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  1. Fred, is this office you mention the INM (the immigration office, in charge of visas, etc) or the SRE (in charge of naturalization (becoming a citizen)?
  2. That's right. 'Natural' means illegitimate child, a child born outside marriage. This legal distinction no longer exists.
  3. But RVGRINGO posted about their Guadalajara locations. And how long has it been since RVGRINGO lived in Mexico--in terms of posting a recent opinion about a restaurant at Lake Chapala?
  4. It's the Mexican potato growers association that won't allow fresh potatoes from the USA to come into Mexico; has nothing to do with whether the USA would like to sell them to Mexico. The association says that there is a risk of disease from those. Fried (potato chips) or frozen are allowed. Here's a recent article about it: https://www.debate.com.mx/losmochis/-No-se-recibira-papa-fresca-de-Estados-Unidos-20170112-0134.html
  5. There's a big fair this April in nearby resort-y Tequisquiapan that you might enjoy: https://www.feriadeltoroarteyvino.com.mx/programa/ Querétaro has also become really well known for its Ruta de Vino y Queso (Wine and Cheese Route). Here's a link to a number of tours, several of which include a visit to Peña de Bernal. https://www.larutadelquesoyvino.com.mx/ Freixenet is the biggest winery in Querétaro and offers its own tours. http://www.freixenetmexico.com.mx/
  6. I'm going to be a minority voice here: before I moved my household to Mexico, I had a couple of garage sales to get rid of things I was no longer interested in owning--but 90% of what I then owned, I brought with me to Mexico. It was important to me and to my partner to have our comfortable 'nest' of furniture, art, kitchen goods, etc. Many of the posters on this thread have talked about their furniture and decor not looking right in a Mexican house. That made me think. What does a Mexican house look like, and what kind of household goods look right in one? My experience has been that homes in this country range from hovels to small city apartments to the most opulent mansions. At Lakeside, homes for foreigners are often of a style--with cupolas, boveda ceilings, talavera tiles, colorful paint--that is particular to that region and to the imaginations of foreigners about what a Mexican home is. I well remember a couple at Lakeside who asked their architect to build a 'typical Mexican home' for them--and never looked at the drawings of the exterior until the house was being built. Imagine their surprise when they saw the architect's idea of 'typical Mexican' was a Luis Barragán house, super-modern, extremely Mexican, but nothing at all like the vision of cupolas and tile that the couple had in mind. Roof exterior, Casa Luis Barragán. Library interior, Casa Luis Barragán. Kitchen, Casa Rodolfo Morales. Casa de la Bola, Mexico City. Vecindad (typical city apartments for the poor). Lake Chapala-style house--one of many kinds of designs. So what kind of furniture, art, and other goods look right in a Mexican house? IMHO, anything goes. You're coming to a new country, a new way of living, a new language. Bring what you love and would feel adrift without.
  7. I have no broiler. My oven heats to a little over 550ºF. And YES, Computer Guy, your pizza looks marvelous. I'll be right over.
  8. I make my own pizza dough; it's so simple and works so well that I'm quite happy. For the sauce, I use one little tetrapak of La Costeña seasoned tomato purée, adding oregano as you do. I have one of those perforated pizza pans and honestly, I don't care for the crisp crust it gives my pizza. I really wanted a pizza stone, but one day, the light bulb went on in my brain: "Cristina, you have a 14" clay comal (griddle). Try that and see how it works!" I put the comal in the oven when I turn the oven on to pre-heat; by the time the oven is hot, I've stretched out the dough (on a piece of parchment paper), added the sauce, added whatever toppings I want, and put the cheese on. Take the comal out of the oven, slide the parchment paper/pizza onto the comal, comal and all back into the oven, and bingo: in just a few minutes, hot pizza with a crust that's just how I like it: puffy around the edge, thin in the middle. That comal cost me a paltry 35 pesos and works as well as any pizza stone in the world.
  9. I usually sharpen my own knives (1968 Sabatier carbon steel), but once every 5 years or so I have it done professionally. I take the knives to my butcher, who loans me one of his and sends mine off to HIS guy who sharpens--not one of those machete sharpener guys from the street! They come back like razors. It might be just about time to do it again. Then all I need to use to keep them honed is the steel.
