appointment to kia in guadalajara, to see new and used niros hybrid, did test drive did not like car. They had a nice 2016 sorento used ex v6 white, liked it, good price on it. fair mileage, that was real. the kia dealer treated us like royalty, since we were referred by S&S auto, said they would put new tires on car. for free. three days later brought used car to S&S auto for test drive, we wanted it , they gave an extra 2 years on the warranty since we were with S&S auto 3 years warranty, updating all software in car, checking all re calls were done wow! smart move going through S&S auto, But I first had to learn and do it my own way to realize that i was so vulnerable buying car by yourself can be car now be detailed and fully updated, best of all when car needs work S&S wil drive into to the dealer for us for fee picking up car next week. Karen owner of S&S auto test drove car with me and my wife, made list of items needed fixed that were under warranty.
  15. Have close friend who is retiring maybe next year for from captive agency, needs exit guidance needs exit strategy. wants to keep residuals coming, after retiring in mexico, captive agent, not independent need guidance from retired insurance agent on keeping income stream from residuals about 25 years in business currently in mid west united states ok to pm for more info
  16. most Mexicans normally qualify for mexico pension , because they contributed during there working years, at Have Hammer will Travel A.C. we pay pension monthly for our two teachers. web site havehammer.org
  17. my experience excellent, very caring and competent, remember she is not doctor. i would recommend her to others
  18. need guidance How do check online that title is ok and not stolen. What papers must he give me Is here anyway to check online in jalisco if car had previous owner like carfax does in USA. Bringing mechanic with me
  19. yes the one at todo bueno is brand bodyfit recumbent bike, i wish i had room for it nice bike nice seat looks new it's in the back room Consigner has a price tag of $7500 pesos it just came in a few days ago, it will go fast , it a nice clean bike, no IVA Tax a big Person can use this bike, it built solid Todo Bueno is next s&S auto
  20. at multiva bank you have to have a account, they will deposit check, not cash it.
  21. hours 10 Am to 2 PM mon to sat consignment items taken in 2 pm to 2:30 ish stop buy new furniture and items coming daily
  22. Todo bueno found from experience does not accept clothes on consignmnent, other shops like mia's accept consignment do that real well. Mia's in Ajijic has a very large inventroy filling three rooms.. Todo Bueno is well known for quality used furniture and household items, nice display area for those items with good lighting. Any other items over $150 pesos can be put on consignment. Todo bueno usually has very high traffic and turnover, items sell quickly. Todo bueno has a strong following. They do except clothes as donation. i stopped today and there was a steady flow of customers. thank you for thinking about Todo Bueno and helping the different charities they donate to.
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