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  1. Nora the owner said the tostada was a home made recipe form the town on the south side of the lake, where she was born. near Mazamitla was delicious hers goodge map of her location south side of street
  2. Make sure you are not on on indigenous land have a attorney who trustworthy check out the transaction ,
  3. 2 nights in Casa Tres Leones B&B will be the Bingolago blackout prize Tuesday Aug 27th 2019 The Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. Carpentry and Woodworking school wants to thank Casa Tres Leones for their love of the students at our school by giving this wonderful gift of two nights to Bingolago players next Tuesday. It includes breakfast. Casa Tres Leones B&B is located Emiliano Zapata #10, Ajijic, mountain side, between Juarez and Tempisque value over $4000 pesos Have Hammer Will travel A.C. always wants to have great prizes at Bingolago to say thank you for supporting the school. Have Hammer Will travel A.C., Escuela de Carpinteria Riberas, Have Hammer carpentry school, Casa Tres Leones B&B, best B&B Ajijic, Ajijic B&B with breakfast, best B&B lakes Chapala, Casa Tres Leones helps have hammer school, Casa Tres Leones Ajijic, cleanest B&B in Ajijic, bed and breakfast ajijic, Escuela de Carpinteria Riberas
  4. big opening horse was fed some carrots today
  5. Casa Cacau love the tostada for lunch and the chocolate drink CASA CACAU NOW my favorite restaurant for lunch in AJIJIC
  6. who installed your solar panels




  7. who is a good is the local expert on web pages Have Hammer will Travel school needs help creating web page havehammer.com move it to havehammer.org and make new web pages wayne
  8. looks like its important now to place steel pole in front of your business
  9. save money, expenses and time fly a discount airline by the time you pay hotels, gas. tolls, food there is no other option that can beat a discount airline. people drive down, because they want to have access to thier own car, or they are bringing down items they can bring on a plane. Their is no way you will save money by sharing a ride. unless you have some secret or reason , us lakesiders don't know about. it safer also, flying is much safer than a long distance drive in a car, is she afraid of flying, maybe that is the reason.
  10. Volunteer wanted Sept 3rd Bingolago for beer tasting Help give out beer tasting samples to each table. It a challenging volunteer position, you may be required to taste the beer samples. .
  11. New semester for Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking and carpentry school starting Sept 1, 2019. La Escuela de Carpinteria Riberas. Please enroll your sponsored student ASAP. The summer classes are over; we are setting up and cleaning the shop for the next three weeks to prepare for the fall semester. We are taking enrollments and donations for Fall semester. Donate on our web page www.havehammer.org or stop by. It takes 88,000 pesos a month to run the school; we have 6 fully paid scholarships for girls and 6 for boys. Stop by to enroll and qualify for scholarship. The scholarship is for those who have no sponsor, those who need it the most. We will have over 32 students this semester, Please help us with your donations. Wire transfer, cash or check or donate your household goods to Todo Bueno thrift shop in name of Have Hammer Will Travel School, Or come to HHWT bingolago every Tuesday 1pm at Maria Isabel restaurant. Avoid getting on the waiting list. Need help sending donation or need pick up of Household goods contact Wayne Renz, See poster below in Spanish Volunteers wanted with woodworking experience, we can train you in machine you are not familiar with la escuala de carpinteria, carpentry school, lake chapala. Have Hammer Will travel A.C., woodworking school lake Chapala, Volunteer lakeside, Lake chapala volunteer, Girls in carpentry, local woodworking charity, best charity lakeside. best charity lake chapala, La Escuela de Carpinteria lake chapala, la escuela de carpinteria mexico, carpentry school Mexico, woodworking school Mexico, wood carving mexico, donations wanted carpentry school Mexico, Careers in wood working mexico, woodworking grants needed Mexico, Mr hammer Riberas, La Escuela de carpinteria riberas del Pilar lake chapala, Girls woodworking mexico, donate mexico, donate to charity in mexico that helps girls, lake chapala charities woodworking.
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