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  1. check your home policy the foundation repair may not be included, read the fine print
  2. check ferreteria calzada in chapala just past montecarlo hotel mountainside they have a partner store in Guadalajara has everything you need. search google ferrteria calzada Guadalajara and see what hey have on there web page store in chapala is great they can order anything but you must speak Spanish. I just last week order some tools for have hammer will travel woodworking school delivered three days later from there warehouse, to store in chapala no postage or shipping fees wayne
  3. sent you PM my phone 766-1860 the school is in need of some new tools that will cost close 20,000 pesos that about $1100 US dollars in Feb, Mar 2020 I will donate my tax preparation fees to the school to help the kids.
  4. Tuesday market, get best frozen juice, season in mexico is August. best ever you must try it we sued his products at the bingolago for a tasting
  5. Heart outline pattern will be played on Feb 4th and Feb 11th by popular request in 7th game instead of X
  6. Jan 2020 wow just had some big sales of furniture, space available for your items. we have large back room. stop by and bring your items if you need some cash. Traffic flow has been higher tan average, acouch sold in three hours , upon putting on the floor for sale. large antiques wanted for consignment.
  7. alejandro casteneda mexico licensed chiropractor in chapala . $150 pesos 3331661617 privada degollado Tuesdays and Saturdays he healthy and along distance swimmer he is the best around who is licensed chiropractor. the he is Mexican and has Mexican prices try at least 3 times than compare to others also excellent with extremities, ankle, knee elbow shoulder problems
  8. If you are traveling form USA or Canada and you have biscuit plate joiner or palm sander please bring it down. we can work out something maybe out, if you need something we can make for you out of wood.
  9. Thank all for being so generous and supporting Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. and Todo Bueno consignment and resale store. Here's a link to what you helped create with your donations. Have hammer woodworking school Students Christmas Posada Dec 20,2019
  10. you can may be able to deposit in your bank account, check with your bank both probably need id also depends on the size of the check how soon it will clear the bank may charge a fee
  11. Need 3 used biscuit joiners for Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking school. if have a biscuit plate joiner, that you are not using, please donate and drop it off at school in Riberas, if you have a very high end one can possible work out tax deduction for you. the students just had a big project and broke all three of them, if you know how to fix them please stop by. next to s&s auto mountain side, 500ft before 7-11 see Lalo or wayne for donation
  12. Ruthie said she is making her wonderful chocolates for Bingolago chocolate tasting, she's getting ready
  13. need volunteer to help with chocolate tasting Jan 21st at Maria Isabel restaurant at 1pm for Bingolago players see events for more info Fundraiser for Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking school
  14. there is a lampshade store next to jenels restaurant across stroms moving
  15. I asked my insurance agent if he would accept a Mexican notary , they said yes.
  16. irs.gov/filing/free-file-do-your-federal-taxes-for-free If you qualify use free file for federal tax return.
  17. Luis at Benno computer is excellent , behind gas station on libermento He is helping me solve many problems installing software for the new Have Hammer will Travel A.C woodworking working school CAD program. he solved many problems with software conflicts
  18. If you like to have fun making woodworking projects for our school to sell or want to help teach the students please volunteer. We are flexible. If you are familiar with CAD (computer aided design) will are setting a classroom to help students learn Tinkercad. After one year in our school the students then can create in the computer woodworking items in a computer,Stop by and see our school open 9:30 to 12:30 3 pm to 5:30 Mon to Fri. We are a woodworking school the CAD classroom is just a extra activity for the students.
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