  10. When the five-story condo building at the mountain end of Galeana was being built in 1999, I was asked to accompany and interpret (English/Spanish) for the people who went to talk to the then-presidente of Chapala about the illegality of building a structure that high in Ajijic. We were received by the vice-presidente, who told us that the presidente had been called out of town on government business. After much discussion, the vice-presidente informed our group that the five-story building was under construction because the owners/contractors had obtained an amparo (right to protection) at the federal level, and that such a right to protection could only be lifted by the Supreme Court. He also informed us that there are levels of amparos: municipal, state, and federal. A municipal amparo can be overturned at the state level; a state amparo can be overturned at the federal level, and a federal amparo has virtually no recourse. Note that the building still stands, all five stories of it.
  11. Geeser, for heaven's sake. Did I say that I thought it wasn't true? I said that I read ON ANOTHER WEBSITE that the article had been debunked. You asked if I had read the article you posted on the 7th. Yes, of course I read it, that's how I knew that it was the same article that I saw ON ANOTHER WEBSITE that had been debunked. If I can remember what the other website was, I will post a link to the note there. I posted a link to the Excelsior website which showed no evidence over the last 30 days of the article ever having been published there. Did you look at the link I posted? Did you see evidence that the article was there? I understand that you keep posting the link from a week ago, but the Excelsior website no longer shows the article. As I said, if I can think of the website where I read that the article isn't true, I'll post it here.
  12. The article no longer shows up on the Excelsior website. Here's a link to the last 30 days--my search was "Estadounidenses ilegales en México". As I said upthread, the article was debunked as false almost immediately after it was published. http://www.excelsior.com.mx/buscador?b=estadounidenses+ilegales+en+mexico&f={"periodo"%3A30}
  13. The OP mentioned an article that was about the number of ILLEGAL immigrants from the USA who are currently in Mexico. The article you post is about legal immigrants. Nada que ver.
  14. Debunked meaning 'proven inaccurate'.
  15. That article, linked (theoretically) from El Informador or Excelsior by the OP here, has been debunked on another board. What idiocy.
  16. Dr. Mireles is a hero and his treatment since he became a political prisoner is a disgrace. Many, many people are following his legal case and supporting the plea for his immediate release. The real criminals in Michoacán were released from custody years ago while Dr. Mireles lies closer and closer to death.
  17. Here's a link to what Telmex charges NOW for both national (LADA) and international long distance. Google is your friend. http://contrata.telmex.com/conexion-internet
  18. Try looking at the excellent Mexican airline Interjet-- www.interjet.com.mx That airline flies from Chicago O'Hare to GDL. Round trip right now is about $600 USD per adult.
  19. The website you posted is NOT the INAPAM website; it's a website called Mexperience, which may or may not have correct information. In fact, here's what Mexperience says about discounts on the predial and water bills: please note that the website says "some municipalities" and suggests that one check where one lives. Discount on Property Taxes and Water Bills: Some municipalities are offering seniors a discount on their annual property taxes (Predial) and their water bills. Discounts, where offered, vary by municipality—check locally for details in your area. Here's a link to the actual INAPAM website, specifically the part regarding benefits: http://www.gob.mx/inapam/acciones-y-programas/beneficios-test?idiom=es
  20. INAPAM has its main Jalisco offices in the basement at Av. Alcalde 500 (at the corner of Calle Hospital), Centro Histórico, Guadalajara. Calle 16 de Septiembre, which runs in front of the Cathedral, becomes Av. Alcalde just north of the Cathedral. The entrance to the INAPAM offices is on Calle Hospital. There is public parking on Calle Hospital. You will receive your INAPAM card within just a few minutes, the same day you go.
  21. I've been experimenting with making a cheese 'cracker'--grated cheddar or parmesan on a non-stick skillet till crisp. I got started on this kick when I heated a skillet to toast some coconut, sprinkled frozen, grated coconut into the skillet--and it MELTED. Umm...not coconut, it was grated parmesan. But it gave me an idea. Not quite there yet, but you might want to try it too. It bodes well.
  22. That doesn't make sense to me, either. Could it be that it says estado civil (casado)?
  23. If you want to take time to sit down, enjoy waiter service, and eat really wonderful birria, Chololo all the way! Look for it on the right-hand side of the road, at Km. 20, just before the El Salto exit as you drive south from the airport. Chololo is closed on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Christmas Day, otherwise open from about 10AM till 7PM. If you're picking up visitors at the airport, Chololo is a wonderful first experience of Mexico, especially on Sundays. If you want to get in someplace, eat, and get back quickly on the highway to Chapala and Ajijic, go for the burritos at Dalila.
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