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  1. Try 051. You will be told to hang up and the system will call you back with your porting number.
  2. Here is their flyer with a map if you still can't figure out where the store is.
  3. Was just at Costco (López mateo) yesterday and they have it now. 2 lb package for around 280 pesos, I don't recall. It was with the fancy cheeses near the fresh meats department. Unsalted.
  4. miomama


    At the Wednesday Tianguis the vegetable vender towards the end of revolution on the left hand side right beside the people who sell blankets, usually have it. If not, further down the street the last vegetable vender on the right hand side may have it. It is very fresh and sometimes even includes tiny snails, so wash and soak and rinse several times.
  5. Yes, all computers, TV, cellphones, tablets, ebook readers were either powered off, or wifi were turned off. The one that stumps me was when noone was home which means there were no devices in the house (we all took our laptops, phones) we still lost data.
  6. Thank you everyone for your replies. I am going to see what Telcel tells me.
  7. Thank you but it's not my phone. It is their internet at home service via a modem. Oops sorry, it's 100 GB plan that I am on. I've had everyone turn off their Telcel connection and only use infinitum for this past three days and I am still losing data like crazy!
  8. Last month, for the first time, we exceeded our 100MB on our Telcel internet at home plan. This happened three weeks into the month. So this month I have been monitoring our usage, turning off the modem at night, asking everyone to log off their devices and use infinitum (we have both). Yet, the data is still being consumed! I log into mitelcel and take a screen shore of our data balance. I turn off the modem and in the morning our balance went down by 60 MB. Yesterday was the worst, noone was home and we left the modem on and it went down by 30GB, yes giga bytes with noone in the house. Our closest neighbor is 200M away. Could someone give me some insight as to what may be happening? I plan on going to Telcel later and asking them but would love to hear some thoughts from others. Thank you.
  9. I think one of the main reason is service fees. I know at Banco Azteca you can open an account for as little as 50 pesos and there are no monthly fees. There is no need to maintain a monthly minimum balance. For the larger banks like Citibanamex, in order to avoid the fees you must maintain a 4,000 pesos balance. And the fees are hearty if you fall below it.
  10. Julie, they are hanging up on the outside wall of the change rooms across from all the toys.
  11. Interjet started flying direct Mexico City Toronto at the end of August. Only drawback is that it is a red eye.
  12. miomama

    Palé on carretera

    The name is Palé, which as they explained to us means pallet in Spain and is the theme of their decor and they are open Thursday through Sunday for lunch and dinner.
  13. miomama


    The ones I buy from el Torito have always been tender.
  14. I know someone who had a commercial stove delivered to Ajijic with no problems. It took a few days longer for FedEx to deliver it but it was delivered to their door. The price was substantially lower than the retail stores in Guadalajara.
  15. I just saw on Amazon Mexico that they are now offering Amazon Prime. The promotional rate is 449 pesos for the first year and 899 there after and includes free 2 day shipping for items shipped from Mexico and free 6 to 9 days shipping for items shipped from the US, no minimum amount to qualify but of course this is only for items marked as prime eligible. Also included is Prime videos. Plus as always, free 30 days trial. I see more spending in my future.
  16. Yes, it ships from their warehouse near Mexico City. My most recent purchase this past Sunday arrived today.
  17. Here is how I've contacted them in the past. Hope it works for you. Go to the Amazon Mexico site. at the top there is a word Ayuda click on it. scroll down to the bottom and click on Necesita mas ayuda? just to the right more options will appear, click on Contactanos this will take you to the sign in page if you're not already signed in. Log in. this will take you to your most recent purchase. The screen will show yor order as section 1 section 2 is a drop down menu in regards to your problem The Section 3 will give you the option of contacting then via email, or telephone or chat. I hope this works for you.
  18. I just saw your question and replied to your pm.
  19. I've bought from them many times. Sometimes you don't get an email until they ship the item out. If on their website it shows up as "en proceso" or something similar, it means it hasn't shipped yet. However, if you're still concerned, they have bilingual reps on their online chat.
  20. I recently bought a new phone. Telcel automatically puts you on the sin limite plan. When your current time expires and before you put more money in, call telcel and tell them you don't want to be in any package. Tell them you want to recharge 100 pesos for 60 days. They will drop the package from your line. But you must do it before you put more money in. I think you can also go to the telcel store at Centro Laguna and ask them to change it for you. OXXO will not be able to do it for you.
  21. miomama


    Media crema is thicker than half and half. This shall be known as the great whipping cream shortage of 2016. I don't know what's happening with Lyncott but I hope they restock all the stores soon!
  22. miomama


    It is crema para batir. Usually at the dairy case beside the half and half at Walmart, Soriana and El Torito. Not one of these stores had them for the last week. And I've been checking daily. I have used nestle's media crema for a quiche recipe in place of whipping cream, so it might work for your soup. The media crema is in a can or tetra pack near the evaporated milk and condensed milk section.
  23. Sweets & Treats on 16 de Septiembre right beside Cosinart. Ruthie also makes wonderful cakes and cupcakes.
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