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  1. Ugh. Of course it does. Sorry, senior moment.
  2. Rosfreed, are you talking about chicharrón? Do you just 'pop it in the oven' to warm it up?
  3. In Ajijic, it's also known as el columpio.
  4. I love molletes for breakfast. As pappy said, slice a bollilo in half the long way. I grill mine in a skillet with some melted butter, so no need for a toaster oven. Then refried beans smeared on thick and a fried egg on each half. I prefer mine topped with freshly made salsa cruda.
  5. More Liana

    Bone Soup

    CHILLIN, I'm curious to know where you buy "local fresh raised, farmyard chickens".
  6. More Liana

    Bone Soup

    "Bone broth" has been known as (beef, chicken, fish) stock forever. "Bone broth" is only remarkable because it is so easy and such a throwback to making our own meals. I ALWAYS have a gallon or so of beef or chicken stock in the freezer--right now, I even have a gallon of shrimp and fish stock. I most recently made 15-hour beef stock: roasted marrow and other beef bones, small amount of herbs, celery, carrots, a leek or an onion, and bring to a boil. Skim stock to remove foam, turn down the heat to as low as you can get it, and simmer it (with the pot top tilted to allow steam to escape) for hours and hours. Remember to add hot water as the stock evaporates. Be sure not to let the pot simmer dry! The last batch of beef broth simmered for 15 hours; the last batch of chicken broth simmered for 6 hours. It's roasting the bones before simmering them that gives the broth the really deep flavor one wants. Once the simmering is finished, I partially cool the broth, remove all the bones and vegetables, then chill the broth until any fat congeals on top of the liquid. It's easy to remove the solid fat. Then I freeze the clear broth in gallon zip-lock bags, laid flat on a cookie sheet until frozen. Then stack the flat bags in the freezer--they take up very little space that way.
  7. Chillin, chicharrones can be a snack when crunched on fresh out of the cazo (the huge kettle they're cooked in), an appetizer when served with guacamole, a meal (when served in salsa verde), they can be broken up like crackers into a bowl of pozole, and in Mexico are used to flavor frijoles charros--cowboy-style beans. Mexican chicharrones are NOT pork belly. They are pork skin, occasionally with some meat left attached. Most of the photos of chicharrones that one sees on Google are from Colombia, not Mexico, and are very different from what we see here. In the link I posted upthread, you see a lot of pictures of pig skins being fried in cazos of lard. Those are all Mexican-style chicharrones; I took the photos myself, in Morelia, Michoacán. Pig skin is, believe it or not, pure protein. Almost no fat remains in or on chicharrones when they are properly prepared. They are ideal to eat as a snack when one is following the Atkins diet or the South Beach diet, or when one simply wants to snack on something that has no carbohydrates and very little fat. 180 calories to the ounce... http://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/homemade-chicharrones-deep-fried-skin-w-meat-pork-fat-373806940?v2=false Go to any butcher shop is and watch the guys make carnitas and chicharrones on weekend mornings.
  8. You're inventing a few things, Ned Small. Chicharrón isn't made from the skin of any part of the pork leg. It's made from skin of the sides of the animal. http://mexicocooks.typepad.com/mexico_cooks/2010/06/everything-but-the-squeal-chicharrón-aka-fried-pork-skin.html And here's the difference between chamorro (the foreleg) and smoked pork hocks (the 'ankle' part of the leg): Chamorro Smoked pork hocks.
  9. Yes, but...a smoked pork hock (which is what Tony sells) bears no resemblance to chamorro, which is not smoked. Use the smoked hock for making bean or lentil soup.
  10. Sweet corn is grown in Querétaro and available in season, fresh on the cob, in many Mexican supermarkets and tianguis. There are several brands, including Mr. Lucky.
  11. You posted the following, copied and pasted: "The exit code for Mexico is 00 not 001. Are you dialing 001-1-800?" The '1' that you posted following 001 is superfluous and incorrect and unusable. To call the USA from Mexico, one dials 001-the area code-the phone number.
  12. Oy vey. People--myself included--are grasping at straws to give you some help. Just because the suggestions aren't helping, no reason to snark.
  13. Dave, you have to substitute other numbers for 800--calling that 800 number from Mexico to the USA doesn't work. AND the exit code for Mexico IS 001--but you don't call 001-1 and then whatever area code you want to reach. It's 001-880 plus the telephone number, or 001 plus any area code plus the telephone number. For example, if I want to call a residence in New York City, I would call 001-212-555-1234. Or an 800 business number: 001-880-555-1234.
