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  1. i and may wife retired here in 2008 . something happens all time that just make it better and better to live here Every year i am surprised how wonderful it is here. and say to myself i didn't think it would get better then this. new roads paved, new bicycle, great kayaking on the lake old friends, new friends get the glue that holds it all together.
  2. Do you need money for your charity or fundraiser, get money now $$$. Open a consignment account for your fundraiser or charity at Todo Bueno Consignment and resale store in Riberas del Pilar, next to S&S auto. Tell your circle of friends to stop by and put items on consignment under your charities name. Pick up funds weekly. Consignments taken in 2 to 3 pm Tuesday to Friday. Large room for big antiques and furniture etc. Great location and daily traffic well help sell items quickly. All proceeds have benefited over 17 local charities. 331 016 0619
  3. yes the tax is higher , but sure beat the low interest in USA banks
  4. Thats lower middle class living style 1300 x 12 = 15.600 live in Chapala or jocotepec you need much less To live middle class and have medical insurance covered you need $2500a month or $30.000 US dollars a year to travel, eat out, have a nice car etc also put some money in the bank over 5% interest at MUltiva bank. Just met a single person yesterday that lives in near mezcala told me rent $100 US a month, income $25,000 A year lives a wonderful upper middle class life style, and has traveled all over Mexico. supports local charities. A very happy person. Speaks excellent spanish.
  5. We need 4or more dumb tvs to be used as monitors for our CAD classroom, two have been donated already Have hammer will Travel A.C. woodworking and CAD school. next to S&S auto The reason we need dumb TV'S we have dumb laptops and desktops, that our 8 years old with no HDMI jack that have been donated and wont connect to a smart TV. old tv have 15 pin jack in back, that we can connect with directly to laptop. This student can use two screens, one with lesson on it and one to practice the lesson if you would like to donate them and need a 501 c3 tax donation we can work it out. can give a tax donation receipt for $300 US equals to about $6600 pesos at today's exchange rate IRS allowing person to deduct up to 600 as married 300 as single on fr0nt of 2020 tax return www.havehammer.org H wayne Renz home phone 376 766 1860 or at school 376 766 4830 leave message with lalo
  6. yes they need to vote on it. 1200 will be it money will come end of AUGUST AND THROUGH SEPT BETWEEN AUG 20 AND SEPT 31ST WHEN irs sending stimulus money the point i am trying to get across, if you are qualified and did not get the first stimulus money, you may not get the second one next month. unless you file a 2019 tax return, with your social security income and some interest
  7. $1200 per person but i have a friend who gets social security and did not get his first check so i helped him file online his 2019 tax return, this week, with few dollars bank interest he had. we will see if that got him in the system, i will help him file in feb 2021 and get first 1200 stimulus payments he missed
  8. last year when he called i said i remember I owe you 2 million pesos, which oxxo do you want me to send it too he hung up.
  9. multiva always gets better rate than any one else.} its important to a have personal relationship with your banker.
  10. IRS to use figures off 2019 tax return. also if you have not filed, you will probably get a it wired in your bank account if you get social security. for those who did not get the last payment , try filing a 2019 tax return to get in the system. just add in the few dollar interest you may have had to efile with income.} file it today on iRS free file
  11. dr Jessica quIntinella flores IN AJIJIC, SMART, CARES ABOUT YOU, she can also refer to a good specialist if needed, hers fees are very reasonable. centrally located in ajijic, i block south of telmex
  12. lakeside has more social life and established community, i been to costa rica. i chose lakeside
  13. good idea. these are uncertain times.
  14. central location, for residents, who can get out once in while
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