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  1. Some time ago I responded to a message you posted that the thrift shop across from 7-11 was taking in larger pieces. I responded. And I had several larger pieces delivered there. Beverly set up my account.

    Only one of the large and small pieces have sold.

    Now you're saying Hammers isn't  associated with this thrift shop? Can you please clafify. I wanted Hammers to benefit from the sales of my stuff, as well as me. That is why I took my things there.


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    2. Lexy


      It really is too bad the public can't be forewarned about problems like this. With your call for larger pieces I delivered larger pieces. The place isn't big enough for proper display. Two of my large pieces now have so many smaller items on them that they're hardly noticeable.

      I'll think twice before I give saleable items to a consignment thrift shop run by amateurs.

    3. traderspoc


      i apologize at the month i posted the adds we were part of casi neuvo, JUl 1st they kicked us out.

      i am so sorry, i hope your items get sold

    4. Lexy


      Very strange behavior, it seems, on their part.

      Hope you're very successful with new venture.

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