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  1. good news Alfonso who makes Crema de Mezcal asked to come to Christmas Bingolagp we will have chocolate tasting by Casa Cacau and Crema de Mezcal tasting by Alfonso
  2. i pay 1000 to a driver and interpretation for 4 hours additional pesos if more time. It worth if you have the right person
  3. buy pesos now, US mexico trade agreement maybe approved soon , peso getting stronger
  4. Todo Bueno consignment and resale shop Hildago 231 Riberas del Pilar mountain side. about 100 feet before 7 -11 store across street next to S&S auto total profit go to many local charities lakeside and specially my favorite charity helping the boys and girls at Have Hammer Will Travel woodworking school. we teach life skill to Mexican youth through woodworking and carpentry http://www.havehammer.com if you live locally i help help deliver i have SUV wayne 766 1860
  5. Need to contact Tacos Poncholin for tacos party Dec 20th about 70 people Tacos Pancholin 332 084 7396 phone not working i understand they live in san juan cosala wayne 376 766 1860 or pm me
  6. 10am to !1:30 Monday Dec 2 How Banks, and investments work in Mexico by Intercam. Bank
  7. No Bingolago Dec 24 2019 Maria Isabel closed for Family holiday
  8. We have reached $1205 dollars $1000 donated on our website thought the foundation for Lake chapala charities. avoiding the gofundme fee http://www.havehammer,org Now is the time to give Giving Tuesday Dec 3rd 2019 Donate now and save a child and educate a child, even just $25 or $50 US dollars will help us reach our goal If you want to give cash please stop by the school or see one of volunteers
  9. better than USA but you still have to do your due diligence in picking doctor or hospital
  10. Give it to a local Mexican who lives on a farm, this way to will never be driven again on the road
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