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  1. Due to high traffic, good location and fast sales last two weeks, Todo Bueno resale, now has space for large antiques and furniture. We have front and back showrooms to display your items. If you are moving now is the time to get your items on consignment the snow birds are coming, many first timers moving here and they will want your furniture and antiques for their home. If you are selling your house and want extra money for your furniture get some extra cash and sell your house unfurnished. Phone 331-016-0619 we need to schedule your items that will be put on consignment. We have a very large space to display your items please call so we can help plan the your sale of your consignment items. Please come in and start a consignment account with us, put a few items on consignment with us, then come by an pick up your money. All proceeds go to charity, all volunteer staff.
  2. Todo Bueno resale shop just got in two king bedroom sets, one with two side pieces and dresser. Hidalgo 231 Riberas next to S&S auto 331-016-0619 4 blue doors, next Have Hammers carpentry school. must see nice condition.
  3. hi Zeb Hope this helps you. better to see in person i just stopped by Todo Bueno to drop off some items for consignment and they just got in this week, two king bedroom sets, in back showroom looks like both have headboards and mattress one set has two side pieces. The other mattress i saw last week is still there it by itself no frame look like a matrimonial. here's some photos. oops sorry my camera made everything look dark. mattresses in very good condition
  4. Todo Bueno resale shop last week had a nice mattress may stiil be there. located next to S&S auto in Riberas. You need to stop in shop weekly as things go fast. I furnished 40% my house through The Todo Bueno Thrift shop
  5. Smart idea to sell your house unfurnished, financially you will come out ahead. one couple i know someone just recently bought a house furnished, when all there shipped furniture finally arrived. About 6o% of all the furniture that came with the house ended up on consignment at Todo Bueno. I have a SUV and can help move the smaller things with several trips. I help moved a house FULL OF FURNITURE once before need to know week and location of your home PM me for more details or phone me 766-1860 Wayne
  6. Due to great traffic and quick turnover of consignment items in the last two weeks. Todo Bueno resale shop has space for large antiques and furniture, If you just moved in or moving out and need some extra cash. Its the time to drop off your items. Its time to make space in your home and sell the large item that you no longer need. we have two extra rooms in the back as a showroom for your items. Please stop by and see the shop, we have great lighting and location, next S&s auto in Riberas on mountain side of carretera smaller items sell quickly aslo All donations go to local charities.
  7. The water lettuce starting showing up on the lake about 4 years in mass. If you look at carefully you will see baby plants 4 or five little growing on it sides, it has roots the go down in the water about 18 inches
  8. thank you will check, hoping for donation used one to purchase
  9. traderspoc

    Patients of Dr. Lilli at Hotel Perico

    also does great deep tissue massage if requested,
  10. A new attendee at he bingo needed handicapped toilet bars to use bathroom, Do you have one you could donate, or advise me where i can get a good a handicapped toilet bars for the Bingolago player to use. it will be a possible permanent set up at maria Isabel restaurant in the women's bathroom. As it write this sent email for permission to install it. if you have one to donate please drop it off at the bingo on Tuesday's at 1pm at maria Isabel restaurant or at Have Hammers School next s&S auto I can come also and pick up if your local What we need is something like this see picture below Wayne 766 1860
  11. traderspoc

    Need a bookeeper

    Check with the american legion in chapala they have the best bookkeeper, the accountants office is on Zaragoza in Chapala about 50 feet north of Morales on west side of street. I had to deal with several since i been down here, he is the only one that i met that speaks english and cananswer all my questions. Opps forgot his name and address
  12. Great tour price of tour may soon go up to $500 pesos
  13. one like this is on our wish list for the kids
  14. i second Dra. Jessica Quintanilla Flores. she one of the most caring, kind brilliant doctors i have ever met and switched to her care three years ago. She came to all four of my operations two years with the urologist she referred me to. very smart knowledgeable, each time I see for something i get excellent examination. better than any other doctor i been to lakeside. Go to get basic exam, which she keeps on file, and if you get in an accident call her immediately she will have the specialists waiting in Guadalajara. this way she has a basis to work from in an emergency.. You need to have a doctor to call in a emergency on your cell phone.