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  1. Luzma services are priced correctly for the service she delivered and expertises. tried others. Luzma is the best
  2. pm me with your name and email and I will connect you with the best healthy insurance agents in Mexico for expats, yes medical expenses going up with inflation, it best to be insured. self insurance not the same as it was many years ago. I know of someone who recently had to pay $80,000 US to a Guadalajara hospital. saved their life, but had to cash IRA's and pay tax on IRAs with withdrawal also. They were to sick to go to USA for Care or fly their. I do not know what they are going to do the next they need medical care , their emergency money is gone. The coverage I have covers me all around the world except USA, i could have chosen to be covered in USA, me and my wife like to travel while we are still young, we need to be covered worldwide I am retired, had health insurance license in USA. yes health insurance cost money, but its insurance, to cover the emergency when it happens. and peace of mind.
  3. Many door prizes of Mexicana chocolate by Nora Please stop Nora's Casa Cacau restaurant in La Floresta and have vegetarian dinner and say thank you for continued generous donation of chocolate tastings to help the students at Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking and CAD school
  4. Many door prizes of Mexicana chocolate by Nora. Stop by her restaurant in La Foresta. Have Hammer Will Travels school thanks Nora for generous tastings to help support our kids.
  5. Luis algarin compudhop ordered one for works great. Near panchos
  6. your cell phone may take better pictures then your separate digital camera. yes if you go full professional and due this as a job, then get a very expensive other wise be surprised how god picture you get for your cellphone
  7. Totalplay manager in Guadalajara 333-167-7639 I called Totalplay was given this number to call, I will call tomorrow morning
  8. thank you I will have to get a friend that speaks Spanish to talk with them on the phone, they keep switching around when I try English and the call gets dropped
  9. where is the nearest Totalplay office in Ajijic or riberas directions please
  10. Have Hammer Will Travel A.C woodworking school due to our good standing and being vetted by Globalgiving.org invited us to the 50% Matching Little by Little campaign. HHWT is in the to 3% of 7300 charities vetted by GlobalGiving.org. Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities gives you the same 501c3 tax deduction, but no matching. Thank you for thinking of the kids at our school either gives a 501c3 donation. you can if you want donate through the foundation and they will deposit the donation in our bank account. If you can please use your credit or debit card and donate $50 and we get an additional $25 dollars matching through GlobalGiving an they will deposit it in our bank account alss. Globalgiving is a worldwide 501c3 charity which that helped raise over $86 million dollars helping 7300 charities, it took HHWT two years of effort to provide documents and financials to get vetted. https://www.globalgiving.org/microprojects/empowering-women-and-girls-woodworking-class/ with affinity H Wayne Renz
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