  14. For 1-800 numbers, substitute 001-880 For 1-888 numbers, substitute 001-881 For 1-877 numbers, substitute 001-882 For 1-886 numbers, substitute 001-883 These are the substitutions I successfully and regularly use for calling the USA. Dial the numbers as shown, followed by the telephone number you want to reach. I have never been charged, although I do initially hear a computerized message saying that charges will apply. I wonder if that's the message you're hearing and not the "number does not exist" message.
  15. Superama is a grocery store; it's the high end store in the Walmart stable. Lowest-end is Bodega Aurrera, middle is Walmart, high end is Superama. The easiest Superama to find in Guadalajara is on Av. Aztecas, just a few blocks north of Av. México. When you pass Plaza México as you are driving east, it's the first traffic light. Turn left and continue past the traffic circle. Superama will be on your right at the corner.
  16. Sorry...Superama will not deliver to a place where they do not have a store. There are many Superama stores in Guadalajara, Morelia, etc, but none in Ajijic. Go to the Walmart website (http://www.walmart.com.mx) and try to register. The website will let you know if the Ajijic Walmart delivers.
  17. Go to Superama's website. Register and choose the store you want to be 'your' store. Order what you need using Superama's drop-down department menus. You can pay by debit card or credit card (online) or with cash paid to the delivery man. For a small fee, they'll bring your order to your house. Because the fee is the same whether you order one item or a lot, I usually wait to order until I am nearly out of a bunch of staples. Superama's ground sirloin is excellent, by the way. Walmart will also deliver to your home. The process is the same: register, choose your store, and order what you need. Same choices for payment, but Walmart offers your first delivery free, and subsequent deliveries free if you purchase more than 1000 pesos at one time. Same excellent ground sirloin. Fair warning: items are sometimes in odd departments, but both stores have excellent search services. Both stores send you an email to confirm your order. Both stores call you to let you know if they are out of an item you want; you can change your order at the time they call, if need be. I tried ordering produce (apples, tomatoes, etc) from both stores and no longer do that. If you're not picky about what you get, you might be satisfied with what they send you. I'm picky, so I like to choose personally at a tianguis or market near me. Have fun! It's a wonderful service.
  18. WELL! Today I was placing an order online with Superama. My wife the bread maker asked for a couple of bags of Tres Estrellas flour. I discovered that in the online flour 'aisle', Superama offers Le 5 Stagioni 00 pizza flour. I googled around and discovered that its protein percent is 11.5 or higher. Wife wants to try it, so I ordered a kilo. Mexman, you might want to check it out. http://www.superama.com.mx Click on the DESPENSA tab, then the HARINAS category is on the bottom line, third from the right. Click on 'De Trigo'. Then on the left you'll see brand names; just look for Le 5 Stagioni and put a check mark in the box.
  19. If you look at the Munsa website, you'll see that the pizza 'flour' contains: harina de trigo, aceite vegetal, manteca vegetal, azúcar, sal yodatada y acondicionadores de masa. It's flour pre-prepared for pizza with a lot of extraneous ingredients, and is not the hard-wheat flour that the OP is seeking.
  20. Most drugs in Mexico have the caveat that their sale requires a prescription. However, as far as I know the only drugs that actually DO require a prescription are antibiotics and controlled substances, including many psychotropic medicines.
  21. No, it is not correct. The area code (LADA) for Guadalajara is 33. It is NOT 331. You need to separate the LADA from the telephone number. 33-1000-0000. I know it still 'seems' the same, but it is NOT the same. For example, if your dog gets out of your car and disappears in Guadalajara, a person in Guadalajara will not generally understand if the first numbers are 331. It's a TWO digit area code and an EIGHT digit phone number. The Guadalajaran will only need to call eight digits, without the LADA.
  22. ?? Two digit AREA CODES plus eight digit telephone numbers. My landline phone number in Mexico City, for example, is 55-5XXX-XXXX. Sr. Fulano's landline phone number in Ajijic is 376-766-XXXX. Sra. Fulana's landline phone number in Guadalajara is 33-3XXX-XXXX. Of course they all add up to 10 digits, but the configuration is different. I don't understand your point.
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