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  1. Psst, rafterbr--corn chips are totopos.
  2. Marilyn, thanks for posting here. How long will you be at Lakeside? Would you like to have a few days' house/cat sit in Morelia, Michoacán? I need someone for early morning Sept 17 through the afternoon of Sept 22. Let me know if you'd like more details--or email me at patalarga@gmail.com. Thanks!
  3. I'll meet you here: https://mexicocooks.typepad.com/mexico_cooks/2014/06/restaurante-jing-teng-a-taste-of-hong-kong-in-mexico-city.html Or at the other place I go, in the Zona Rosa (also CDMX). We'll start with these biang biang spicy noodles.
  4. I do the same thing--with exactly the same results--in either a Tramontina heavy gauge non-stick pan OR in a Chantal cast-iron enameled pan. I don't melt butter in it, though: I use freshly rendered pork lard that I get from a butcher or at WalMart. I do love that sizzle, chapalence, and the beautiful crisp corn crust that's the result of pouring the thick corn batter into an almost smoking-hot pan. This is the lard (manteca) I buy at Walmart. It's excellent, soft and porky. I "decant" it into a plastic container and it lasts about 5-6 months in my refrigerator--unless I use it up sooner than that.
  5. The exchange rate used to make your deposit in Mexico is the bank rate offered by Bank of Mexico (Banxico), not the rate available to the consumer. The bank rate is consistently higher than the standard consumer rate.
  6. If you want to go to GDL, Bed Bath & Beyond has anything you might want and then some.
  7. More Liana


    Google knows everything: https://www.jiffypoppopcorn.com/
  8. I've been doing this for about a year, also using Bancomer. No problems at all. Do a search on this forum; I wrote several accurate posts recently describing the step-by-step to change your SSA deposit from your USA bank to your Mexican bank.
  9. IKEA might be facing a tougher market than one might think. Here are a few of the minimalist-ish furniture companies (all Mexican) in Mexico already. https://www.mobica.com.mx/ https://www.gaiadesign.com.mx/ http://www.marqco.com/ http://mueblesinoba.com/
  10. No wash-your-hands signs in bathrooms in MEXICO? They're in every restroom of every restaurant I've been to in Mexico, and due to my work, I've been in hundreds! I've even seen signs that say, "Si solo veniste a verte en el espejo, lava las manos antes de salir." (If you only came in here to look at yourself in the mirror, wash your hands before you leave.) Many restaurants go to great lengths to train employees in hygiene; the Mexican Federal Tourism Board awards the restaurant with the "Distintivo H". It's a long process and an honor to receive that award; look for it hanging on your restaurant's wall, or if it's not hung up, ask about it. Here's the link that describes what Distintivo H means for your personal health: https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Distintivo_H
  11. This man is making chicharrón; he makes it all day every day in my favorite market in Mexico City. It's light, crisp, delicious, and actually better for you than, for example, potato chips: it has no fat, not greasy, no carbohydrates, pure protein (it's just the skin!), and relatively low in calories. The perfect snack for someone on a low-carb diet. Next time you make guacamole, use it instead of corn chips for carrying the guacamole from your plate to your mouth.
  12. I live in Morelia, Michoacán. If you have any questions about what to see/do/how to travel around while you're here, let me know via PM.
  13. This article is about importing MEXICAN cars to the USA. Does not address the OP's question.
  14. Sent you an email this morning to the address itchin2trvl@yahoo.com. Could you confirm that you received it?
  15. We can make bets on the date--the way we do for the date of the first rain of every rainy season. I pick November 2, 2132.
  16. I don't believe that report for one half second. We are expected to believe that Telmex put fiber optics in a farmer's field, when they can't even get it right in a city or town? We are expected to believe that farmers are burning off their fields at this season of the year? We are expected to believe that Telmex has any sort of capacity to bring the law down on the supposed perpetrators? We are expected to believe that Mexico News Daily...well, you decide about them. But please remember the many dealings that you (and I) have had over the years with Telmex. When have they EVER accepted responsibility for anything wrong with your telephone or Internet service?
  17. Mole paste is not allowed in your carry-on. You can bring it only in your checked luggage. The airlines look at it as if it were a gel. 🙄
  18. Residente Permanente, no?
  19. 10,000 pesos to pay a lawyer to get you a passport? My jaw dropped. That's crazy: the most you could possibly pay for the passport itself--with a 10-year expiration date--is under 2700 pesos. And remember, a Mexican passport costs 50% of its regular price if you're over 60. https://www.gob.mx/sre/acciones-y-programas/pasaporte-mexicano
  20. Thanks for the clarification, Slainte39. Plaza Bonita is even easier.
  21. There's an SRE passport office at the Plaza Exhimodo, Av. Vallarta 3233, Guadalajara. Much easier to get to and park, I recommend it highly.
  22. You might find one in the housewares department in the municipal market in Chapala, or maybe in a local hardware store. Ask at Jara, next to Telmex. In Spanish, what you want is a tina redonda u ovalada de metal tipo hielera para cerveza. Here's a big oval one, on Mercado Libre Mexico. Free delivery. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-699745832-tina-ovalada-galvanizada-5-hielera-jardinera-envio-incluio-_JM
  23. I have taken the road between Morelia and Pátzcuaro several times a month since moving back here in February. The white plastic tents are everywhere. I don't know how you could have missed them in April--I drove that road three or four times the week of April 8--and I suspect your Google Earth view is out of date. Next time you're here, look around you again.
  24. Nope. Word Reference definition of interpret: Traducir de una lengua a otra, sobre todo cuando se hace oralmente. (Translate from one language to another, above all when it is done orally.)
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