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  1. Hi Mark


    Thank you for your concern for the kids at our school and the internet connection

    i want to investigate linux further.

    Our board of directors met last Friday, a fellow named Curtis is now the teacher for CAD program. and will be training assistants who are bilingual to teach the students

    If you could meet with us. it would be great. we want this cad up and running by fully by JAN 2020.

    email taxexpat@aol.com


    Thank you 




  2. My first choice is SAT hospital, its 5 minutes away. i want to be stabilized, yes some cases my need additional surgery in Guadalajara 45 minutes or more with traffic. be prudent go SAT, you have that golden hour to live, why waste driving to Guadalajara.
  3. we are creating a cad team we had aboard meeting yesterday and a member of are group named Curtis will be the project manager. would you be interested in joining the team. and meeting me at the HHWT school and show the room will be be fixing up for the CAD class. wayne
  4. Edited above post just found out CAD software will run much Better with windows 8 and then upgrade to windows 10. Also if you have a high end graphics card, that would be ideal one for our students. Need windows 8 or better computers
  5. check to see if there is a medicare insurance raise this year which will cancel out any SS increase. I opted out of medicare so the last few years i actually did get an increase in my pocket. I call it govt math, they give in one hand than take back with the other hand. yes you are getting COLA but not in your pocket, they are using it to pay any increases in medicare insurance. at least with he last COLA raise.
  6. I have some extra volunteer help so we will taste mores samples of microgreens. Will be great experience to taste this product grown Greg oaks who sells them very Tuesday at the L Huerta Green Market These are not sprouts these are grown out in the sun, much safer to eat.
  7. about 12:30 ish to help set up Thank you for helping the students Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. appreciate the help now maybe we can give 5 or 6 samples of microgreens and give the Bingolago players a great tasting.; Wow its realty going to be a special event with your help
  8. Volunteer needed to help with GREENGO MICROGREENS tasting at Bingolagp this Tuesday Oct 8 , 2019 12:30 Maria Isabel restaurant. This is going to be a very unusual event, these are not sprouts, these are grown outside in the sun. Very healthy for you. We will be sampling about 4 types of MICROGREENS, want to make sure we get to every Bingolago player 4 different kinds to taste. This tasting is free to Bingolago players and a way to say thank you for helping the students at Have Hammer Will Travel Woodworking and carpentry school. The MICROGREENS will be handed out about 12:45 to 1: 30 then again at the bingo break. If you know of someone that has a product we can taste PM and let me know. Have Hammer Will Travel A.C Board of Directors want to thank Greg Oaks Owner and grower of GreenGo Microgreens for his generosity and helping the students at our school by putting on this great Microgreens tasting. Greg Oaks can be found every Tuesday at the LA Huerta Market in west Ajijic (green market), walk straight in and he booth is in the middle of the market, his Microgreens are fresh and tasty. Micro green are safer to eat than sprouts, see events page for more info
  9. Thank you have one laptop dropped off. From our new projection we will need about we will need 12 computers by Jan 6th 2020 to get all the students online with Tinkercad CAD software. http://www.tinkercad.com
  10. At Have Hammer Will Travel woodworking school we just had Opiere solar install 12 panels, its amazing how well it works. it just takes care of itself if you buy your solar solar setup, Opeire will generously give HHWT a free solar panel we need 18 panels, to make sure we are covered if start hooking up more machines or start turning on our dust collector all day. to protect the students health. Please mention Have hammer refereed you so we get a extra panel. Please stop by the school and see our system Avenida Hildalgo 231A Riberas de Pilar next to Todo Bueno resale store, S&S auto. or inverter will holdup to 24 panels. They also set us up with 370 panels so we get more energy per panel and need fewer panels. less weight on the roof. They chose for us one of the best and reliable invertor a sunny boy, a well respected and one of the top five brsnds in the world. Thank you Opeire Solar for helping the kids at Have Hammer Will Travel woodworking School and helping us save money on out CFE biils. There electrician is brilliant at Opiere solar, he cam figure out what you need. One solar companies could not handle our set up and in there quote told us to get are own electrician and then they would sell us their panels. our Board of directors did not vote for them.
  11. my account a tHSBC has a minimum balance when under one month, was about 136 pesos fee
  12. across from Manix restaurant on Ocampo, he does all the work for the kayak club. most important after trying others his welds hold better specially are kayak racks and kayak cart He great Engish the only we found the welds did not hold, we went different shops over several years and are kayak cart work didn't hold up, still he did the welds. highly recommend him, he always busy, so plan ahead with what you order. he also has a truck and delivers, which really helped us.
  13. i just installed a wifi booster, took three times to get to read my router, kept wanted to read wifi router next door, had to move it closer to my wifi router, then it hooked up, then i moved half between router and my computer is this the same problem you are had.
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