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  1. Matching bonus, partner with HHWT up to 50% matching today $400,000 available in Matching Funds for participating projects! 30% match on donations from $100 - $499 (while funds remain) 40% match on donations from $500 - $749 (while funds remain) 50% match on donations from $750 - $1,000 (while funds remain) Donations up to $1,000 per unique donor per organization will be matched (while funds remain) https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/be-the-light-to-empower-and-educate-a-new-campus/ link above
  2. Your banker has it. When yo u opened your bank account.
  3. Call me 376 688 1282 at the have hammer will travel school. Let's make appt. Or email at taxexpat at aol.com
  4. We need a scanner and copier at Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking School, next S&S auto i f can not sell it please donate to our school and help the kids.
  5. plus progressive Bingolago , We have the condo in Manzanillo back as a prizes . win 4 nights. 61 bingo calls or less to win, some will win this week or next.
  6. Somebody will win 4 nights in Manzanillo. progressive Bingolago calls is 63 may 18, 2022, So we will have a winner this week or next. Due to pent up travel demand from Guadalajara and Colima to stay at the condo the Bingolago will have 4 condo prizes to give away in 2022. The board of directors of Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. Thanks the owners of the condo for the $8000 pesos value prize. They are great supporter of education for Mexican youth. and HHWT.
  7. It was a great plant drinks tasting, Tanya brought lavender, hibiscus, beet juice home made drinks to taste over 30 bottles ere son as door prizes. She will get many new customers form this tasting.
  8. need a ladder at Have Hammer Will Travel A.C woodworking school. the one we had disappeared 3 weeks ago actually could use two, one tall to get on roof, and one about 5 or 7 foot high folding to reach ceiling to change light and clean dust off vents. prefer donation if you have one you are not using. can borrow back anytime but have some funds in good deal on ladder that works wayne 276-688-1282 school office leave message, if I am not in located next S7S auto in Riberas
  9. hi ok thanks picked the boxes today, thank you for helping he kids at our school wayne
  10. We can use some medium and smaller boxes at Todo Bueno resale shop and about 10 blankets, 376 688 1282 we are located next S&S auto if you get by this way or call me I can pick up, today in afternoon Thursday can pay you in pesos for blankets Wayne
  11. Your car donation not only helps the students at our school, but the environment as well by recycling your car! Donate that old Canadian or American vehicle that is sitting in the driveway and stop paying insurance and registration. Eliminate the cost for a car that rarely gets used or you do not want to nationalize it in Mexico. There are many reasons to donate your car or truck to the Have Hammer Will Travel A.C Woodworking School, (Escuela Artes Industriales). If you've never donated a car before, the process can seem daunting from the outside. However, we are here to make it easier than ever to donate your car. If you have an unwanted vehicle, just call our school 376-688-1282 or stop by and see Wayne in the school office next to S&S auto This means 100% of the proceeds from your vehicle goes to support our empowering women’s woodworking spring class. Help our school pay rent, salaries for our teachers,. wood, tools and supplies etc. Avoid the hassles of selling the car yourself. Donate it to Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. Woodworking School in Riberas Del Pilar. Prefer a car that is drivable and has proper facturas. . If you donate a car or truck in good condition and we can drive it to the USA. It may be possible to get 501c3 USA tax deduction if you itemize on your tax return. With affinity H Wayne Renz Have Hammer Will Travel A.C woodworking school Escuela de Artes Industriales .
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