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  1. Joco posted, "I think this is a program for vendors not customers." The article clearly states that this is a paid service for online SHOPPERS. I am unable to find anything on the eBay website regarding sign-up and payment. Does anyone have any information?
  2. I have searched eBay and have found lots of information for the SELLER to enroll (free) in the Global Shipping Program. I am not able to find any information for the BUYER to pay and join. Anyone have a link to the right spot?
  3. MAW, talk to Jaime at Mario's. His wife Alicia is a professional baker, trained at Wilton, and HAS to be better than Soriana. I suspect she'd be glad for the work and able to do it for you.
  4. OK, MtnMama, you have thrown down the glove. I will see your Rochata pastel de tres leches and raise you one--but you have to come to Mexico City to try it!
  5. Mamá Coneja, in the retail section of the Mercado de Abastos, has every extract you could possibly need for baking. The store also carries nuts of all kinds by the kilo, chocolate by the kilo, beans, seeds, and things you never thought you needed but won't be able to live without.
  6. Suertudos! We pay 34 pesos per 20-liter garafón in the DF, plus tip.
  7. Joco, I fear that this time you are mistaken. If the raw milk you consume comes from a cow with brucellosis, chances are pretty good you will get the disease. A friend in Ajijic contracted brucellosis from raw milk and was sick for months.
  8. It is illegal to import potatoes into Mexico beyond a 16-mile distance. Read here: http://www.capitalpress.com/oregon/JO-MexicoTrade-122712
  9. Pete, I just looked at the US Consulate website. Maybe the page hasn't been updated.
  10. Take money, lots of money. It costs $50 USD or the equivalent in Mexican pesos to have a single document notarized.
  11. You have either a tourist permit good for up to 180 days OR an FM-3 visa. Depending on which it is, the procedures are different for each. Can you specify what you have?
  12. Second the motion to all of the above. We LOVE our leather double recliner. And we bought it right here on Chapala.com! The former owner advertised it, we bought it, he shipped it to Morelia. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, easy to clean. Bingo.
  13. 15 or 16 pesos for a 19-liter garafón? That's what I was paying in Ajijic in 1999! In Mexico City, we pay 40 pesos.
  14. Así es, solo con P mayúscula.
  15. "Old guys"? Es totalmente aparente que apenitas hablas el idioma y que menos sabes de la educación en su sentido más común. Qué grosería, decir "old guys".
  16. Lolo, me conoce? A usted no lo conozco.
  17. What do you mean, underlying? He asked if I were a Mexican, I replied yes.
  18. Que dios se lo pague. - Thank god you have paid....What this really means is, "May God repay you for it." Many of the translations of these sayings are incorrect. Many others are either obscenities or the basest kind of street slang and are not in your best interest to learn to say. If you use them in conversation with Mexicans who are not either related to you or very well known to you, you will be considered to be very low class. ETA: Crosspost with LaChula. Hola chica!
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